Does satan

Really control the world?

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I didn’t used to think so but I sure as fuck do now


Yes. And, Satan is a jew.

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She is a stupid kid who took comfort in a book. This is what happens in a consumer culture.


May U ass cube how u know?


Lucifer here AMA

For now he's got a good grip. The big boss will return though to sort out this mess

Who is the kid next to JK Rowling?

thumb out means love
>source literally pic related

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Well he's convinced 1.6 billion people to follow him, so yes.

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the bible is pretty clear on this: satan is the prince of this world. he also offered it all to jesus, who refused

this goes a long ways towards explaining so much of what we see around us

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Wrong. It’s still satanic, no matter what your ASL bullshit claims are.

Yes and you're him.. that's why the devil is portrayed as red

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How gay r u

This is your last chance.

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Who is the girl on right


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Cassidy Stay


JK Rowling is a MILF

No. Blind tooth and claw nature does, which is just as bad.

Evolutionary psychology explains it a lot better.

No but JK Rowling tweeted that you were a faggot.

Therefore.....You're a faggot.

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yes /thread

Lame joke bro

You got a better explanation

After her entire family was murdered, Rowling sent a letter and package to her.

Unironically yes

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what is this picture referencing? is the young girl hailing her dark lord lucifer?


no rich people do.
but they want you to think its about sky daddy and his cosmic imagination battles so you wont do anything about it.

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the girl's family was murdered execution style. she was shot in the head, but lived. something like a week later she does this speech where that photo is taken. shes all "everything is super great now. hooray" I think the harry potter lady sent her some books or whatever bullshit

if i told you who controls the world, you'd shit so many bricks, you'll be living in a high tower

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Satan never went anywhere

No the server admins do.

she cute

a "love" is something pushed by Satan, not real love but the free love, love yourself, love (have gratuitous sex) each other, spread the "love" (stds), love and tolerance, and all these things that had a hard push during hte hippy movement, it was about dropping morals, and fooling everyone with "love, freedom, rebelion, tolerance", to accept the perverse cultures of sex and exessiveness, gay's and transgenderism, sexualisation, satanism, other religions and deities other than Christianity. All under the guis of love and tolerance, it's no mistake or coincidence that a hand gesture for love is similar to the gesture for baphomet.

Wouldnt that be native Americans?