College Wrestlers Accused of Rape
>Gable Steveson, a 19-year-old heavyweight phenom with a 35-2 record as a freshman, and Dylan Martinez, a 21-year-old sophomore from California, were arrested Saturday after a victim told police they were penetrated with an object, police said.
>The unidentified victim went to a hospital for treatment, but police have not released additional details of the alleged assault. A police spokesman told The Post that those details were not being made public as of Monday.

What are the odds the chick made it up?

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But who was object

Wrestlers always penetrating people with objects, they used to do this shit to freshman wrestlers at my hs lol.

>penetrated with an object

Dicks so mall that she doesn't know

Depends on evidence, but not knowing anything else, I’d say 35%.

betcha it was a transvestite

>Are you even a man if you've never had a Gatorade bottle shoved up your ass?

>inb4 the victim is another wrestler

Trust all women. I was penetrated against my will and had my iud ripped out.

im torn on this one since one of them is a nigger


Get a grip dipshit.

It's great for team building, hopefully corporate American catches onto sodomy exercises. I'm going to pitch it to Google soon.

It was likely another wrestler, not a chick. Hazing shit.

They raped a dude I bet

Wait, americans look like THAT?

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4:1 odds she made it up.
3:1 odds it happened consensually.
50:1 odds it happened exactly as she said it did.



Why are wrestlers such fags?

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Lol burger land school culture
> Sophomore
>Team Bio
But no mention of prom, homecoming queen, bleachers, or spring break?

Checking the oil is a classic wrestling move.