How are the kangs reacting to this?

How are the kangs reacting to this?

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"we wuz aryans and shieeet"


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hopefully with appropriate anger at desecrating the body of a dead person... even if they are obviously Caucasian

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can we take a moment to appreciate the level of sophistication the Egyptians achieved in mummifying dead bodies? They even sometimes managed to keep their fucking hair-color intact.

Hair begins to lose melanin after death, if the Egyptians were white then their hair would be white. Black hair turns brown then yellow, brown hair turns red, red stays the same, yellow turns white, and white remains white. Also most white people have white hair by the time they're old, this isn't that hard just accept you weren't Egyptians and you were Romans. Shit.


pyramids -> tents
what happened?


Not that special really. It was discovered on accident after they found bodies in the sand. They realized the dry conditions helped preserve the body, the only thing they did in addition to the dry air was salt. Everything else was pointless, cosmetic, scented, or just part of a ceremony.

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Well, clearly Black people were the first blonds too. I mean, it doesnt take a rocket surgeon to figure out that if its in Africa...It must be black.

>How are the kangs reacting to this?


It actually kinda look like an old black lady w bleached hair lmao

Not well user,not well.

What about the curly hair bud oh no no no

It's ridiculous. At least the Central Americans are honest about the the Aztec and Maya repurposing those structures.

You really underestimate this.

have you ever read what they need to do to keep Lenin's body intact? They spend hundreds of thousands of tax dollars per year, bathe him in a few dozen chemicals at least once a year and replace parts of him with plastic. Lenin is 60% plastic by now.

That is not nappy hair kangs btfo

Even more proof that gypshuns were in fact not sub-saharan nigger monkeys. Absolutely shocking. Who could have predicted this?

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>tfw you are white

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Now that the Egyptians are confirmed white, why aren't you pagankeks worshipping the egyptian pantheon? Don't you like alchemy? Also, blue and gold is aesthetic as fuck

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No this is wrong. People tried to recreate the mummification process and it was found that their hair didn't turn blonde and they concluded that there must have been blonde people during ancient Egypt.

Sorry bud

a'yo dats KFC sauce hair die

Egyptian were mediterranean caucasians , AKA NOT WHITEOID PIGS

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Bitch, dats jus bleached out jerry curl.

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>Lenin is 60% plastic by now.
Something about that sentence just made me laugh my ass off.

You mad though. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.


White imperialism happened

Found the nigger

>The cranium size allocated to the frontal lobe also expends

Yes I know my people are West Africa so what's your point? Why should I care about an Egyptian mummyso hair color ? I don't claim Egyptian heritage.

>Lenin is 60% plastic by now
That's definitely not Kosher.


Sorry nog, we were the actual kangz.

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Fuckin classic. I used to speed this up on the record player as a kid.

Niggers don't type all that out without at least two misspellings and a Beyonce gif mixed in.

>dry conditions
That's not enough
Water is bad, but as time goes by, the very oxygen in the air becomes a problem. Are their sarcophagus airtight?

Wholesome get

>when you're white and show up in niggerville and have to find a way to keep them from chimping 24/7 so you preoccupy them with building giant triangles.

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Everybody wants to be a bond hair blue eyed Arayan. Can't blame 'em.

Not even true

wrong, muttboi

>implying groids that never even invented the wheel could ever have built something as geometrically precise as the pyramids

You must live under a rock

Why don't we just clone one like a woolly mammoth and put this whole thing to rest?


This is racist

Then why are there white mummies and skeletons with the same hair like that? There are no white haired mummies. And a black mummy would have nappy hair. Pic related is an actual black mummy.

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Is that Huey Lewis?



>We wuz blonde and blue eyed and shit
>The Egyptians universally depict themselves as dark haired and either white, ruddy, or dark red.

They evidently hated blonde and blue eyes more than a modern liberal for how much they chose to never depict themselves as such.

>Mu-mu-muh sarcophogaus had blue eyes
And the Sumerian statue with blue eyes had blue nipples I guess the atlanteans were blue nippled too?

Kangz were not niggers though we all know that

fucken retarded wh*Teoid

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Goddamn, Steve was the man.

someone from the copy pasta thread earlier in the day claimed it had been identified as Ethiopian

so it rubs off to me as we wuzzing hwhites


>violent nigger webm


I know it's bait but those kids in the pic are aborigines native to australia and not niggers, not even negroids.. They have blonde hair because they are mutts. Aussies stuck their dicks in everything.

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>posts pictures of Melanesians that have a unique mutation among dark-skinned peoples

Memeflaggot wigger Jewboy.

>*has black skin*
>wh*Teoid: hurr durr you're not black

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Probably rioting and destroying the communities they live in, as usual.

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They never actually cared about facts in the first place.

Yeah Abbos are not black

My grandmother is nearly 95 and has a head full of light brown hair, same color she s always had. It’s not dyed. Both my great grandparents had natural hair too until death - they lived close to 100. Wtf are you even talking about?

Whoever made this thread must be a troll.

with 40s and a game of spades, which i found out today is the niggerish version of a good game of rummy

>mingled among the lower races

She got it coming.

Actually, they're 100% Australoid and developed the color because of a unique mutation. Still not niggers, though.

that "mummy" is nowhere near as old as the one in OP's pic to experience such an advanced state of melanin loss.

I mean, kid, you are trying to convince me that 1+1 doesn't equal 2. The lost of melanin in hair and using this as a mean to determine the race of a preserved carcass is undebated thanatologic and archaeological fact.\

You try presenting this argument in front of a group of scholars or other educated fellows on the matter. You will be fucking laughed at for trying to get away with such a degree of stupidity outside of this intellectual cesspool of racial pseudoscience and collective inferiority complex.

Your bait game is piss weak. Also, nice flag, Efrayim. How's the weather in israel?

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sheit mane whitey put a blonde wig on dat black nubian mummy


Steve is still the man, he's been practicing his banjo skills. If this doesn't warm your soul, you're not a white.

Why do wignats always try to connect ancient egyptians with modern day west europeans instead of taking pride in their own history?

What if the past is actually the future, and the future actually the past; but the earth is currently stuck in the present?
A nigger mummy with blonde hair would make sense then. Trannys consider themselves Gods; they worship their flesh. I have no doubt those tranny cunts would want to esoterically somehow in our futuristic philosophic thinking bring their bodies into the afterlife.

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>white males: *actively driven into extinction*
>also white males: h-heh, nice bait n-nigger!

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Not saying Egyptians were white, I'm saying they weren't black.



Hurry up Ubisoft better start patching those games.

I think it's mostly to shit on niggers claiming "dey waz kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaangs"

They think literally all dna evidence is fake, they will just add this to the pile.

You provoke no feeling. Please try harder, kid.

>when the only positive thing you can say about an entire race is that they're a sexual fetish object of a small subset of some women

With who, beyonce or kate upton?

Then how old is that "mummy" you fucking nigger? How long does melanin take to disappear?

Why are nearly every single mummy in the Cairo museum have light brown/red/blond moderately curly and straight hair? There arent any nappy black haired nigger pharaohs in the museum dedicated to the pharaohs of ancient egypt.

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>Shit skin assaulting someone who obviously doesn't want to fight.

Add one more convert to the movement.
The fire rises brothers.

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How does it feel to know that the more black you are, the closer your IQ is to 85. Nothing will change this. Right now you are a weapon for the Jews, but in the near future your extinction will be necessary for the survival of the planet. You will not be missed.

this faggot.

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