You need to calm down

>you need to calm down
okay Jow Forums, this oughta be an easy one. Once again they’ve displayed a clear lack of foresight and self-awareness, and as many of you know Tay has a new song out called ‘You Need to Calm Down’, apparently in reference to perceived right wing opposition to “gay rights”. Since we’re already calm and we all know that nothing pisses off women and urban retards more than to be told to calm down, I’d say this should be very simple. Here’s what we’ll do. Any anons who use Twitter, Facebook, Insta etc be on the lookout for women and leftists bitching about perceived injustices like sexism, racism, homophobia, whatever. Any time you see it, simply reply “you need to calm down”. Nothing more, nothing less. Then proceed to watch the salt flow and enjoy. We’ve made them eat their words before, let’s do it again.

Link to new video:

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Jews knew some of you morons had a hard on for her, so they made a point to rub this shit in your faces.
Her career's over with anyway so she took their parting gift.


bich, I stayed up all night making this fukken sign

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I don't use social media.

Apparently she is also taking shit from butthurt queers because she took too long to do this and is seen as jumping on the bandwagon, so we can play both sides here. Make sure to tell any of those queers to calm down too

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No wonder Western Civilization is falling. This LARPy, e-war bullshit is what you lazy imbecilic losers consider "taking action."

When is someone going to firebomb detroit.

imagine spending your time this way


You two need to calm down


Christ you're pathetic. A normal person wouldn't have given a fuck about Swift's shitty video. You're giving her exactly the reaction she wanted.

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You need to calm down

The fuck I'm going to calm down

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[ ] Twitter
[ ] Facebook
[ ] Insta
[] Fuck All Of Them

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>Already receiving backlash from libs
Well golly fucking gee.

This. It's always about the Jews. She did okay. She held out for a while.
>thread theme

>reply “you need to calm down”. Nothing more, nothing less.
understood, first I am going to fap, thinking about tay tay legs.

>Disgusting jew slave puppet sex golem produces pro-gay, anti-right wing propaganda.

>Get's artificially bumped to the top by kike-owned media companies to promote the gay agenda.

>Leftists still don't see that their agenda isn't organic "people-power" but rather a top-down agenda being pushed by very powerful corporate/government interests.

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Do these "people" even have souls?

They sound so mindless, like their is nothing in their heads but "feel-good" bullshit and vapidity.

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>checked and wew
bumped for potential

Bump because lol

This is why hiearchies need to exist based on IQ. The race approach has not aged well (you know why) but I found it's very easy to convince normies that high IQ people should be separated and in charge.

> Queers
> Butthurt


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They have enough practice.

penetrate a hole

This is is how I feel when I see lefties on twitter regurgitating meaningless nigger babble and thinking they’ve made some great political point. They need to be told to calm down

I miss the days when Tay-Tay was one of us and thin.

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They actively fight to repress themselves into that state.
It makes them very fragile.
If you know what to say, you can break the shell of this kind of person in just a few hours, causing them to have a mental breakdown.
Then they go to their friends or a therapist who guides them into doing feel good activities to fight this increased "anxiety".

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