What’s happening in New York?

fare skipping and assaults are getting out of control


>The increase in law enforcement comes as lost subway and bus fares are expected to total $260 million this year, up from $100 million three years ago. Buses account for about 55% of the evaded fares. About 18% of the city's bus riders use the rear door to gain a free ride, or they just outright "ignore the driver".

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Wouldn't be this bad in an all white utopia. Just sayin.

that’s amazing, though
they managed to steal an extra $160 million of services compared to three years ago
how can whitey even compete?

>Democucks don't want to enforce laws because their electorate ends up in jail if they do
>Niggers gonna nig, don't pay fares
>Cops can't do shit because mayor is a faggot white guilt homo
>Oppps lost revenue

any NYC fags to confirm ?

NYC user reporting, can confirm. I just didn't know they were loosing that much money for it.
This happens in the city. Often times when there are a lot of people walking through the turnstiles, and actually paying. Some use the confusion to jump over and get through. Its not like they don't have the money, most of the time, they do and just don't want to pay.
In some areas, they have to station officers to watch and ensure those who leap over the turnstiles get caught. It really does happen a too often.

the mayor is a commie faggot, kind of like your PM

And watch libs actually do something about it now that it hits their city coffers lol

Yeah, I’d believe it. The nigs seem to have gotten bolder since big bird DeGenerato became mayor.


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>Oppps lost revenue
well just tax white people more.

I’ve see it happen like 10 times a week.

There is normally an emergency exit placed next to those turnstiles. They are heavy and take a long while to close and can be opened from one side. Sometimes, when these exits are used, people slip by and hold them open for others to get through without paying.
They are more likely to make it an issue about poor New Yorkers that don't have enough to afford riding the train, and play the victim card for those who can't pay. I highly doubt they will do anything productive, the subway system in NYC has been shit for decades.

Taken dem reparations a dolla at a time

Security niggers to make the other niggers pay. God Bless Diversity!

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check out the thread about it on the Jow Forumsnyc subreddit

the naive shitlib transplants are absolutely perplexed that there is a correlation between a lack of policing against fare evasion and an increase in assaults

Nah it’s mostly illegals that I see crossing over the turnstile all the time
>t. work along the 7 line


hello retard
I'm not american and I know the fare skipping laws were changed because most were niggers.


only shit threads on Jow Forums and subhumans with a sense of importance

Nah, they'll just raise taxes (on rich people). NYC and the coastal cities are run by delusion elites who think virtue signaling is a legitimate governing practice

I refuse to use public transportation. I’m good on sitting in a disease box with third worlders. I ride my moped or my bmx everywhere.

have they noticed that most of the perps are niggers? that'll really blow their minds

Fuck NYC

It's worse with sbs bus service, you prepay then get on with any door

>NYC and the coastal cities are run by delusion elites who think virtue signaling is a legitimate governing practice
I agree, this is true for most of them.

>when you're so liberal even the redditors are calling out your bullshit

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Yeah at least my job gets me the metro but still poses me off


What job? I work for the local government


i genuinely hate white shitlibs more than I hate niggers

I was a tram conductor. I had the pleasure of kicking off non-fare-paying niggers and pakis at least 2 times a day, sometimes up to 10 times. I had a knife pulled on me twice.

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>Buses account for about 55% of the evaded fares.
Makes sense. NYC busses can be quite long, so people just walk through the rear door. Worst that can happen is the bus driver goes "hey!". I do wonder how they calculate the statistics.

Honestly I do the same shit cause fuck NYC, I still jump the turnstiles because who's going to stop me? NYC is a bunch of fucking cucks with no morals anyway.

Niggers and spics getting into trouble at a "disproportionate rate" for fare evasion is exactly what prompted the white shitlibs to vote for DAs who promised not to enforce it

We all do. Without them we wouldn't be in this situation.

Who’s driving the busses? Niggers.
Who’s delivering UPS? Niggers.
Who are the police? Niggers.
Who are the station managers? Niggers.
Nothing is going to get done about this shit because niggers are entangled in the jobs. Niggers don’t care if a nigger jumps the turnstile. And a nigger cop ain’t arresting a nigger over it. Every goddamn day I wake up way more racist than yesterday. New PR for hating niggers everyday. This city is just riddled with niggers. It’s a fucking shame we have given them rights. Who the fuck ended segregation? Man, I just hate these fucking niggers.

Leftists are going to turn New York back into a dystopian shit hole after Giuliani cleaned it up.

Jow Forums in one post

>9 million people
>almost 0 food production
>no ability to afford rent or be mobile in class or social
>be surprised when shit keeps getting worse

What am I looking at here?

a lot of the NYPD may look like niggers these days but they are actually Dominicans itching to put the hurt on actual niggers

Is it niggers? It's niggers, isn't it.

I'm willing to wager my dollar to your nickel that every one of the perpetrators was a nigger

Oh fuck a Dominican cop is as effective as Jamaican woman doing customer support - sitting around fucking jabbering about some bullshit instead of DOING THEIR FUCKING JOB. Turn down the reggaton and shoot a fucking nigger already!