Do you guys claim him?

Although no one really expects much from retards such as you guys

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(((Someone))) in the past few days has been posting an image of the building he shot up in the sight of a scope. What a coincidence!

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We jews claim.

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That's just an overlay, buddy.

Sloppy job fbi incel have sex

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Why did he wear the boots on the wrong feet?

Based on the location, I'm guessing he had a beef with that court itself.

Kinda like Killdozer.

Most violence is personal.

That’s a federal courthouse. This isn’t like the guy who crashed his plane into the Austin IRS office.
You gotta wonder about these kinds of events when there’s no body count (save the “shooter”).

So the Sam Hyde memes weren't memes?

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>Do you guys claim him?
Absolutely, unequivocally, YES
In the name of the frog god of chaos, he made a habbiding, and got the low score. He might have been the most pathetic shooter in the last decade, but at least we got video with awesome audio. And we got to see his corpse!

Oh shit I forgot about this lol

I just got home, show the video.

No. Jow Forums is a board of peace. Fuck this guy.

He could have had a case there at some point and wanted revenge, or someone working there like an ex or something..

>he made a habbiding
No he didn't. Saint Tarrant made a habbening, this guy did not.

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fuck off back to T-D, faggot


Yeah but the guy was posting it a few days ago and was saying to watch for him

It really shows how when people are armed, it makes the murderer's job way harder.

If schools in the US had mandatory armed security, there'd be a lot less victims.

Failure in life, failure in death.

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I reported this image to the Feds over a week ago via FBI tips.

I knew instantly it smelled fishier than a lesbians weekend travel bag.

I'm not even memeing, I heard about a shooting in Toronto today but before I started lurking Jow Forums about an hour ago I never heard about this beta looking bitch

Thanks my dude

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It's because he got got by security right when it started.

MSM doesn't care about failed shootings when a guy with a gun stops it.

He has inverted feet like most others...and Jow Forums is a board of peace

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this is the best pol has to offer? the r9k shooter was way better

I just don't understand why people don't think twice about having armed security around their money, transportation, and entertainment events, yet they balk at armed security for their children. Really don't.

He isn't from Jow Forums, he's white

People don’t walk like this, forward or backward, the pic was staged.

That picture has been going around for months retard

So you're saying that the shooter was preparing for months and fucked up?

I seen the image and knew it wasn't a LARP, hence why I reported it, however, this entire thing stinks to high heavens. Did the retard leave a manifesto?

I'm not trying to be an ass. That exact picture was posted 1-2 months ago. The whole things seems set up or he had a specific goal. How did he have military training and not get a single kill?

Apparently the picture is actually from years ago on Jow Forums and the person who posted it already got in trouble. Seems odd that it's been posted lately and then this happens.
>did he leave a manifesto
Fuck off, do your own legwork retard

I reverse searched that image multiple times 6-10 days ago ( I was tired, can't quite remember the day) and no image was found.

The image has been popping up in the last week and it's obvious the shooter is responsible. See for yourself, reverse search and you can see his posts in the last week. He must have been using it as a bookmark to find his posts after the deed.

I don't frequent Jow Forums as anything pointier than a spoon is too risky for me to look at online without the plod meandering up my garden path asking for a TV licence and telling me to blunt any fence wire so as not to injure a prospecting burglar.

No, school shooting larpers are fags. Any future mass shooters connected with Jow Forums are fags. Incel virgins who become shooters because of their virginity are fags.

I almost expected him to be carrying a six pack of beer.

why does he look so scared, Jow Forums? what's he thinking in this pic?

Those DPMS Oracle rifles are so ugly

t. DPMS owner

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