What are some Jow Forums approved clothing brands?

What are some Jow Forums approved clothing brands?

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Bathing Ape
Truk fit
South Pole



nudism is the ultimate red pill

Propper makes BDUs you and even has zipper flies, but the nature of the fabric is inconsistent. You don't want to be a tall guy buying longs and then have it shrink and turn grey on you in half a year.

Polo Ralph Lauren
Barbecue Restaurant T-Shirts

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Layer 8 made a lot of inexpensive spandex underwear with the right fit for me some years back at a huge discount. If you're like me and the Jew savagely cut your foreskin off, then this can really be an 8th layer of skin like they advertise. Try Marshall's and TJMaxx.

Hugo Boss
J Crew

Common Projects. Pic related cost $400. Poorfags BTFO and you won’t look like a nigger either

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I only see clothes for not doing work in on that list. You don’t mean to say that you don’t do physical work, do you user?

I basically only shop at Duluth, Cabelas, or 5.11

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Imagine paying $400 for a pair of (((shoes))). You faggots only spend that on ground beef.

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BDUs are great for work. Maybe some people prefer dickies or whatever else. But BDUs are literally made for work, and they don't even crush your balls when you have to go full ninja.

5.11 feels like being stuck in that Edgar Allen Poe story about the cask. I can't understand it.

I got some Carhartt jeans and shit wore out within months.

Wrangler makes good stuff still (which I don't understand, because apparently they're owned by the same folks who make Lee jeans, which are also shit now).

All clothing brands are made by (((them))). It's much cheaper and better to wear clothes without stupid logos on them. Have some self-dignity, you are a person, not a walking billboard.

$400 is just pocket change to most white posters on Jow Forums. You must be an illegal Mexican living in poverty and not redpilled. White Power!

Funny, I've literally only seen those on niggers

Eminem collaborated with Carhartt. Plus it's pretty much a hipster brand now. Not approved. New Balance & Dickies.

all american clothing
diamond gusset
birdwell beach britches
thorogood boots
someone gave me a pair of Tecovas boots for a gift and I have to say they are fucking excellent, albeit made in Mexico.
all the others are made in usa and quality
you can get all american clothing jeans in factory seconds from time to time for 15 bucks.
never had an issue, and I'm hard on stuff.

Key still makes some basic bitch logger/worker clothing. Carharrt jackets and vests are alright but the jeans don’t hold up. Duluth Trading has some interesting offerings but I’ve never used it.
Danner boots.
Nothing is going to last long if you abuse the shit out of it. But if you are a city fag...

Are you even trying?

Thats about it.

Coco Chanel slept with a German General and was highly anti semetic.
Basically /ourFrenchWhore/

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carhartt has dropped in quality quite alot, i dont touch them anymore. Wrangler is a alternative while i look for something else.

They started making them in mexico about ten years ago, maybe more. It was crazy the change in quality, but they really were good before.
I have heard even Filson have degraded, but they're way too expensive anyways.

Carhartt is for low class manual labor poor fags.

I work in an office , around cute girls all day. So I mainly wear J Crew, Sandro, BrooksBrothers , and Adidas clothing.

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I have a carhartt jacet I brought 18 years ago. I have worn the shit out of that jacket and it is still rock solid. Skeckles well spent.

>So I mainly wear J Crew, Sandro, BrooksBrothers , and Adidas clothing.

They look cool 2bh

Making your own clothes is the only way.

>cute girls
soi faggot spotted.


You picked a bunch of random brands to pretend you're cool and into fashion.

> poorfags
Thinking $400.00 is a lot of money is something a poor fag would say. It must be summer, the minimum wage kids have entered the thread.

kek it through eveybody for a loop when I made my own. Yeah ok it looked like shit but how many other people even tried? p. sure when my mommy dies I'll be the one with the sewing machine. Nobody else knows how to put it to good use.

Thor Steinar
White Rex
Father frost

In Leafland Big Bill seems pretty good. Nice clothes for work and going to the woods at least. And still made in Canada as far as I know. Stanfield's underwear still made here. Their wool sweaters are also nice for something fairly well priced.
Viberg boots if you need something really good, although they are expensive. Nick's Boots would be the closest equivalent for burgers.

Well ive been a /fa/ggot for about 10 years now so yes I know a thing or two about fashion. Well atleast leaps and bounds above the typical 3 teeth redneck retard on Jow Forums

>tfw the jews can't tax you for having to buy a new one because the old one was built by white people who wanted to build a decent product

Ansar Aryan

For us, about you

jesus fucking chrickey

a literal, a fucking LITERAL advertisement for a fortune 500 clothing brand on Jow Forums

its not being clever, or hidden, its literally as picture of a logo and a positive affirmation about said product.

nearly 50 replies.


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Brooks Brothers is for fake pretentious faggots
and J. Crew is glorified Old Navy.
Neither of them scream fashion to anyone who knows.

I hire Mexicans

Seconding this

>typical 3 teeth redneck

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Cope harder faggot

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I have at least a couple extra Cabella's gore-tex shoes I bought years ago. When you find one that fits so right without a break-in period and you can stand in a puddle of icy water, not give a fuck, and then sludge through mud like it's even trying to give you trouble, you know it's time to buy several sets of them rather than waste your time shopping later on in life.

Looking at getting those firehose flex pants, I bend a lot at work so mine sometimes rip.

Columbia is owned by a kike, you newfaggots.

I typically go to goodwill or Salvation Army and buy all the early 90’s urban clothing. I’ve got several pairs of JNCO, old school Champion, Columbia jackets, Armani, cross colors, Ralph Lauren, original Jordan's, air max, etc

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Mandela effect. Used to be Carhardt

BDUs are cut to move. The military doesn't use them for no reason.

Carhartts are some of the warmest jackets, you fucking goyboy.

Arborwear. All USA made. Company started in Ohio by tree climber that wanted to make better jeans for climbers. You can find their stuff online everywhere now. Been supporting them for 10 years at least.

>I work in an office , around cute girls all day
Thats because it's women's work, you soft-handed sissy.




Adidas huh?

Fucking chav

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This should be a bannable thing
Fuck off, summerfag

Those are gopniks, chavs are brits


Your so dumb. I don't pick clothes and brands so faggot anorexics on /fa/ can say how effay my 500 dollar common projects shoes are or whats the new obscure japanese trending clothing brand with there oversized sweaters and shit. I pick normie clothing because thats what cute girls are attracted towards. Name brands that are recognizable while also not known for being cheap. I dont give a flying fuck what you think, but when a girl is over my place and wants a sweater to wear and I hand her a $500 ralph lauren purple label sweater it makes her fucking wet.

These are for (((You)), (((Uahm9ENW)))
(You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You)

Fucking mangina

Is there anything wrong with this brand?

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Muh nigga

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Additionally, the rip-stop cotton isn't all that. It's a little bit lighter I guess if you're in non-white territory, but it really doesn't stop rips and it fades like you're trying to larp as a soldier.

And it's also loud. Who wants soldiers with swishy clothes other than niggers?

This is more autistic than wizardchan.

>but when a girl is over my place and wants a sweater to wear and I hand her a $500 ralph lauren purple label sweater it makes her fucking wet.
This is a top tier LARP.

Tell us again about how smart you are.

isn't Gucci Jewish owned?

New Balance was American made. Dr Martens not the chink versions although that brand is fucked since tumblr
Fred Perry we still have that

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if your name starts with TY or LIL maybe...


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It's hideously expensive. I personally find the cut is aimed at niggers who think they have BBC when it's not just all retarded anyway.


Quick, someone post mlp to see if it's barneyfag

I buy a lot of my clothes from sportsmansguide.com.

The dress uniforms make really good office wear. They are dressy, but also militant. Cheap AF and gives you a distinct style while staying the boundaries of business casual.

I have found that German, Swiss, and Dutch surplus is super high quality and nice while Italian surplus looks cool but is abysmal quality.

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>attracted towards
God I really hope English isn’t your first language.

Consume goy, consume!

New Balance has a made in the USA collection of shoes you choose from.

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I buy some stuff from kommandostore. I really like the German PT t-shirts for everyday relaxing.

I haven't purchased any clothing in a year or so.
Last brand I bought was a few pairs of 5.11 pants and polos.
They're good for concealed carry and the shirts hang down a bit lower to hide ccw.
I wear the pants at work doing construction and they're insanely durable. I bought a couple pairs of the double layered ones a few years ago and I still wear them now they last forever.
I spend a lot of time on my knees(no homo) and they hold up really well.
I'm gonna try out their shoes next time I need a pair.

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I don't know how you conceal anything in there without being a manlet, but 5.11 has a big following so I guess it's worth trying.

anything affordable with no visible brand,
if it's made in your own country it's even better

Carharrt has gone to shit in recent years. Their shirts are made in Mexico and their sizes are massive because fat fucks buy them. A XL shirt is like a fucking tarp. Everything is 2-3 sizes larger than the label.

Yeah buddy.

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This is more cancerous than have sex posters. Go fellate a loaded shotgun.

now THIS is Jow Forums approved clothing

>if it's made in your own country it's even better


Baron trump wears these a lot, they must be fucking excellent

$30 shirts made out of material so thin it's semi-transparent. Nigger shit.

The existence of this thread is proof the Trump economy is good.

what's made in the uk? there's like almost nothing here that's made in the uk.

The flea market... it's all made in china. Why support that?

My woolly pulleys are made in the UK. Best commando sweater out there.