Shitalians arent white

Theyre arab rape babies

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Looks trans

Southern italians are about 70% italian and 30% west asian/north african, yes i have seen a DNA test. /thread

This. I don't blame the Arabs I'd do it too

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You faggots always get this so fucking wrong.

is right.

Northern Italians are white. Southern Italians are mixed and have been for centuries. And Sicilians are the niggers of Italy. Some of my ancestors lived in the foothills of northern Italy for generations upon generations and as far as I know, didn't like Sicilians.


Post pics so we can see the difference...I read this a lot but don't understand

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Arabs are essentially white. Only problem is the modern Arab population has a lot of black blood and has an inbreeding problem.

This wasn't true hundreds of years ago when Sicily was an Arab emirate.

Any real pure blooded Arab looks white.

Correct but “x doesnt like x” is not an argument. Italians historically also don’t like the french who are (were) white.

Watch this user, enjoy these totally nonwhite Italian women


The brownest 1% of Italians are basically just white hispanics/castizos. Not even bad you retards. The vast majority are clearly white but at the very worst the southern fringe has some people that look like nick fuentes. Big deal

>Arabs are essentially white
This is your brain on Amerimutt.

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Pics of what? Me? I'm Italian, Irish, and German so I'm not going to reveal much to you about the difference.

I'm just saying it goes to show how different the peoples were even though they all hailed from the same "country".

arabs are probably whiter than you

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Looks white to me.

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Arabs are Semites you fucking knobend. Semites are NOT white. What planet are you from?

Report this topic and move on.

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To be fair, 10 minutes in the sun will show her true colors (no pun intended)


That Italic beauty.

Would take over a Nord any day.

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sicilians are Greeks. based roger iii was hired to btfo the arabs and after his victory the arabs and their jew gate openers were 6millioned

You'd try.

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Semites are caucasian. Europeans, eurasians, north africans and middle easterners all fall under this umbrella anthropologically speaking.

An Arab skull and a European skull for example are virtually indistinguishable. This however can't be said of an Arab and African skull or a European and East Asian skull.

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Wouldn’t that make it... uhhh... not rape?

>burger flag
>talking about who's white and who isn't

Looks Turkic, not Arab.

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>An Arab skull and a European skull for example are virtually indistinguishable.

Do you have sources on hand? Because I almost dont believe this. I've seen plenty of fucking jews and arabs to know their head is not shaped like mine or any euro-descended people I know. Like, at all.

You're going to end up beaten and bloody

kys race traitor

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Watcha doin, Rabbi?

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Current Italians yes, greeks and Italians before used to be white, some of course still are. Currently living in Rome 2.0 and a castizo myself i'll just point out the obvious and say she is sexy af.

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The ones you see are very likely the result of miscegenation between arabs and african slaves.

The upper class of arabian nations all have distinct caucasoid features. Because they're pure blood arabs.

This is a change over the past few hundred years.

So, i.e., youre a closet fag and turned on by masculine bodies

Assuming arabs can fuck anything besides goats and sandnigresses dressed with curtains

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Call me a race traitor all you like. It doesn't change anthropological reality. Even the nazis didn't share your view of arabs.

Don’t project, mate. I run about five miles a day. You’re probably sitting in front of the computer eating Cheetos and drinking Mountain Dew right now.

I mean post a Sicilian woman post an Italian ect

>Sicily is all of Italy

Stop being an embarrassment to all Americans.

I mean maybe she is, but as far as I know she's an arab.


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Some Italians are white some are not. It depends on which ones' ancestors got raped.

All this cope.


Honestly who cares? Jews aren't flooding your countries with Italians are they?

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exactly zero of you faggots have ever been to italy and or know what Italians look like

I’m calabrese and I’m like 25% British isles and another 10% French/German. I am no % west asian or whatever you mentioned, so speak for yourself.

Central and North Italians don't change genetically since Imperial Rome, the unique difference is the germanic y-dna after Germanic invasions.


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anyone else think irish, northen italian and spanish people look the same?

It's because the jews mixed with everyone.
Why do you think israel has such a high rate of skin cancer?

Exactly. I don't know the difference between South Italy or North Italy. Post pics

Underrated. Hardly any Italians in America, even though the media loves to portray them as this mass immigration phenom.


That's not what arabs look like
Have you ever been to the middle east? Many Arab tribes like the Bedouins are dark as fuck.

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What you're claiming based on your arguments is that kikes are whites as well, brainlet

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They did, thats why the mafia is everywhere

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I'm Italian, how is this not white?

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your ugly ass Arm doesn't way : "hey look i'm white" only facial feature does

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cisalpine gauls are white

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>She’d beat your weak ass.
The weakest man can usually beat the strongest woman.

they're white as far as muh dick is concerned

>Theyre arab rape babies
Such a small head, is that real?

Not falling for that, I have caucasoid/alpine features. Also I'm not shitskinned like Pol says we are.

Guess anglos arent white either. Look at mr bean

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I can’t believe I was du,b enough to,followmthese links. Three of four have nothing to even do with your outrageous claim, and the one that even mentions Italians only recognizes how Ashkenazi would be related to a small jewish population originating in Italy. Not a single one makes any comparison between their amount of European DNA whatever that even means. If it means cultural, like Christianity, art, music, architecture, legal, military, and infrastructure, to name a few, then Italians would be the most European as they imparted all of those institutions to the barbarian north.

has the same rate of skin cancer as other nations that have the same sun exposure funnily enough. white south africans actually have a higher rate of skin cancer than israelis.

I've done it many times

Women Olympians are outclassed by male highschool students, white knight faggot.

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>muscle definition, nonexistent

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Man you guys ate dumb.

Arab is NOT a Race.

It's a Ethnicity. Arabs of Palestine do not equal Arabs of Iraq, etc.

I literally work at a mill you fucker.

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Why even live bros?

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