Based Canadian

This man is a hero. We should follow this man.

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pretty kino desu


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I love how they crawl under that black barrier to get away
a tiny bit of resistance and they fold

So did liberals ditch pink pussy hats for pink burkas? Tf is that shit? Also this guy is a champ

welcome to Canada lmfao

Ontario doesn't get enough blame for being the epicenter of North American SJW insanity.
People assuming it's a USA thing, but the virus originated in Ontario.

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Quebec just passed a bill banning religious symbols (turban, kippa, burqua) in public function so it might be related

cig man is cute af

burkas are clearly ineffective against a helmet helmet to the face.

Ban assault helmets, right now!

Based Canuck is based.

>"Blah blah woman beater!"
I thought you cunts wanted to be treated as equals...

Was this at the protest in Montreal or somewhere else?

story here?

It was at some Pride event in Hamilton .

This happened in Hamilton Ontario, only about an hour drive away from Toronto

A Christian group was protesting a bunch of degenerate faggots at a Pride event and Antifa/other shitlibs decided to try to steal their property and attack them.


Stop showing your faces.

You will be recorded and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The police are there to protect Anti-Fa and to arrest you if you fight back. Mask yourselves and all dress the same. Beat and mace cops that try to arrest you or your fellows. Be as one body so no evidence can be established against any one of our men.Niggers on a street corner can get this concept, why can't you?

pride event thing in hamilton, antifa are supposed to be the "guard" of the pozz. Christian protesters show up with signs, this triggers them and they push the barricade thing into them. Eventually some of the antifa try and steal the signs and get punched back for it. Honestly its only like this guy and one other guy from the christian side fighting.

Hamilton has had alot of fighting recently though. They're one of the few places where yellow vests are still kinda active and theres Proud Boys know and Nationalist Party. Plus the OG Paul Fromm ran for mayor.

He shoulda took out that old boomer who thinks hes tough at the end .

Kek 10/10 wack!! BAM!

implying you have any ethics at all. Joyless excuses for savagery and pretending to take pleasure in triggering people is the core of Jow Forums


He kinda looks like Hicks from ALIENS.

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>Niggers on a street corner can get this concept, why can't you?
Hmmm, maybe because they aren't niggers. Why are you telling people to act like violent niggers?

>burger flag


>Waaah, why don't they play dirty
Fuck off Antifa, we're not getting matching uniforms like the rest of you faggots. We don't hide our faces because we operate alongside the law to peacefully protest and to defend ourselves against attack.

>sucker punches two unexpecting men with a weapon in a fist fight.

literally a nigger.

Nah, fuck it

They're coming for us anyway at this point

>two unexpecting men
you mean the two niggers who assaulted a man for exercising his right to free speech and stealing his sign?

>implying antifa isn’t constantly using weapons

Get outta the way of old Dan Tucker
He'll comb your face with a frying pan
(banjo flourish)


Very subversive and I'm sure everyone here agrees with your shilling.

If you don't want to get hit by a helmet of peace, don't attack someone practising their freedom of speech. This isn't a god damn sports match, it's inherently unfair just by that man having more testosterone than the entire group trying to attack him.

I'll continue with my fedpost.

There's no threat or penalty for being a communist / anarchist / furry etc. When's the last time you saw the FBI gloat about the "left-wing extremists" they arrested for chatroom tough guy posting? You are a de facto criminal. If oyu resist the paramilitary wing of the Liberal system that is Anti-Fa, BLM, etc. you are now a de jure criminal. Anti-Fa will never be prosecuted, they will never have their houses firebombed or their workplaces (let's pretend they don't live off their parents) threatened for employing them. You will.

Stop playing their game. If you want on-the-ground resistance you have to unapologetically use force to shut the other side down, protect you and your guys from the enemy (which includes the police), operating as a protective force outside of and directly against the State.

Read Alinsky, Trotsky, Bakunin, Marighella, This is why the Left has it over on you for on-the-ground resistance.

The Hamilton Hammer

I would fuck your gf if you had one

And you will be arrested. That pig in a uniform that you think is on your side because he has a gun collection and doesn't like Muslims will absolutely take your guns, raid your home, arrest you and lie on the witness stand at your trial to put you away, for the sake of his career and pension.

What are you, 14?

He was outnumbered and they still couldn’t jump him not for lack of trying. They behaved like niggers and got popped deal with it.

This. Zogbot pigs are not your friends. The current clown world only exists because of their willingness to enforce the degeneracy with the barrel of a gun.

Your own image disproves your claim retard.

>And you will be arrested.
Citation needed.
>That pig in a uniform
>What are you, 14?
Ironic edginess.
>will absolutely take your guns, raid your home
Moving the goal posts and bringing up something entirely different than a completely legal self defence situation.

Fuck off, you leftypol retard. You can't make a coherent point to save your life, and you surely aren't going to subvert any of us with your retarded shitposting.
>If you chimp out like your enemies, you win.

>meme flag
>errbody is against us braindead cunts lookin for a excuse to act like lawless saviges

the africanization of the USA, gentlemen.

And what doesn't make it into the "based" video is the years of legal battle these guys have to go through after they "own" the fat tranny that stepped to them; the railroading, plea deals, legal records, forced information gathering, fines, jail time, etc. etc.

There is, aside from the Federal and State machine bearing down on Right-Wing resistance which I've just mentioned, a plethora, literally thousands of legal aid groups, litigation funds, pro-bono leagues that are solely to bail out leftists, litigate against right-wingers and make sure anyone of our guys who wins on the battlefield loses their lives and livelihoods in the courtroom.

I say again, stop playing their game. No one cares about you, no one will stand up for you. You will be isolated and annihilated.

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Nah, we're growing a legal network.
It will be a hard fight, but the days of rightwingers getting fucked by kike lawyers is ending

>Your own image disproves your claim retard.
No it doesn't. The "SJW insanity" that I speak of is of relatively recent origin.

>He was outnumbered and they still couldn’t jump him not for lack of trying.
did you watch the same video i did?

besides people trying to break up the fight, he was literally man handled by a fast roastie and gave a beta onions punch that barely connected in response.

regardless, quite confident this guy would get his ass beat in a 1 on 1 and without nigger-tier sneak attacks.

Please, dox yourself while doing something illegal. Get your face plastered all over the internet and have a dozen Jewish trannies show up at your house with molotovs for it. See who gets arrested between them and you, when you (as though you would) actually step to them.

>losing our rights and getting attacked is triggering people

Not nearly soon enough. Asaik it's just Augustus Invictus, and if the Op-For sees a coherent right wing legal network forming they will absolutely make frivolous BAR complaints and do everything to institutionally bar right-wing lawyers and paralegals from operating. This battle will go all the way to the Federal level, before they let an ADL of the right wing come about.

>dont talk back, dont act up, just keep running away to ever shrinking enclaves because you just cant win


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Fuck off you fucking kike concern troll.

Guy who got walloped second in the nose was nicer. I always wanted to blow a funky dude who’s wearing a bright pink burka. He looks so mysterious and fit (and white)
Also, if you look close enough you can see cig guys sausage bounce around in his very nice trousers. He’s definitely freeballing.

love how he keeps his smoke

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any more footage of this chaos?

they had some sort of giant tarp they tried to wrap the "fash" in

Fuck off. I would hire this guy in a second.
Women will breed this chad in a second.
Youre a faggoty coward.

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Read the playbook stupid fuck. Read Rules for Radicals. Fuck your bushido bullshit. They'd have done the same to him given the chance.

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If you read my previous posts I call for far more concerted action than anything heretofore mentioned. Stop acting like a rabbit. Entire federal law enforcement and Jewish legal agencies exchange billions each year catching and torturing people like you.

Here, try to fix that attention span of yours.

Canada needs more men like this

>Please, dox yourself while doing something illegal.
I specifically mentioned that legal self defence is the goal, but you ignored that so you could continue writing your blog and trying to get us to play dress up and read Marx.
> Get your face plastered all over the internet and have a dozen Jewish trannies show up at your house with molotovs for it
Yeah, that shit doesn't happen. Worse that happens is petty property crime.
>as though you would
You're sure stepping up to us shilling behind your keyboard and pretending otherwise.

This isn't a game, as much as you and your degenerate friends want to LARP against 'da ebil naziz!'. If anything seriously kicks off, no one will need masks. You're trying to get us to become like Antifa, hide our faces and attack people because of political views. We're not sinking to your level.

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I though it was Justine truedoh being attacked in ops pic. If only

Based helmet man smashing more antifa sodomite filth.

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Post dilator with timestamp

Knee and uppercut combo dropping an antifa subhuman.

You're right. And the most important point: THERE IS GLORY IN MARTYRDOM

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really glad the hambeast tried to pull /ourguy/ away rather than jumping on him. he could of been crushed to death!

who is dat?

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Holy shit based leaf the min I saw the sig it reminded me of this.

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Invictus is just a front man, there are a large number of people doing casework behind the scenes - including a number of bright young law students who have made it their mission in life

Solid right cross, could have had more power or a left hook follow up though.

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But further, we need martyrs to spur change

How this actually works is someone calls in and says "Hey, your employee is a nazi. You have to fire him" and the employer is usually like "well that's not really any of my busine-" and then you get a network of faggoty journalists that all coordinate with one another to target and harass the employer's business and build bad press pieces until they comply. it's FORCE.

It doesn't matter what you'd do with your hypothetical business. You're going to do the same thing the rest of the employers do when this happens, which is put their business first and comply, same thing the cops do when they're told to provide false witness or only arrest right wingers when antifa riots.

What is that from?

man that looks like fun

the only people even trying to stop him are boomers that could drop dead just from getting their heart rate up

I just don't know how many of our guys would need to get the full James Fields treatment before anything changes, given the fact that normies are cowards and pretend to hold the opinion offered them by the media, which will obviously not be favorable to us.

Bomb girl or some shit like that trust me when I say avoid it the cig smokers is a /co/ creation anyways.

that moment he became the rake

James Fields is a special case - the RAM guys were able to get out (though the fight was hard) and the case is pretty analogous to this (I know different legal system and all that but you get my point)

The fight can be won if people decide to fight

Not when youre unionized faggot this shit is not disclosed and they get told to fuck off.

You called for violence against the police. That will definitely cost you and everyone else. Just start pulling the masks and beating the fuck out of them if they assault you and start pressing charges, start suing for emotional damages, whatever. Bog down the machine.

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>Chimping out like a nigger and touching the property of others

Pick one

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>And you will be arrested.

That didn't happen.

Somebody wake up Hicks!

Bunch of Antifa sympathizer faggots in this thread.

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Lolbergs get the gas

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he just wanted to smoke in peace but these hambeasts had to interrupt

Some faggot Boomer who loves his black son in law.

Another journalistic tactic is to """"infiltrate"""" right wing internet groups and basically D&C by trying to factionalize everyone over irrelevant ideological differences, personal grievances, etc. And then approach an aggrieved person for a tell-all hit-piece and some incriminating evidence after the infighting reaches fever-pitch.

So, if a guy is ever really making like petty personal attacks and trying to stir stuff up for no reason, it may be a Jewish journalist.

Just remember, anything that's not 1. protecting our guys or 2. going after the enemy, is not worth discussing or getting worked up over.

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All lefties deserve torture and extermination.

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What up faggot sad to see your little fucking bitch ass antifa group getting owned by a leaf huh?

hes a conscientious objector

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Ya like that testosterone deficient cuck will ever fight for anything

Well fucking said.

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>not in my hypothetical scenario could anything bad happen
You might as well be talking about how thing work on Mars.

>hurr durr "stop the violence"
Fucking cocksuckers.