Iran's soft underbelly

The flat Caspian shoreline provides easy highway for a quick invasion deep into Iran from Azerbaijan - plough the 250 miles to Tehran in just 1-2 days.

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You won't invade shit nigger.

yeah but who actually wants to do that? sounds like a lot of walking and work. I'm gonna stay here instead, have fun dad!

nigger, all the gas and oil fields are to the south near the strait of hormuz. we staging from saudi arabia.

sounds like you needs some freedom, amazon 2 day delivered. keep talkin shit goofy flag lookin mother fucker

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>"Hey Putin, if you don't mind we need to put about 150k coalition troops right on your border. no they won't remain there forever like in iraq and afghanistan i swear"
yea that will go over very well

I can see the kike's using this as a potential invasion route during the potential Iranian War they want us to get into.

you first mossad

Uhu you're such an intelligent tactician. You're a geopolitics genius. I bow done before you

>what is topography

>getting to Azerbaijan

Nah dude that other side is russian territory, who do you think controls that body of water?
Who has subs there with AA batteries and STA missles?
Do all this while your back is up against some mountains..

i love the fact that overweight muttoids that did not qualify for the military due to their bf% think they're some god given military masterminds just because they watched a two part documentary on rommel's campaign in north africa. i hate you faggots more than anything, and i can sniff you out from a mile away. in every video game, on every board, in any environment. you faggots are always pimply faced niggers that cry for war and LARP military shit when in reality they can't pass bootcamp due to the fact that they have squeaky elbows at the ripe age of 22. kill yourself nigger.

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just nuke it, why not saves time and effort

your infographic literally shows crossing a giant ass mountain

nice VPN Zoidberg

How the fuck would you build up sufficient ground forces in Azerbaijan without the Iranians noticing and launching a pre-empt? Azerbaijan isn't a fan of Iran but they would prefer to keep Iran at arms length.

Pasta potential (or rare old one)

Kike, send in your own troops.

>belly of the dragon will drip water
>tfw it wasn't about the US

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>squeaky elbows

Iran's flag does look like a dragon
and the snake from the adam and eve story comes from the part of Iran where the Mullahs are from
Towards Turkmensitan they will probably attack from Turkmenistan not Azerbaijan.
Azeris are for later, but Azerbaijan is a Rothschild outpost.

A single mountain pass through Sefid river valleyīd-Rūd

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american steel is coming for you too pal

Rothschilds are fucking everywhere aren't they?

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Tehran would probably nuke Rasht rather than let it became a staging area for the US

its Romania.... home of black sites.

How about we dont invade iran? Its by far the best option for everyone involved

Not gonna lie. I don't give a fuck what anyone else thinks, whether they want us to do it or don't, or what their motivations are. There is literally nothing bad that can come from eradicating a bunch of backwards brown mudslime sand niggers. Fuck all of you coal burning niggerdick suckers who want to protect these backwards people and their backwards religion. Why? What reason could you possibly have to protect these subhuman? Really makes me think...

Who the fuck cares if they want it or not? Killing muslims and dicking that bitch Putin is always worth the effort.

It always pussy's like you who do the talking. Meanwhile, if we do invade Iran, your vagina will dry up and you'll hide under your mom's skirt.

Thanks for sharing your (((opinion))) Shlomo

I'm of Iranian descent (Assyrian Orthodox, specifically), and I support any such invasion, the Mullahs' regime is a threat to the entire world, and it needs to be dealt with pronto..

>Assyrian orthodox
Not even remotely persian, shlomo

So that somehow makes me less Iranian? Iran is a multicultural amalgamation of ethnicities just like Russia or Spain.

>borders controlled by countries aligned with Russia
>single choke point south of Rasht with extremely mountainous terrain

You're trolling, right?


>Invading Iran
Israeli kike shill spotted

Have to go through Russian waters for that. Better to invade through Kerman and own two of the three mountain ranges in the area, plus friendly waters and air bases in the area.

Either way Iran is gonna nuke Israel at the beginning of battle so at least the kikes will perish.


You need to have a better look at those mountains.

There is no Invasion. There is no Tactical whatever he fuck. That is all RT CNN bullshit.

If anything the Navy will slap the IRGC around a bit....BIG FUCKING DEAL

Romanian Lips are planted on Putins cock

>Fifty-two American diplomats and citizens were held hostage for 444 days from November 4, 1979, to January 20, 1981
They humiliated us. Also they persecute Christians. Iran deserves to be dismantled.

Hi shlomo

>Why? What reason could you possibly have to protect these subhuman? Really makes me think...
I dont want to spend the next ten years fighting in the Middle East, only to come home and discover the illegals and niggers have taken what's left of my country from me.
We have bigger subhuman problems to deal with than some shitty desert goat fuckers half the world away.

What the fuck Jow Forums why are we constantly harping on about Muslims when the REAL brown invasion of OUR lands is coming from our southern border? Fuck the Middle East and fuck Europe right now. If we don't do anything about Mexico we're going to look like the Middle East 50 years from now

This wont work because once landed theyll missile spam our allies the entire region (KSA, UAE, Israel). Not an option imo.

In all fairness, the Cia orchestrated a coup and murdered the democratically elected PM and installed the shah as dictator. The US is the original cause of all these problems

What choke point? Could steam up through Manjil pass easily.

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uhh and the russians will, like, stand by while burger armies stroll around their backyard to attack one of their strategic allies?

This is like a parody of a Jewish person attempting to emulate some kind of American redneck from circa 2002 and the Iraq era.

Iran can very easily invade Afghanistan allying itself with the Taliban and completely destroy the 20k troops Zog has there. This is a much more probable scenario than yours.

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Yes, they’re

i know a guy that will tickle Iran's soft belly.

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We’re bombing the storage depots at Daquiri at 1800. We’re coming in from the north below their radar.

Being Assyrian Orthodox makes you Assyrian.

>Breaching sensitive information.
Good luck pal.

The war will be disastrous for America. Look at what Iraq and Afghanistan has done. Iran will be 10x worse.

reagan told them not to negotiate with carter and he'd give khomeini a better deal.
iran contra

Just plow those nubile persian fields. You know you want to. What could possibly go wrong? If it feels right you should just do it. It's the American way!

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This shit was already predicted in Battlefield 3 you fucking dipshit

Fuck off dumbass

If anything, we'll probably just bomb their missile factories and anything involved with nuclear refinement. That has been their primary goal since before Obama became President, and our primary concern (Israel's and Saudi Arabia's too).

>Trump's the one doing it but it's Obamas fault

Let's see if you can work Shillary in there too like a good goy, you know you want to.

>t. Trump campaign employee

Going to have to ball bullshit on that one.

you're jewish

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>the Mullahs' regime is a threat to the entire world
no mention of Saudi Arabian financing of terrorism throughout the middle east and beyond to push their extremist religious views, no it's Iran who needs to be invaded

Why would Iran ally with the Taliban? They frequently repel Taliban derivatives from their borders


How many wars have you guys won against desert peoples? How many wars has the states won against a civilian population?

really wonder why the fuck weren't your 5th column shit kind exterminated for 1400 years

You are such a neocon kikey fuckin cuck dude. I bet you dress like review brah

You're boring zoidberg

The Persians are not to be underestimated.

To slaughter 20k US troops. They can retire immediately afterwords and leave the country to the Taliban. It is a win-win for both of them.

To me this is a no-brainer and a classical move of the Great Game in the XIX century.

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Why would they want to kill US troops? US will already negotiate with the Taliban and withdraw

Just like how Italy was supposed to be the "soft underbelly of Europe"? Of which the Germans defended for nearly three years? How well that went for our servicemen.

Read "The Great Game" by Peter Hopkirk and you will enter into the worldview of these people.
They will never accept any subordination to the judeo-americans if they have the option of obliterating them.

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Hey all you big strong men,
Uncle Sam needs your help again,
got himself in a hell of a Jam way down yonder in Iran,
so put down your books and pick up a gun,
we gonna have a whole lot of fun

Put down the joint country joe. Cya at woodstock.

we had italy before d-day

Very smart idea that of trapping your army into a corridor between mountains and a sea 500 km long. I am shocked by the quality of mutt strategists. That is the receipt for having a new Battle of Lake Trasimene only multiplied by 100:

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We were in Italy by d-day. Italy was not completely passified until end of war.

No you just got useless lands in Sicily and Naples that did not produce anything and were full of millions of mouths to feed. Losing them was paradoxally an advantage from many points of view.

Lombardy at the contrary was paramount in the survival of Germany in the last months of the world, and it resisted practically up to the bitter end. Hitler himself stated that 'Germany could not have fought in 1945 without the factories of Upper Italy'.

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>The flat Caspian shoreline provides easy highway for a quick invasion deep into Iran from Azerbaijan - plough the 250 miles to Tehran in just 1-2 days.
Iran is shitloads more mountainous than Iraq. I don't think it will be easy or quick.

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A leaf would say something like that.

>america would invade near the caspian sea which is not connected to the
no if anything thats where russian reinforcements will arive.
any invasion from america would come from the persian gulf and iraq. american carriers can strike targets from the sea, submarines can perform missile strikes, amphibious landings can be performed.
of course as you can see iran has a number of mountain ranges which would make an american invasion hell. the iranian war will make vietnam look like a successful intervention.

That's the point. Park your forces on their border and either cajole them into attacking or just fake it, then blame Iran to justify an invasion. You have to think like a schoolyard child.

You'd need at LEAST a million, Iran is very mountainous, hot and unlike Iraq can put up a decent fight because they actually have skilled commanders in their army.

This is not Rise of Nations, you don't automatically win just because you capture the capital

Manjil gap to Qazvin plateau - much easier than going through the Zagros.

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How will you end up in Azerbaijan you stupid burger?

You can't just teleport there. You'd have to cross either Turkey or Russia in order to get there

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>The U.S. and Azerbaijani governments agreed April 12 to allow U.S. forces and bases to locate in Azerbaijan. The deployment will begin this year [2005], and given the United States' huge interest in the Caucasus, the U.S. military presence there could be long-term.

Ahahahaha good luck with that

Literal jew