>108 HOURS
>108 HOURS
>108 HOURS
>108 HOURS

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And thats a good thing

>He can't use ellipsis correctly


Operation Wetback II.

"they will be removed as fast as they come in." cool so when do the 25 million illegals already here get deported? and when does trump sign an executive order ending anchor babies?

>House Dems
>willingly getting rid of their voters
never happen

right after Ginsburg or Breyer dies


stfu ... fag

>cool so when do the 25 million illegals already here get deported
Yeah that's what I don't get about this tweet. He starts of in the past tense but ends in the future tense. Is he deporting current illegals or only future ones?


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basically he is saying "we will try to deport the 500,000 illegals my administration has released in the past year"'s all so tiring

this time for sure

we should put those running man bomb collars on them when we deport them, if they try to remove it or cross the border again it explodes
simple as

Nothing will happen and they'll keep coming

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Yeah this will happen and also I'm Elvis
Fuck off

Current is what it sounds like to me. I don't know how far back.

Fake and Gay.

If this faggot was serious about any of this he should've done it in Day 1, not after 3 years of jerking Jews off. He sees his internal polling collapsing and he's desperate. He knows that the only reason people (other that retarded boomer who think 401k 24/7) voted for him was to remove 30+ million illegal immigrants and he hasn't done shit when it comes to that

So it is. So it's always been.

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You won't do anything, nigger.

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You're watching a big show like in the WWE.

What we need is a wetback final solution. We should just copy and paste.

cry nigger

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Cap this, they already know the large companies employing wetbacks and will bust them first. Probably due to the media / social media / Jow Forums / reddit shilling about the low prosecution rate for employers.

if millions are deported, that's billions of pounds
of flesh. this might actually protect mexico and
hurt it at the same time, depress the land with
all that new weight thus moving magma away.
pushing magma away might cause a seduction
which means earthquakes and sinkholes.

we even have to outsource our border security to Mexico because the Deep State.
>and all of a sudden all the uhaul vans got rented

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I'll believe it when I see it.

No one *actually* thinks this is gonna happen, right?

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Essentially yeah.

At best, we can hope he always meant to do it and just held out so long to make it fresh for campaign season.

Believe it when I see it, this fat retard has been all talk no action.

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Forget the illegals, when do the naturalized spics and their kids get thrown out-
Oh, farewell Columbia, happy land!

We'll see if he keeps his word this time. It's been two and a half years he hasn't though so I'm not holding my breath

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Oh shit, all 7000 ice members are on the case. Watch out wetbacks!

Now someone post the link to the story about how they built a center for transgender asylum seekers and are giving them hormone treatment with our tax money. Fucking joke

>other two branches of government openly work to sabotage or do absolutely nothing
>damn you Drumpf! I'm voting Biden now!

It's never been an issue of logistics, it's about the deep state and corrupt business/politicians...Eisenhower deported 1.2 million illegals in one year, back in 1953 - with 1/10th the border patrol size we have today. Another million self deported after threatening to seize their assets and imprison them for 5 years.

Wasn't expecting to see this, but I imagine ICE will 'Begin the process' of removing the millions the same we we've 'Begun the process' of building the big beautiful wall.

>international board

Jow Forums doesn't grade grammar and spelling.

Deport them all, you fucking faggot.