How based is Cyberpunk gonna be?

How based is Cyberpunk gonna be?

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I saw this on Sankaku.

Pretty badass prediction.

SJG was raised by the secret service around this time, and they listed the USSS as having given 'unsolicited input' or something like that in the credits.

It's going to be gamergate 2.0 when this comes out

Diversity is good .
Diversity is a strength.
Diversity is what makes the Middle East so peaceful.

>diversity is what makes the Middle East so peaceful

I see what you meant but the ME is not diverse.

Anarchy is diversity pfft

No. The creator is hyper-leftist and is on board with the dev team.


Liberalism was different back then.

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Well Pondsmith is a black man who wrote RPG's and worked on several computer games. He was asked about all the SJW backlash coming at CyberPunk 2077and he basically told them that there's a reason things are the way they are in the game world. I don't think he is totally based I just think he doesn't like bullshit and bullshit reasoning. If I recall one of his degrees was in behavioral sciences. So I think he might be looking at the current climate as if it's filled with lunatics.

It is, almost no country in middle-east has a clear majority in its demographics. Most of countries have historically been ran by minorities and system is rigged so that they oppress larger ethno-religious groups.

IIRC there was some parody of cultural appropriation in original gangs in lore. Some maybe spic gang had been over the years been completely taken over by white gang they allied with due some past gang war they were almost wiped out in. We wuz cholos 'n shieet.

He literally told week or so ago for Sarkeesian to fuck off. He doesn't like being told to how to feel as minority by a white middle class woman. He has worked with devs, but not closely. He has his own projects to work with.


There were the PoserGangs in one of the fiction books there was one called the Ghandis. It was a group of men with a variety of races who all dressed like Ghandi. The would beat people who entered their territory into submission with staffs but were generally pacifistic otherwise which goes to show how out of touch poser gangs were with what they represented as. Take a move like the Warriors with themed gangs and slap a sci fi veneer on it and you get poser gangs.

I sure to hate my country, wish I knew a better one to live in. I'm black and mexican but luckily attractive with a white girlfriend. Grew up uppermiddle class in Ohio.

Anywhere better then this shit hole called America?

Interesting considering his background and the fact the dev team is polish, this will be interesting


Go back to the congo.

The creator is actually pretty based. I don't play games much, but I plan on getting cyberpunk 2077.

You could try Mexico for your bean half or Africa for the black half

This. We drew the borders that way for this very reason, which makes it all the more absurd that we're importing the same problem.

Is Keanu our guy then?

Well damn

But of course brother.

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>black and mexican
The absolute estate of chicanos

That can't be real. Can it?

Is he though

Good link. Too many user's are blue-pilled on how Matrix is trans propaganda.

¬°Dios mio ayuda!


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Not much. Only people interested and invested in that niche are normalfaggots who like neon "aesthetics". Yet another case of " Degeneration of a hobby".

see Jow Forums not all niggers are bad

this based black man warned the fuck outta you and your response was to let it happen?

repent and apologize

Wonder why they don't just overthrow the minority and exile them to a country they're the majority in.

SJW are too small in number to ever lead us into real anarchy. The only thing they'll ever do is make it sound like people are going crazy--like they are in Hollywood and the msm right now. Meanwhile, life goes on.



If they have a furry DLC, I'm just gonna off myself.

I feel like the point of a game like this is to be as degenerate as possible, as it makes for an accurate reflection of a forseeable dystopian future. A society by that point would likely have shedded almost all sexual taboos like necrophilia, bestiality, etc.

But it seems like the game's society has improved in that degenerates have stopped advancing their self-destructive proclivities into an identity to prove they're lesser than others and must be systemically elevated above them.

Minority has the guns and all important positions in government security apparatus. Also that was exactly what happened after your invasion of Iraq. Shia and Kurds took over the government with democracy, Sunnis got fucked and became the insurgency. Iran got influence as shias took over most of the central government as the biggest ethno-religious group. Iraqi Sunnis are biggest group in refugees from Iraq. They don't want live there anymore as they aren't the people oppressing others.

In Syria opposite happened as Russia was willing to back up minority dominated central government.

Everyone knows both those places suck ass.

Bibi just likes the Matrix, he wishes to build one for the goyim.