Childhood Game: Rape White Girls

Spam Waterford FC Twitter to release this nigger because they have a convicted rapist on the team. The judge gave him a delayed date after 4 years of delaying the trial. These fucking niggers, and the capitalists who stop at nothing not even raping 14 year old girls for muh football team

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Heres there twitter

Please tweet them at

Doing god's work bro (even tho im atheist). Bump.

Thanks my Anglo bro

can't find the tweet, did he delete it?

OP posted archive link

fuck jannies and fuck spooks

Bumping for more info.


Why would you unironically document your crimes on social media, or anywhere for that matter?

what kind of name is that? I assume he's what the BBC would call "asian"?

Because they're low IQ nogs or inbred muslims?


same name wrong nigger


Based Akash! No longer pro white rape!

and retards keep saying "but theres no white genocide"

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Because they know the anarcho-tyranny state won't punish them

What the fuck is this? I just read that shit and it sounds like she willing sucked and fucked all three of them.

yup this is race bait

white women are whores : more news at 11.

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She's only good for dicking down