An 11-year-old fought off a home invader with a machete

Then the suspect escaped from the hospital.

>The little-league slugger had purchased it with gift cards and normally used it to chop trees, he told ABC11. But now here he was, sneaking through his living room like a fearless Kevin McCallister of “Home Alone” fame, waiting for the chance to strike. It came when he saw the intruder drop the boy’s cellphone.
>“That’s when I picked up my machete and hit him in the back of the head,” he said.

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absolutely fucking based
too bad he didn't land a killing blow

Illegal in Bongistan.

When are they going to protest this kid's possession of a machete?
Fucking Brits are right.
You should have to get a knife license.

Now you understand why everybody has a machete in latinamerica.

So, It is possible for children to fight off a school shooter you've just gotta add darkness and machetes.


The kid showed restraint by going for a non-vital area, he definitely knew what he was doing. Since the cops would have shown up and shot the nog the kid basically saved his life.

The nog fears the zoomerai

Irrefutably based as fuck
11 years old and he already knows how to fight niggers
I hope all of you are teaching your sons as well as his father taught him.

never relax...ever again

>tfw this kid has had more opportunity to inflict damage on nigs than me

>purchased it with gift cards
not that weird really
wanted to buy a sledgehammer with birthday money when I was a kid but my parents said no

I did surveys for gift cards as a kid and bought myself a $55 pellet gun after about a month. Felt pretty based.

lmao. Who the fuck lives in something like that?? God damn... you poor fags are really something.

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based. he went for the head too. good instincts.

>The kid showed restraint by going for a non-vital area

the head is a non-vital area? no, he went for the vitals, and rightly so.

Racist 4 life now

Did Tariq Nasheed say anything about this?

You're giving his brain too much credit, it's obviously not that important.

Shit's tough being a Pirate. We are fambly, yo!

Don't little league teams just name themselves randomly after major league teams though? I played on a team when I was eight in west virginia and we were called the yankees.

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>>The little-league slugger had purchased it with gift cards

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Surprised he wasn't jailed. Guess he wont be going to Harvard either.

to be fair there isn't really any vital organs in the head of a nig, sure maybe some arteries and the eyes but eh...

Base kid has based father
Is there a connection?

You're assuming that Niggers have a brain in them.

>imagine an eleven year old coonass from north carolina rocking up to your local ace hardware and using multiple giftcards to purchase a machete for self defense against nogs

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I thought that was just Costa Rica

Imagine all the high fives he's gotten

arteries, veins, wind pipe, brain stem, eyes, and other such ancillary organs.

Black boi BTFO

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>Not getting the joke
We got it, it went over your head. You're not smart for explaining why you missed the joke.