I don't think most people on this board actually read, or at least don't read anything but memes and infographics...

I don't think most people on this board actually read, or at least don't read anything but memes and infographics. What was the last book you read, Jow Forums?

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Spent the last month on the second Harry Potter installment. Bluepilled as fuck.

>tfw you never realized this guy you’ve seen posted hundreds of times is samuel johnson

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Last book I read was Sun Tzu's Art of War.

Johnson is pretty great, actually. You should read some of his Rambler essays, they're full of good, practical advice about how to live life.

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Reading is an antiquated form of information acquisition. 1 meme is worth a 1000 books.

Just finished this one, is a pretty incredible depiction of the brutality of war.
Currently reading Hagakure.

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Boscovich's Theory of Natural Philosophy

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Reading now I Rode With JEB Stuart.

The New Right by Michael Malice

it was okay, pretty funny, but didn't really tell me anything I didn't already know. Guess that's obvious since I am here already.


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Shi Ji or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Lu Clan

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is this a good Jow Forums book or is it political shit


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In the middle of Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson, has some pozzed moments but is a good metaphysical read.

based and blockheadpilled

That would be Culture of Critique. Before that, The Holocaust Industry, before that, Revolt Against The Modern World. I'll probably read another Evola after this. He knew how to treat a woman.

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