Cool pics you saved here

cool pics you saved here

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this one has strong vibes imo

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/comfy/ geometry

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Are pyramids gay?

oh wow this is terrible. why isnt spain rising again? obviously they have to to back to older tactics so why dont they?

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((((they)))) turned the rainbow gay, dont let them steal those precious wonders of nature

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I had this made into a canvas print for my dad for father's day

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thx for this one

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you're welcome. It is supposed to represent some septenary principles. What is that image supposed to be?

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interesting, will read into it
my pic was from the (laser?) forest burning in LA. sketchy af

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im glad VLC is at the center of this media playback unit

Looks like a bunch of houses got destroyed, but for some reason a big fancy building in the middle survived.

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I wouldn't call Spain "fascist"

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Who would be in a position to take this pic?

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It's so obvious that our perception of human history is so wrong.

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Vril, no?

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Gyro Zeppelli approves

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This isn't /b/.

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that beetle has more construction skill than all of africa

Boy howdy, kikes are fucking ugly.

Edgar Cayce was the man.

Wow. That's incredibly cool.

The F1 was (and still is) and amazing engine, humbling to see in person. The five of them in the first stage of the Saturn V must have been...indescribable.

And checked.

wancayinis are indians frog


based Legend of the Galactic Heroes

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Dante's interpretation of Hell, Purgatory and Heaven,
the red and white spiral inside of the Earth is Hell which has 9 Segments/ Circles, in the center of the Earth Satan is located, the white mountain is Purgatory, the symbols then are the symbols for Planets, the Moon and te Sun, each being a different segment of Heaven. The Rose is the highest segment/ sphere of Heaven that a Human can reach, the only ones who can be there are Saints and children born before Christ, the 9 circles then at the very top of the image are the 9 types of Angels, ranging from regular Angels at the outer most circle and Seraphim Angels in the inner most circle, and then at the center of the inner most circle the Empyrean is located, God's dwelling place.


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Oh my bad, I thought you meant "What is this image supposed to mean" instead, but you were talking about the House one

you're good. It's interesting stuff.

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Saved this one today. If anyone has sauce

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Franco underwent a series of economic liberalizations in the 50's. So I don't know what you mean when you say "necessity goods: nationalized."

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Is this in Hong Kong?

gonna need to be leafsplained on this issue fellow leaf

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I guess you didn't catch the masonic rings, Scottish Rite hall, or the other such freemason symbol in each movie.

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Unnatural symmetrical angles representing 3/6/9 Tau found on Mars, indicating previously intelligent life.

Gah, this was supposed to be a response to A fucking leaf indeed.

Cringe and retarded. Of course only a leaf would post this advanced level of cancer

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Cellphone bad


This one was enjoyable

indeed. kys shill.

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I always thought that was the merchant until some user told me it was loss.

Subtle memes are best memes

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Here you go anons. The best online collection of art that I've ever seen.!rVcExIbB!VN9alzay0OrctggvEn1DUg

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Anyone else miss critter posting?

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Link semi-related. You might enjoy this. It can get a little dry at times but is entertaining none the less


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kamikaze pilots right before takeoff

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nazi created anti-american propaganda

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Based. Hopefully they killed many American golems!

fuck off dolphin

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I don’t get it