Europeans will never understand this song

Europeans will never understand this song.

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Post songs you fucking cowards

Asshat at least post golden age American songs .
This is a white America songs with feels

Here so America understand Euro songs?

LOL oi u fookin bell end what is this absoite shite m8 fookin el
Can Americans even compete

americans will never understand this song.

Fucking goofball EU member threw me off but here's another American classic that no European coward will ever understand. ((including the united kingdom))

You have a challenger . Up your game yank


You have no taste !
C'mon any Americans ! Show us ya best

Wtf soccer player caught promoting rape of whites
>> 216636907
Played my part for wales

and just like that America was put back in its place !
Any newcomer want to challenge Europe for best music culture . Nope didn't think so
Better save ya dignity


wow this country used to make good things? all I see when I look around these days are ruins

also why do englishmen lose their accent when they sing, the irish still sound really irish

because america is #1 in the world

America had great music culture but yea it's dull and boring now. Ofc you had the Anglo music gene and not even the Europeans can out so that

you basically asked for it

>Europeans will never understand this song.
Tell us something we don't know.
Euros have RETARDED tastes in music. I came across a bunch of Austrians who couldn't speak much English at all-----who were enthusiastically listening to Frank Zappa for the MUSIC! I laughed my ass off.
No one here listens to Zappa for his goofy music. We listen to it for the lyrics more than anything.
That's Euros for you..............

They dont

Even though I’m a leaf, and we have connections to Britain, we are waayy closer to America culturally, and it’s great. Fucking euro culture and living sucks.

You are living a british/European culture ,well you was .
Just embrace it
At least link Whiteman music

Maybe it’s closer to living conditions like that in Quebec and Toronto, but in western Canada, our culture is insanely similar to the US, with a heavy, heavy focus on agriculture. There is no civilized place in Europe that is as rural as Manitoba, or shares the way of life; ie freezing to death in the winter. The closest culture we associate with is midwestern Americans, especially close to the border.

Feels like the new world Europeans have become to disconnected from yr roots.

Skip to 26:20
That's your homeland. No matter how long you been away!
A tree needs its roots and you need yours

trying too hard

>fag music

>shrill whores

you're actually posting a lot of good songs

If I did move back, I’d have not the best options waiting, for I’d want to move to where I have relatives. I could go to Iceland, and get taxed to death all the while paying exorbiant prices for absolutely everything, Hungary, where I could get citizenship easy enough because of my blood but I then live in fucking Hungary with its amazing economy, so no. I’d have to choose from the British Isles, and the standard of living in many ways is lower compared to western Canada, where we have so much space we don’t know what to do with it, so you get a huuge house for bare minimum. I don’t want to live in a flat all my life.

Thanks I do my best.

That's your choice , be better off in nice big house surrounded by foreigners or move somewhere in Europe and by surrounded by yr history n culture but poor

Up your music lvl .

fuck you all

Nice find.

Europeans are not allow to view this

Real McCoy is German .

they can listen to it all they want but the video is pure hate speak