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I'm getting sick of this stupid website. Jow Forums is cool but the people who use it are retards. You cant even have a conversation here every reply is just angry memes like "nigger" "kike" "leaf" etc. Is that how you idiots talk to people in real life? No wonder nobody here has a job or a girlfriend.

I don't get it though whats the point of this place if every body just says the same thing every time. I thought it would be funny cause you guys make all the memes but all you do is call each other names.

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Shut up stupid sandnigger.

Meme flag nigger

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Without the copypasta of the sheet, this thread becomes increasingly bland ...

Lmao you pathetic racists never fail to make me laugh with your "pol humor" threads
Face it, most poc will be infinitely more successful than any of you sad virgins ever will be. You are on the wrong side of history, get over it losers


apparently they took their evil experiments onto land
and succeeded

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This is copypasta. Don't give him (you)s he didnt earn

Stupid kike leaf nigger

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Is this pasta the new "Poc will be infinitely more successful" pasta?

fuck off and dont come back >>>reddit.com

I want this to be real

Not a humor post but, fresh oc

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Wait did u say humor or rage

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This is the world we live in
And these are the hands we’re given
Use them and let’s start trying


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Based and leafpilled

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So he's the faggot that;s been shitting up holocaust remembrance treads (with Jow Forumsish characteristics).

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How did this woman become so American?

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