Does skull size/shape really correlate with IQ?

Does skull size/shape really correlate with IQ?

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Average Jew clocks in with a 98 IQ, not bad. Expected too - same as Spain and Ukraine.

This is NOT edited, look up the video if you don't believe me

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No, Jews are 105+, the highest of any ethnicity

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What video you faggot?

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Not exactly, the important measurement is cranial volume (someone could conceivably have a thick skull and a small brain), though they tend to track each other pretty closely. The correlation between CV and IQ is something like 0.3

My head is so huge I can't even wear normal hats. And I have above-average intelligence way above

To an extent. Blood circulation, body to brain size ratio, and developmental nutrition are the main IQ determinants.

What kind of fucking retarded question is this?

Like wtf? You can literally google image your question and get a answer.

IQ is nurture more than nature

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lol, no

yes it is. 120 years ago the west's IQ were just as low as africa


what the fuck do they put in the water up there to make you canadians so goddamn stupid?

A Prius fueled by premium gas is still slower than a Corvette fueled with regular unleaded

if anything, it seems like the empathy part is under-developed.

It's lack of sunlight

No, it wasnt.

it's actually hilarious to see this coming from an American.


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>lack of sunlight makes you stupid
ah, another quality American post

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what is vitamin d3

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It's a mix. Both are just really important.
yes it was

According to your logic those living on the equator are the smartest, that's real neat.

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Jews are 5th dimensional alien spirits
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Same. Do most normies really have heads like the bottom left guy in the OP? Cause that looks comically small, especially next to my head

Nature isn't nearly as important, there are geniuses of all races and the average is what 'matters' in discussions like this. It's a good 90% nurture at worst.

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Yes. Meds have the largest skulls in white race and the highest IQ

Not exactly.

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the shape of your head has to do with natural birth.

I read 92 average

This is wrong. The study they used for that was out of a very particular Jewish school.

Actually Scots do

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no, you retard

i did not say more vitamin d3 = more intelligence. i am saying being deficient in vitamin d3 can affect your cognition

and honestly i don't even really support my position i'm just shit posting because it's fun. i can do a mock dialectic if you're interested though.

>he still believes muh smart jew meme

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What you're also saying is that whites evolving in the north must have been dumb too.

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>nurture more than nature
You can turn a genius into a retard by locking him in a closet for his entire life, but nothing you ever do will turn a retard into a genius

Actually scientists have found its 60 to 70% nature, with nurture being a definite big helper but you tend to be locked in with SOME wiggle room, that wiggle room if persued repeatedly by generation to generation begins to be what causes a growth over time in the general race/groups IQ, so you are partly right leaf fag

That is hilarious. Seriously, good one user.

>Nature isn't nearly as important, there are geniuses of all races

Nuke Canada

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A genius is different than your average person who has a slightly higher IQ than people in less developed societies. This kind of stuff is developed mainly during childhood as well.

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you're arguing against your own position

>Nature isn't nearly as important, there are geniuses of all races and the average is what 'matters' in discussions like this. It's a good 90% nurture at worst.

>What you're also saying is that whites evolving in the north must have been dumb too.

exactly how intelligent are you?

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The Flynn effect proves that IQ raises with nurture, but genes determine the highest point IQ can reach.
Basically, the rate of increase and ceiling of potential is determined by genes.
It's why Americans, with the same education and nutrition options, show the poorest whites score the same on tye SATs as the Wealthiest blacks, with the best education money can buy.
You can take a black kid and a white kid of similar socieeconomic status, give them both the same exact education, diet, and medical care, and the white will outscore the black on all cognitive skills measurement, on average.

Sadly this is true.

I really wish it was a simple case of "get them some good nutrition and education."
God, that would making solving the world's problems a hundred times easier.

But that's not the reality we live in..

Do we have any proof negros even have any neanderthal dna in them? That might explain the massive lack in general iq and intelligence as a whole in them?

>you're arguing against your own position
no I'm not

>but genes determine the highest point IQ can reach.
there are geniuses of all color and this 0.0001% of mankind has literally no place in a discussion about average IQs.

>It's why Americans, with the same education and nutrition options, show the poorest whites score the same on tye SATs as the Wealthiest blacks, with the best education money can buy.
>You can take a black kid and a white kid of similar socieeconomic status, give them both the same exact education, diet, and medical care, and the white will outscore the black on all cognitive skills measurement, on average.
something like this has not and never will be scientifically proven because the kids will have diffierent circumstances if they're living on our planet, it's impossible to give two people of vastly different backgrounds the same life leading up to some important IQ test. you'd have to test this in a vacuum of reality.

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I can't remember the numbers, but there were studies done on this a while ago.
Turns out europeans and east asians have way more neanderthal DNA than blacks.
In fact, blacks have pretty close to nothing iirc.

they have like 1% opposed to 0%


But if you take entire populations over the course of decades and all show the same disparity in averages, what conclusions does that draw?
The starting and ending IQ of two children is determined by genes.
This is my 4 year old white son and my 5 year old nephew.
They both live with me and my mother. My sister has... issues.
My 4 year old is vastly more intelligent.
But they attend the same private preschool. They get the same dinner.
But my 4 year old can do multiplication and read while my mulatto nephew can barely count to 20 and doesn't know his ABCs yet.
Anecdotal, sure, but it fills the vacuum you're looking for.

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>Does skull size/shape really correlate with IQ?
Intellect is not something defined by a scull size or even brain size. IQ is total bullshit tho. But intellect is a weird thing, it's powerful in those who never have the power, since intellect prevents intelligent people from having power, since it's very tedious to have power. Any intelligent person could have all the power in the world but he rather have a journey which will take him to a world beyond, then to actually have power in some place and die there in fear of being killed, surrounded by walls, guards, not even being able to take a shit without people watching your every step. If this answers your question. And no.. kikes are not intelligent. They are obedient to a quite simplistic ideology on a level of some hive, which is completely retarded. I mean.. bees do produce honey, but kikes are not bees.. they just produce shit, which makes them even dumber then bees.

>IQ is nurture more than nature

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Does your nephew at least have a ten inch dick?? Coz it's gonna be a serious handicap if he doesn't even have that option in his life. LOL.

The Hasidics are all inbred, even normal Jews hate them

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if this isn't a larp treat your 5 year old nephew harder and challenge him more. they'll never be equal but if you care about him and want him to succeed it will make a huge difference. everybody in his life is going to be making things easier and he'll never learn how to take care of himself.

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You're on some cult shit dog. Fantasizing is the right way to use intellect

120 years ago the wast was still building the last castles and cathedrals, as well as developing firearms and cannons.

120 years ago Africa was still a mix of tribals being overwhelmed by bantuniggers living in mud/grass huts.

wow you're such a genius, we should definitely not take into account averages when lower cognitive ability is associated with increased propensity to commit crime.

It's no LARP.
I treat them the same. Same education. Same practice. I hold them to the same standards.
He is just not as well behaved, intelligent, or as keen at solving problems.
The only thing he has on my son is he can run faster.
I give them both boxing lessons, and, although my nephew is bigger and faster, he doesn't follow instructions. It takes 30 times for him to learn something my son picks up in 2 attempts.

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This is(for now lmao) a white world because they mobilized firearms and eradicated other cultures that may or may not have been on a better track. It's wasn't a big brain strategy that they had, that only people with guns could have accomplished. It was an evil and cowardly scheme to enslave the world and it mostly worked, and from it we have racist mentalities in many men that poison the well of thought and make it a bad place for minorities to live in, this is putting aside how our society functions that other races simply can't jive to.

Asians and whites have high IQs because they are homogenous and they have these advanced societies that train decently intelligent people. Minorities have lower IQs because they are downtrodden inhabitants of said societies. Or they're homogenous(or not) in societies that aren't as advanced.

Your experiences mean nothing especially when that black kid has already had a shit life and had shit parents. Being a Canadian, I have relatives from almost everywhere on the planet and the smartest young relative I have is a mulatto whereas many of the white little ones in my family are spoiled cowards who don't like learning. My anecdote has more samples than yours yet obviously it's still irrelevant.

We are talking about the averages of billions of people.

You might want to learn a bit more about history bros

its true, you double nigger retard.

funny how often this JDF shit is posted, refuted instantly.

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Ha ha. That black kid has a better life than 90% of Jow Forums, easily.

He lives with me, a farmer, and my mother, a retired businesswoman who still owns 3 car dealerships.

His mom is in college. His dad just refuses to see him. Also graduated college. His new black wife forbids him, apparently, from seeing my nephew.

The irony in you claiming to know what his life is like has to be the most racist thing I've read on Jow Forums in weeks. You just know it's bad? Ha ha. His education is worth more than your monthly salary.

He just isn't as bright.

if you care his future at all treat him with more discipline than your other nephew. i don't have any proof for this theory except for anecdotal evidence but i feel like if you push enough you can knock somebody at least another standard deviation in intelligence. every leftist in the world is going to try and make things easier for your other nephew and end up fucking up his life in the long term.

t. mulatto

why do you let your son near a nigger.
move far away, disown your degenerate sister and keep your son in a decent environment.

Post the original

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Well, I suppose I do discipline him more.
But it's because he does more bad shit more often.
Are you suggesting I hold him to an even higher standard than my son?

>Ha ha. That black kid has a better life than 90% of Jow Forums, easily.
His mother has "issues" and he isn't being raised by his parents. His life is fucked.

Don't want to talk about families though so I won't bother with the rest of your post.

He is a half breed and he is my nephew. I understand and respect your opinion on the subject, user, but I don't have the capacity to abandon my blood, even of it's muddled.
I love my sister. Even if she is a race trading coal burning idiot.
Family first.

convince her to perform a late-term abortion, i thought those were legal now.

I am his uncle. The "issues" are financial while she is in college.
I don't have those issues and neither does my mother.

I'm sorry negro leaf user, blacks are not as clever as whites. You may be a rare 110 IQ negro, but you have to realize the basic truth.
Blacks are more athletic.
Whites are more intelligent.
On average.

>Take two genetically identical people
>Raise in different environments
>They turn out the same
>>IQ is nurture more than nature

>>We are talking about the averages of billions of people
.What does that have to do with anything?

Leave no viper's nest unburnt.

yes i am. i'm not saying disproportionate punishment but i'm saying if you want your son to get a job at 16 encourage your nephew to get a job at 15. 4.0 gpa for your son? 4.25 gpa for your nephew. he may even grow the resent you but if you care you made his life literally 50% better.

I'll take it into consideration. Can I ask your reasoning?

if youre gonna use drugs keep it away from kids, not on the coffee table you retard. both your kids are gonna be niggers if the grow up thinking drugs are ok,

the athletic thing is very limited too.
world's strongest men are all european and always have been.

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I'm sorry what true?

It's marijuana.
It's legal.
I am a farmer and grow my own.
They cannot help but be around it as it grows in my greenhouse, which you can see from the kitchen.
Drugs are manufactured.
Plants are grown.


I'm not even black you faggot. Your anecdote proves nothing.

Keep in mind that sort of strength isn't practical, and having one or two exceptions doesn't make that statement "very" limited.

That extra part keeps track of lies.

physical strength isn't practical?
but jumping at a hoop is practical?
you are a negroid, stop denying it; and go back to africa.

>Your anecdote proves nothing.
Neither does your capitulation to leftist ideologies in lieu of decades of perpetual statistical data and research.

>it's legal
Who gives a fuck you absolute fucking degenerate?
>I am a farmer and grow my own
You're part of the fucking problem
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opium and cocaine come from plants.
tons of poisonous shit is "just plants"
dont be stupid. weed makes you stupid.

Blacks hunted their prey for thousands of years.
They're faster/explosive.
Whites farmes and choppes trees and built long lasting, winter resistant shelters.
Whites are stronger.
And smarter.
On average.