ITT: Unpopular political opinions

I'll start with mine:
Drumph is a Nazi.

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You rabbis invented the whole Nazi thing.
And it would be great if he was, tbqh, but he's a Zionist who would spend the last American drop of blood for you jews.

Trans rights are human rights

Put more effort into your bait next time faggot. I know it’s summer, you’re like 14 years old and you have nothing better to do, but Jesus Christ do better

This is only an unpopular opinion because it isn't true.

White genocide isnt intentional just the effect of an ageing population that needs a workforces.

Trump is like a reverse nazi

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how can a turbo zionist be a nazi?

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Is he a Nazi? Or a Jew lover? Or a Russian patsy? I can't keep up with all you libtard's polar opposite accusations.

Same. Also, uhhh...I think we should keep those statues of Confederate leaders up instead of tearing them down. I'm not racist or from the south or anything, but that shit is our history.

Niggers aren't actually as bad as people think they are. They are children who need proper guidance and leadership and they can be productive members of society rather than welfare sponges.

We are just letting them shit all over the place and due to 'muh racism' it is socially unacceptable to correct their bad behavior/culture.

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Hillary is a white nationalist.

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I actually liked Captain Marvel and Brie Larson's cocky attitude but plz no feet

It's unpopular because there's no reality to it. Also, the Commies won the war, and they projected how they were onto Hitler, so Hitler got character assassinated.

Blue pill: Literally Hitler.
Red pill: He's nothing like Hitler. Lots of natsocs on here wish.

If he was we wouldn't have to deal with fags like you.

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God is real

The irony is the Confederate statues are being torn down by people who say we shouldn't honor losers... yet they wave a Soviet flag.

Say what you will about nazis and confederates, at least they took a war to defeat. Communism defeats itself by existing.

Cool with trannies as long as they keep their fingers, dicks, and propaganda away from kids...

I think that memeflag is a chick. Posts have a femininine 'I don't know jack shit, but let me tell explain something to you' quality about them.

I wish

He wasn't really a Zionist, just a nationalist that thought the Jews would stop being a parasite if they had their own nation. I guess he was just too nice for his own good, like the typical white man that he was.

Leftists should be exterminated

>all the retards not understanding the thread

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individual liberty is important

Boomer's aren't fully responsible for raping the economy. Our system is set up to encourage you to do this and they just lucked out by having the best opportunities.

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Trump is a ZioNazi. Ironically many Nazis today are either Jews and faggots (leadership) or Zionist. If Hitler were here he would have Night Of The Long Knives II

Overpopulation of brown, black, and yellow will destroy human life and most other life on Earth.

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> assuming you mean unpopular HERE.

Race doesn't matter. I have more in common with my rich/smart black next door neighbor than I do with some white trash in the city.

Found the Jew

found the white trash living in the city.

fuck off Kike

I agree Blumpf is literally Hitler

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Abe Lincoln was a tyrant, sic semper tyranus we’re some of the most appropriate words ever uttered

See, it has been my experience that the most racist members of society are those who need to justify their own failures.

So instead of admitting that maybe they're not as smart, or as motivated, or as luck, ore even as energetic than others; that there must be some vast conspiracy or some undeserving underclass who is responsible for their own personal failures.

It's not their fault, they think, it's because "they" or (((they))) are somehow keeping them down.

That's fine, people can justify their lives however they want, but I still maintain that I, as a business owner, have more in common with my next door neighbor the engineer, than I do with some trash living in the city doing drugs all day and never even thinking of trying to get their shit together.

And once people realize that the only thing that matters in this world are brains and ethics, it's a lot easier to see things the way they really are.

Tl;dr fuck off kike kys

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You've already said that. If you're repeating yourself after only one comment, you are a perfect example of what I was saying.

And as far as tl,dr goes... if you can't follow along for 164 words, you're never going to make it in life.

How could you look at this world and ever believe there was a higher meaning? I'm legitimately curious.

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I live in the cuntry

Maybe if Hillary Clinton had divorced Bill’s cheating ass in the 1990s and left him in the White House I would’ve thought she was a strong woman worth voting for in 2016.
But she didn’t, so I didn’t.

Rabbi Don Blompfh

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(((you))) in West Palm Beach

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