What should be done with war criminals?

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They should be sent to live on Mars

One person's war criminal is another person's freedom fighter.

So, what was the race of hanging bodies?

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The human race

>Continuum fallacy
Use (pic related) as a guide.
Now, what race were the bodies?

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There’s no such thing as a war crime.

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I've already seen this post on /his/

There is nothing wrong about mercilessly killing jews, chinks, niggers, faggots, dykes, trannys and white race traitors in times of war.

Allowing those degenerate pests to live is itself a war crime.

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I'd cuddle with her in particular

>be 18 year old hans shmans
>get recruited in 1945 to fight in a war against slav imperium of jewish communism
>70 years later jews hunt you down and declare that because you were a teenage nazi you have to have your elderly life destroyed

I think jews should go fuck themselves

If they are cute women criminals, protect. Anything else it doesn't matter.

Well, they should be forced to watch their children's eyes being put out, before being exsanguinated. Then we should drown their blinded children in the vat of blood we just-

Oh, wait, you said "war criminals". I'm sorry, I thought you asked "What should be done with faggot OPs who spam the same thread with the same weeaboo shitscribble in the opening post every night?". My mistake.

What is your definition of a war criminal OP? Are we talking about people who have massacred a group of people for little to no reason in the middle of a war or are we talking about some Holocaust shit where if you were working at a library in one of the camps then somehow the person is considered a war criminal?

Why are you posting the same thread everyday?


There's nothing wrong with roping kikes

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All is fair in love and in war.

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>Looking at an angle.
>Artist just had to draw both eyes whole and mouth completely.

Flounderface Disorder



what is that picture supposed to mean, i dont get it

the picture is supposed to be her with 2 executed people in the background, in the "real time" picture she's a kindergarten teacher taking care of children

People misunderstand this picture.
The person in the POV has searched long to find this lovely woman.
She set his country free from its tormentors. He has sincerely wanted to find this person and thank her.
For she is his hero.

I am in favor of rehabilitation over punishment. If a person can be returned to society as a productive and contributing individual, that is what should be done.

I see no utility in keeping individuals locked up, especially if they could be productive. Imprisonment is a waste of time and resources.

on the other hand, those who cannot be rehabilitated or cannot lead productive lives should immediately be disposed of.

so that being said, if a former war criminal has integrated back into society, let them be. punishing them out of vengeance and anger contributes nothing.

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