How does it feel to be on the wrong side of history?

How does it feel to be on the wrong side of history?

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I dunno. I've always been on the right side.

Why does the left want civil war so badly?

bretty gud senpai

Makes me skeptical about historical "bad guys"

The wrong side of history is just whoever loses. There's no moral highground to have here.

One party state communism! Yay all faggots to gulags! Progress!!
Sau sage!

He's not wrong. GOP won't be able to win an election before long.

High praises coming from the government of California

Dunno. They don't need it, they already won. There won't be a war either.

There is no such thing as a "side of history," you commie faggot.

I first heard this when Nixon left office. Ford was made a caretaker President...
then Jimmy Carter reminded us what assholes Democrats are, and we were good with Republicans again.

Considering that both parties are an illusion propagated by Jews, siding with one
unironically would be completely retarded.
Inferring that op is on the 'other' side, he is
probably the biggest faggot of them all.

>California governor says...


Thanks to Zion Don and Ronald Raygun turning america brown he's probably right

Feels good

The California governor is right. The republican party is obsolete, and will be replaced with the alt right or something more trendy.

Into the trash, that place is worse than here, and that's a hard thing to accomplish.

Two possible futures;
>plain and simple -- Balkanization and the breakup of the Federal government as we know it, leading to an uncertain predicament
>the Republican party dies forever -- but, a insurgent usurping of the Democratic party happens, from the right-wing sentiment; where warring factions facture the Dems from within - guaranteeing no absolute full power to the Left and thus, pandering/seeking consensus from the Right within the party will be deemed necessary
These are my foresight assessments. Does anybody agree or disagree?

sodom and gomorrah bitch

leftists clearly haven't studied history

LOL, you're a faggot!

Like a GOD.

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>Day of the San Andreas Fault soon

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California is headed into the ocean if they keep this up

The wrong side of history as many people would consider it, is the only salvation from our current state.

california is the wastebin of the present

Youre projecting OP

A future where we aren't under the boot of marxist tyranny relies entirely on us finding the balls to seek a break up of the Union just like the founding fathers sought to separate from the empire. Like the founding fathers, every peaceful solution must be exhausted first and our time to find success in the current 50 state electoral political system is running out. Unfortunately running out a lot faster than I ever thought. to foreign Jow Forums fags, our allies should really stop betting on us being there to honor mutual defense treaties and start rearming properly. None of you stand a chance against the wolves we've been keeping at bay for years.

honestly we should legalize terror
get Congress to do it

this guy is a dick sucking faggot who relishes turning the state of california into a shit hole and hopes to do the same thing to the whole country. Fuck him and the rest of the democrats as their pets turn on them and butt fuck all of them and make california a mexican state.

Good thing I'm not a Republican

Republican Party says California Governor is putting his head through the noose of history.

Lol people poop in the streets in California.

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he's not wrong

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The Republican party needs to die so something that actually exists to protect America can take its place

It will. The Democrats will destroy the remaining "moderate" wing of the Republicans. Both parties are becoming increasingly radical.

>governor of dying state suffering from mass exodus of taxpayers claims everything is going according to plan
CA is toast by 2024, I can hardly wait.

Trump continuing to fail to live up to what we voted him in for. The Republican party IS dead.

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Maybe California can afford to pay a little more to buy it's groceries water and power?

The Democrat party oh so quickly dying and welcoming on its way out the Communist party


Talking about his own state, I see.

Classic projecting. Libshits always do that.

Even if it's true it doesn't matter. The Democrat party isn't united, even here in California with a super majority the various Dem factions have been feuding with each other.

I wouldn't know.
Tell us what it's like?



The Republican Party is the only thing standing in the way of National Socialism.

It's amazing how true this is.

Brazil 2.0, that's our future. Thanks Trump!

>More than 40 hours before President Donald Trump will announce his re-election bid in Orlando, supporters started lining up outside the Amway Center.

>Trump tweeted Monday that the rally "looks to be setting records," with more than 100,000 ticket requests. The Amway Center seats 20,000.

>"We are building large movie screens outside to take care of everybody," Trump tweeted.

>How Many Attended Trump’s Pennsylvania Rally vs Biden’s?

>Some people at Trump’s rally guessed 15,000 were there, but that’s an unofficial guess.

>According to the Biden campaign’s security team at Joe, about 6,000 people attended. Some people opposed to Biden claimed that only a “few hundred people” showed up. A freelance photojournalist estimated the crowd size as 2,000.
so, trump rally = 15,000+, uncounted, because its too many, biden rally, same state, journalist says

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a california
i may be living in a shithole but at least i don't live in california

lol his ex is getting slammed by trump jr.

Wow I'm so glad these fucks are moving to other states to destroy them

He's a disgusting person. He is an embarrassment to humanity.
Absolutely disgusting

>How does it feel to be on the wrong side of history?
Only a handful of elites will be on the right side of history. Using AI to control the world. Using LGBT, metoo, infighting and propaganda to kill us off.

We're all gonna be dead. And you trying to do your best to suck down every new stupid movement they come up with isn't going to put you in any better of a situation than I'm gonna be in.

“History” doesn’t stop where you want it to.

>Highest homeless rate in the country
>Actual shit like the black plague reemerging from all the homeless shit.
>Talking shit about anyone.

Its just so tiresome.


This. Fuck the republicans and democrats. Third way now.

Shut the fuck up you idiot.

how does it feel to be a faggot

NYC population: 10 million

NYC cops:30,0000, 35,000 with AUX.

probably not a good thing to start talking shit, faggot.

10M vs 30k

lets talk about that.

>>Highest homeless rate in the country
>>Actual shit like the black plague reemerging from all the homeless shit.
>>Talking shit about anyone.
>Its just so tiresome.
Liberals are defined not by avoiding that shit but by revelling in destroying others with it.

That's why they love LGBT. They love aids, they love all of this. They think that that just represents #winning.

So yes, they will support all the aids, they will support all the castration, they will support everything. They fucking love it. Life to them is about fucking over everyone else.

So they are so easy to use by the Elites to destroy all of us, even themselves.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom says it is only a matter of time before the Republican Party is dumped in the “waste bin of history.”

The Democrat’s state has a homeless problem and the highest poverty rate in the country, but he maintains that his political crystal ball is accurate.

“[Trump era Republicans] are into the politics of what California was into in the 1990s,” he told Politico for an interview published Monday. “And they’ll go the same direction — into the waste bin of history, the way Republicans of the ‘90s have gone. That’s exactly what will happen to this crop of national Republicans.”

Adam Carolla Destroys Gavin Newsom - FULL INTERVIEW:

From the ashes we can start the right wing death squads that the Republicans never let us have thanks to their gatekeeping

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California should be erased from history

Sorry, that's politics sweaty

What's to worry about? Traditional values seem to be in the habit of lying down to die.
History is written by the victors. Good thing children are getting pumped full of hormones (or worse), wouldn't want the wrong side to be winning.
>middle-eastern (((philosophy))) is history
This is your brain on YHWH
I'm sure we can all relocate to Texas, or any other state with nice cheap housing.
Here's to a future of THICC mulatto she-mutts from the madman himself.
Sleep now, based millenials/zoomers can take it from here.
>So yes, they will support all the aids, they will support all the castration, they will support everything. They fucking love it.
This guy really gets me. Love you user.

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imo we should make political parties illegal and make all politicians swear a blood oath to america


i switched to the right side

Too afraid to suicide... still craving an end to the madness, the long years of disappointment and lack of fulfillment. Parents, family, and functioning friends have abandoned the sinking ship that is their mental illness.
But alas, just as in life where they’re too afraid to face their self destructive and insane behavior and tendencies, in seeking final death they are too pathetic and cowardly to see the job done... they’ll outsource their final conscious and subconscious desire to a willing remedy and cure for their heretofore unending failure in the flesh and amongst the sunlight.

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That’s because they imported foreign voters. They can only win by cheating. Never forget that anons.

What time in the interview?
It’s late and I’m not spending an hour finding it.
If you please..?


And it will be replaced by jackboots and deathsquads. I'm looking forwards to it.

Partially this.

Newsom says that the nativism of the '90s (like Prop 187) and subsequent decay of California Republicans into a virtual non-entity presaged a similar chain of events on a national scale.

Newsom is right, but not for the reasons he states.

>Prop 187 passes 60/40
>Court overrules will of the people
>Massive immigration happens without 187 dis-incentive, creating millions more Democrat votes.
>Large segments of the population realize the futility of political participation, while the politicians weasel along the rightward edge of "the new normal"

Can't you easily see this being mirrored nationwide in the near future?

>blue team says red team are fucking idiots
yeah cool

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It's pretty much inevitable now.

Whites need to start getting organized.

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Fuck off you defeatism shill.

I'll take 'Things you can say when you rig an election for $1 million Bob'

And that will be when shit starts getting serious and this country implodes

Enjoy your civil war.

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Anybody who admires what Gavin Newsom says is an unqualified idiot.



Leave it to shitlibs to confuse wishful thinking with reality.

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This. It's not about right or wrong anymore. It's about winning at absolutely any cost.

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The whole “wrong side of history” meme appeals to heavily oversocialized normies who are terrified of being in the minority or going against the grain on any issue. Leftists promote restrictions on freedom and discourse so they don’t have to live outside the zeitgeist. Read Ted’s manifesto, this is all in there.

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The racial composition of this country was significantly different back then.

you're beyond delusional if you deny this, capitalism demands mass immigration so even with republicans it doesn't stop because its not a liberal problem, its a capitalism problem, and mass immigrants vote democrat

Capitalism is gay.

When major cities in southern California stop looking like the scenery of the Division games maybe someone will take him seriously.

This, we're more than halfway there.

>Capitalism is gay.
Better than serfdom. Now shut up and drink your chocolate milk, and not die of feudal diseases.

nah you just die of heart disease or suicide while you watch your entire civilization get blacked and fall apart because those profit margins need to expand infinitely somehow

maybe when he reduces the number of cities he rules over with people shitting in the street to 0 he can talk about throwing things away

California is the waste bin of the USA so I'm not sure he has room to talk.

Any other anons read this in the voice of Arnold Schwarzenigger to themselves?

> the wrong side of history?

Imagen the shit storm that's coming in 10 years when these kid grow up and realize what there parents did to them.

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