FBI exposed their own Jow Forums shilling

ceinquiry.wordpress.com/2019/06/17/fbi- *REPLACE WITH NUMBER AFTER 7* chan/

>FBI accidentally leaves in (you)s in unsealed court documents on the synagogue shooting
>Reveal that they're actively shilling neolib/neocon narratives
>They can't fucking spell
>They're medically retarded

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wow automated bots now. Impressive.

Fucking embarrassing. Probably diversity hires too


>be user
>send screencaps of glowniggers shilling some glownigger group prior to a mass shooting to the FBI
>forget to remove the (You)'s before you send it
>FBI publishes it
>a million anons claim your posts were the work of an fbi agent
>everyone forgets about the actual glowniggers who were involved in the shooting and shilling their group

Wow! Thanks Agent Faggot!! I guess I’ll just go to bed now

>glowniggers are real

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>ever doubting there wasn't

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These glowniggers are a damn disgrace.

Dude, thats agent nigger faggot

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Do some research you fag

Why does anyone even care? We are gonna attack (((Tran)))

Someone report this agent to the hurt tranny feelings department for schizoshaming



i aint clicking that shit

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Quote from the FBI agent:

>"He chose a crappy pistol. Anyone would have planned a litte more thoroughly. If BT is a hero to him as he describes, he would have learned from this mistakes, or at a minimun made an effort to emulate him and do the same."

Wow... the FBI giving people tips and tricks on how to be a more efficient synagogue shooter. How do you yanks feel about your tax dollars going to Agent Potato Hernandez here?

Not exactly news. Did you already forget the pony ERP incident?

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It's real you idiot, it's literally from government documents: courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.casd.626722/gov.uscourts.casd.626722.1.0.pdf

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elaborate, sven

Sloppy sloppy

Can they seriously be that incompetent?

Never underestimate the incompetence of your government officials.

Lets just say that policies instituted to help diversify our country have hampered its quality of service

good. good.

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the bot presense on pol is well known and at least 4 years old by now

Bio luminescent African Americans are retarded, but Terry A. Davis already told us this.

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Im able to bait atleast 10 (yous) per thread. Why doesnt the fbi just hire me?

They arent as interested in the glow as they are the nigger aspect

gotta be the perfect mix of easy to train and stupid, you're just autistic

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>This theead never would have made the first page, where I found it this morning.
Holy fuck the faggots bureau of investigation think they are on Redd1t

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That day glow in the dark shills doxxed themselves.

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probably trying to get a list of gun-savvy 8ch posters to investigate, like if someone quotes his post and offers advice on which guns to use, et cetera

It's also proof that they have been here since the beginning. It's also how/why they have google's reCAPTCHA to nail us all for shitposting.

Nah faggot. He's not even subtly soliciting suggestions from others about how he should gone about it. That's literally the FBI agents own armchair school shooter take inbetween sloppily pushing muh russia narratives.

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does someone have an archive link or screencap of the actual thread?



Sloppy job Putin dick

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What the fuck are you tards freaking out about? Cause it's not https? No archive links are newfaggots

Good evening special agent (((Cohen)))

Whats up agent fuckbird

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