GG Trump General - US Gets Blacked! Edition

LAWL! America really has Open Borders. Trump is all hat no cattle. Good job American voters, you put in a real champ!

>Record number of African migrants coming to Mexican border

>Denounce Conditions!

>Portland, Maine turns ‘crisis’ to ‘opportunity’ for African migrants

>"Obviously, we're having a situation here by fate, by circumstance, by the hand of God," Mills said in her inaugural address in January. "And there are those who might want to make it political. I don't see it that way. None of us here sees it as a political issue. It is a humanitarian issue. The broader community of the people of the state of Maine are going to be lending a hand and helping these people who are in such dire need. They call upon us, and we will be there for them."

>The Democratic Republic of Congo has been embroiled in conflict for decades. It has seen a new wave of instability since its fiercely contested 2018 general elections, which ended the rule of Joseph Kabila after 18 years in power. Internal conflict that drove Congolese citizens to Angola to work in the informal mining sector has led to regional conflict with Angola, which faces its own problems — namely, widespread corruption and dire poverty. Many of those who arrive in the US are seeking asylum.

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Let the darkness in now!

>The migrants are claiming that not enough is being done by either the U.S. or Mexican officials to help them get asylum into the United States.

>Immigrants from Africa made up of men, women and children stood their ground waiting for answers outside the Mexican customs offices near a Laredo bridge.

>After a lengthy period of time, a Mexican customs official stepped out to speak to the group.

>Among the hundreds, a handful of immigrants had a private meeting with customs officials while the rest waited patiently in front of bridge two.

>The group not only alleges they are unable to meet with U.S Customs officials for an appointment but that the agency is preferring one particular group over the others, Cuban immigrants.

>the agency prefers Cuban immigrants.

. . .

>Officials in Texas and even Maine are scrambling to absorb the sharp increase in African migrants. They are coming to America after flying across the Atlantic Ocean to South America and then embarking on an often harrowing overland journey.

>In one recent week, agents in the Border Patrol’s Del Rio sector stopped more than 500 African migrants found walking in separate groups along the arid land after splashing across the Rio Grande, children in tow.

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Hey any of you Americans can gimmie gun so I can shoot the africans

I got you.

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Who the fuck is paying their fucking travel, i bet they could have bought a small house in sout america instead of wasting the fucking money to nigger up my country
Also, mexican bros, who is the most nationalist candidate or politician in mexico right now? im fucking voting for every nationalistic politician that promises to get these nigger out of my country.

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You truly believe politicians give a fuck about the country? Boy you are in for a suprise

as posed to cartels?

So how can US & MEX populists take our countries back?

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>as posed to cartels
Dont rightfull know lad, all im hoping is when shit goes south (since these are Congo nigs, knowing how savage they are) people Will kick them out, hard

Welcome to Planet Africa.

Well if I know Mexicans, they'll be racially tolerant of them

I know we don't always see eye to eye, but we must unite against this common foe mexibros. Together let us turn back these tides of darkness.

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Just shoot them when they come close to the border. Show these useless migrants no mercy.

Good joke
And how do you propose we should stop this? Im take is just wait for the unstopable backlash of this shit stunt to kick in (knowing how savage these nigs are)
My cucked country doesnt allow guns, you know?

>My cucked country doesnt allow guns, you know?

If the Cartel can get guns, so can you. Just hide it until the shit hits the fan.

Nice try Glow

Wtf soccer player caught promoting rape of whites

At least nog IQ is too low to form cartels

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But how does this work in Mexico? Does your govt not check for visas or anything? Honest question. I understand Central Americans getting thru undetected due to similar language and culture.

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