What would happen if SJWs, libertarians, and boomer Christians suddenly disappeared from the US?

What would happen if SJWs, libertarians, and boomer Christians suddenly disappeared from the US?

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There would be a notable crash in the white demographic.
> The blackest pill.


Id be pretty bored with nothing to read about on pol

Wtf soccer player caught promoting rape of whites

Niggers would take over and the entire country would crash and burn.

Your muslims you love so much would fuck the world over for as long as they could until total collapse.

You are a faggot loser of no value

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It's white usually christian men that farm the majority of the food you eat, drive the trucks, handle almost all sanitation, and produce electricity/maintain the power grid.
So, basically, the US would continue like nothing even happened.

Board quality would improve dramatically

I think Jow Forums would still be around. Although we’d be shitposting more on groups outside the US than those within.

There'd be no more niggers though.

Nature abhors a vacuum. A new set of men will start cutting off their dicks.

I doubt it. We might get new degeneracy, but it wouldn’t be the same old shit.

at least the libs will be out of office /s

Without SJWs, good, but without the others, it's difficult to say that there is a benefit to that. I like a lot of boomer Christians and libertarians.

>surly if we damn near wipe out the Jews they will stop their degeneracy another race so new shot to our society

Economical crisis
Just imaging the devastating outcomes if half of your population suddenly disappears.
All those people are supposed to go to work and now someone has to fill that gap but you are not prepared and there is nobody.
Nuclear reactors may go down as an example.

Fucking autocorrect. I give up.

based and blackpilled

That’s why I think it’d be an interesting question to ponder. It would be a US completely different than any other era (including this one).