Take this man down: What retarded things has Bernie done/said?

What are the facts that make Bernie a bad man? He seems like a nice guy to me.

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He has the cleanest record of any politician. Notice that no one here even has to shill for him because we already know he’s going to be a strong candidate. For people to bash him they have to go all the way back to 70s about some stories he wrote.

He’s been consistent with his ideas for longer than we’ve been alive.

His history is almost too ridiculous to believe. What a shyster.



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He's a good guy.

He appeals to the voter base that advocates for the greater good of the majority of the citizenry. The reason he's unpopular on the right is because they're brainwashed into thinking advocating for the wealthy will benefit them.

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Like 40 years ago he wrote an article about how society is turning people into degenerates, but if you quote it out of context it kind of sounds like he's insulting women.

That's about it.

He's a con man. People are so stupid. He's gotten rich playing the losers with promises of free stuff.
The bankers love him because he will fund it with national debt.

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He’s a retard who’s “Nordic model” will only work in an ethnically homogeneous European nation.

Sanders writes rape porn, says women like being raped.
Typical degenerate jew.

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Literally never had a real job.

He said americans should have healthcare

He also said american high schools shouldnt be PUBG irl

Seriously fuck that guy

Wtf soccer player caught promoting rape of whites

>behind biden in most recent polls in fucking NH
>behind fucking warren in leading states already
JUSTice Democrats

>please get angry that this capitalist used his millions of dollar he earned off of bookselling to buy a nice car

80% do have healthcare and the best results in the world for major illness. Not to mention a significant amount of the costs of private healthcare ultimately get rolled into world leading advancements that then go on to benefit the world.

Hospitals cannot deny care to anyone without insurance but neither they, nor the taxpayer, is going to pay for their extended care.

And Sanders has never explained how he could afford to cover that 20%. And this is at a time when a lot of Western countries are realizing they themselves cannot afford their own government-run healthcare systems and are supplementing that with pay clinics.

>What are the facts that make Bernie a bad man?
He's a Jew.

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