I'm Agent K and I work for the C.I.A I don't have long so listen up

I'm Agent K and I work for the C.I.A I don't have long so listen up.
Big things are going to be happening in Seattle. Think big, really big.
There's going to be a spike in hapnenings around August. Look into them.
They're here, I'll say more when I can if I can. Keep fighting the good fight soldiers.

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woooooooow agent K. more like agent fat ass liar

OK, thanks for the heads up.

The future is bright, support Lambright 2020.

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Wtf soccer player caught promoting rape of whites

Football Club in UK

Agent Kike

Fuvk off

if its not nukes, you can fuck right off

You should have said agent Q

I'm agent L wheres my coffee you dumb nigger

Economy big? Why is Bitcoin involved?
CSW? Please dear vishnu let it be true.


quit bumping bullshit larps

Big if huge

Same here. Keep it up.

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Agent D here, both you niggers need to meet me in the HR office first thing in the morning.

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In Seattle? One of, if not, the most liberal cities in the US? K, got it.

Seattle is getting its own hockey team again

lightning will still be the best though, even if we have to give you Johnson since he's a Washington native

>Bitcoin news

Pure comedy

Uhh... you don't get to bring friends.

LOL you got BTFO in the first round this year.

Bullshit agent K retir-

Nice sounds good agent Kornydogg, just remember the code word: Psi Ko RI PeePee

you had better disclose AYYYS when you get elected president in 2020 Wayne.

Fuck you cunts i live in Seattle

Whos here, ET??


Oh man could you imaging if we actually had an HR dept

Agent Speshul K
go fuck yourself

Does this involve Agent RWDS by any chance?


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I can’t imagine user. I mean, I’ve been there 4 times and I think it’s a very scenic city with a lot of things to do around it(especially with nature). But I live in Chicago, and I can’t even fathom living in a city as liberal as Seattle. At least our police aren’t cucks.

>you had better disclose AYYYS when you get elected president in 2020 Wayne.

I guarantee it. We'll have Area 51 and Deloce New Mexico Tours.

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Are the tent junkies going to sober up and become productive?

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nobody gives a fuck about seattle

Do u have K level clearance? Should we trust the plan?

Imagination caused walking bio weapon(s)?
Like black plague?

Pakis can't work for CIA, Ahmed.

seattle reporting in
i will keep an eye out for happenings, agent glownigger

You don't have to imagine, Seattle is full of junkies with AIDS and tuberculosis living on the sidewalks. If it was nuked tomorrow America is a safer nation.

Agent gay

Agent N reporting.

everett tweaker cam on youtube if you don't believe him.

Agent I reporting.

Agent G reporting

For Tisha B'Av?

Your welcome. Thank you.

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is this what all the legally iffy laws they're passing in WA is meant do distract from?

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Kill yourself. 100% serious. Less for us to do.

>Agent K
Agent Kys, faggot.

I'm agent P., agent I. P Freely.


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What units are used to measure "glowness"? Your seem to be a negative value.

>What units are used to measure "glowness"?

Thank you!

>>What units are used to measure "glowness"?
(((Jewmen))) much tather

>Agent K

Such a generic name

Liar! There is shit to do here beyond while.

Hear comes the men in Black. GALAXY DEFENDERS here come the men in Black. WONT LET YOU REMEMBA

Fake and gay

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K predicted this

>Lives in Chiraq
>Thinks Seattle is that much different

>not linear current

q predicted k

oi you got a loicense to larp?

Guys look at this:

is2.Jow Forums.org/pol/1560824872419.jpg

You need to get a life Wayne. I really feel sad for you.

C.I.A? British flag. Nice try new fag


Agent Q reporting in

OP is a faggot and all of you need to trust the (((plan)))

I'm agent N and I ooga booga bix nood

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Agent R overlooking agent K from pine gap here
Delete this thread immediately and remember Q predicted this

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Are you referring to real estate prices OP?


Post the cia login tab on your shittu desktop again Wayne
>just a prank
right lolbright?

What is this, fucking MIB? Sage your faggot ass larp thread

Agent Z here, delete this

>agent k
brb, putting these on

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aye aye, captain nigger nose

The power grid will be taken down before you can act on midnight July 4th. You've been warned. Screenshot this

-t NSA

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>They're here
rollling for qt reptilians

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I'm Agent Orange and I'm a herbicide and defoliant chemical you may think I had gone away, but I have been hiding.
I don't have long but I can tell you I'm in your water supply
You're going to die of ass cancer and its going to be painful.

lol no. Seattle homeless are hipster faggots. I’m hoping cascadia finally goes....

>Agent k
So definitely a nigger

based and herbpilled

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What the fuck man im going to seattle in late august


Fuck off agent larpfag. Die while you’re at it you stupid piece of shit

lol "i dont have much time"

There is no Agent K you are just a faggot on the internet with too much free time. You will stop going to Jow Forums and actually go out and meet real people.

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Go away fake glow nigger

>Agent special ed K
>Britbong flat
bro, cmon now. You think you can just roll in here with a one letter larp like Q and have it stick to the wall? also
try harder next time I love a good larp. k thx.

Poor Tampa user. Don’t know why cooper can’t get it together in the playoffs.

Move the glow around your asshole.

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>You need to get a life Wayne

Don't be sad, be glad. I'm happy inventing gravity bidding for president.

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sure thing agent K.ike

K thx