Am I being called home?

I believe so...

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Idk but that looks like a guy with a mustache

have some self respect


did home stink?

I would

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Black girls belong to white men

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it's on

If you fuck her then you’re a niggerlover. If you don’t fuck her then you’re a faggot. You can’t win now. See what you’ve done?

IMO niggerlover > faggot so...

From one based miscegenist to another, coat your penis in Popeye's grease before your hook-up. Works every time.


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Call her out for race fetishism


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Moar, pls?

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Post the chat

fuck off horny racemixer

yes, go back to Africa nigger

Do it. The negress is the natural female mate of the white man. Come home

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White man black woman breeding is natural

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Sweet Jesus

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Ultra mega hyper based. Where's OP? I wanna know how it go.

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Should I BLACKED Jodi?

I believe so...

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>are you being called homo?
I believe so. I mean, you are OP...

He’s probably with the negress getting negress pilled. Also that pic
>you think your leaving white boy?

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I hope so. There's no better feeling than to fuck a negress that's so into you as you're into her. Them lips, brah...

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This. Any white man with self respect would love the negress

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You gonna colonize that pussy

Not even true

I think you know what you need to do. Slave roleplay

Do it Tyrone. Stuff her with your glorious BBC.

This. The negress is the best

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My god, niggers are just so fucking gross. The fact that any self-respecting white man could ever find black flesh attractive just proves some whites are niggers as well. Disgusting.

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>typical misspelled nigger tier name.

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Based digits, come home white man

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Fuck off. Throughout history white men and negresses were together

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>Them lips, brah...

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So offensive

>happy 4th of July user!!!

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Do not want

I wanna know too, fren. Pic related I took myself. I miss her so much, guys... :, (

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White men raped African women and men and Childeren

>come home white man
Black women kiss the best

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>Black women kiss the best
Unironically this has actually been true in my experience

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>Niggers are so dumb they cant even spell Tayla/Taylor

>we literally get what would be considered a african queens beauty standard and they get our obese genetic dead ends

Sounds good to me.


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Yeah go ahead and get the scraps.

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So offensive


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You are a troll

Lmao, this thread again filled with the same type of perverts

Did you know since European heads are larger than African heads, including that of babies, black women will struggle to give birth to the mutts due to their larger heads.

Did you know racemixing is cucking yourself, seeing that "your" children will be genetically less than you, than any other child of a European couple (given that you are European).

At least sterilize yourselves and end your defect genetic line

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kys nigger lover

Also to add, it's not "colonizing" if the mutts are born in your own country

>I wouldn't fuck pic related, Jow Forums, look at me, I think negress are disgusting, I'm not a fag nor onions, okay?

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You are a mad lil black boi
But feel free to go ahead and fuck blown out white roasties who have brain damage from decades of drug use and are near infertile from 5+ abortions, ill still keep fucking 18-23yo black girls well into my 30s and then have a nice family with lots of kids

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Colonizing is so misused

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We can up the white birthrate with negresses

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How can a man be so based? Holy fuck.

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But you are a troll

Reminder Jow Forums is a pro black woman board

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*throws up* beastality needs to be made illegal again

This guy just doesn’t care.

Not even true

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fucking gross you fucking degenerate freak, kill yourself

You don't even know what beastiality mean

>low Testosterone
The red pilled alpha white men are moving on to negresses

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True, black women unironically make better mothers for white kids than most modern white women do

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both are ugly

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and then your children will just be niggers, fucking retard

Why you trolling?

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Buterface. Seems like those oversized cheap shades are hiding something ugly.

Y r u using a racial slur?

>body of a 40 year old
>a nigger
fuck you thirsty cunts, I'm out

it means being sexually attracted to animals, niggers are animals not humans


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You still don't know what it means

>two posts by this id
>promotes miscegenation
Hello, CIA

Pol is being raided, don't you retarded leftists get bored?

What is the end goal for you faggots, all right.. The third world is now in America, no more borders.. Now we all get tons of welfare right? Now that all of mexico and Africa are in USA (Why wouldn't they be when the next dem president vows to tear down the border?) The next step is free college and free welfare for everyone right?

>asian women
disgusting bug creatures that imitate white women with all of the cultural flaws and produce pathetic defective male children with crippling social issues that not even asian women want to fuck

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no youre just a retard

They will have the strength and intelligence of their white father and the beauty of their black mother

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slide thread

>black woman make better mothe-

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have fun with youre disgusting niglets who flunk out of school and amount to nothing in life probably end up in prison for drugs while my hapa cuties get straight As and make me tons of money.

Fuck out shills

Why don't you know what beastiality mean?

not even once

Is English your first language?
Probably not, nigger.

Ive been here long before even the trump election or any of you neocon-zio faggots invaded this shithole, you dumb fucks dont even realize that the politics you shill and the neocon party itself was founded by Trotskyist commies and you unironically do their bidding

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