I love young looking Jewish girls

I love young looking Jewish girls

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Wtf soccer player caught promoting rape of whites

I have the potential in me to love young looking Jewish girls, too. It just hasn't happened for me in my life.

Thank you

get that skin suit off them and you will faint out of pure horror

Jewish girls are the best desu

Watch this bait get 500 replies

Average Israeli girl:
>gets conscripted as a teenager, serves country bravely, gets Jow Forums, ready to stand against Israel's enemies and defend their homeland

why should I hate them again?

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we should hold out on war with Iran until the jews let us fuck their girls
for money, of course
get Congress to legalize it first
then its bombs away
who doesn't want to cum in a tight jewish ass while watching Tehran go up in smoke

shes american

her you go degenerate youtu.be/RZxp6TKwmdc

reminder that jewish girls don't have vaginas, only persistent cloacas like most reptiles

Looks white tho

Fuck off Zionist murdering shill. Follow the torah or gtfo

Jews are white

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>Jewish girl
>Blonde hair, blue eyes...

I've met some Jewish girls like this before, and something was not right. I was correct, they had Slavic blood in them.

>Pic unrelated.


so you agree that putting more white cum in them is the optimal solution

No. My point is that these girls aren't predominantly Jewish.

Some yes most are not though

Jews only trade in underage white girls.