Should meat be banned for peoples health? Health/veganism is better for the environment too

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you're a land animal.
you require land animals.

don't think in reverse again.


why dont you shills take this over to /b/? this isnt politics

>Those stretch marks.

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that woman got fat because of refined grains and sugars and vegetable oils, not meat; veganism is unsustainable unnatural trash that destroys your health, virility, strength, and fertility

>that filename
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I didn't know a shit covered cock was considered vegan.


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>cancerous, pointless slide thread with cancerous, pointless opinion

I turned to veganism after watching a couple of morality debates and how nobody was able to win a debate against vegans. So I understand now that eating and killing animals is an unnecessary evil so many people commit today and just don't care. People would rather eat something tasty to them than care about a living being being tortured and murdered for it.

Don't need to, get rid of governemt paid Healtcare and welfare and it won't matter what these people do.

Faggots should be banned

Fish is good for you

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No freedom

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if you did research, you would see where you are wrong about vegan being good for the environment and being a complete diet.

if you did research, you would see where you are wrong about vegan being good for the environment and being a complete diet.

She's Asian.

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Well. Thats not meat.

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Do not disparage your Forest Elve Queen.

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>Oi Vey goiym, you should stop eating meat and become a weak vegan
Veganism is the ultimate health larp in existence simply due to the inability to gain the needed nutrients to properly develop along with the needed farmland to even sustain a vegan population mitigating any potential benefits. The only true answer is to bring back fat shaming along with taxing fatties due to them being a burden on their nations. This will either inevitably force them to change their disgusting behaviors or force them to pay back to society for their poor choices.

so when will you kill yourself for putting that plant through unnecessary harm and death, after all plants also feel pain

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No because it would be unhealthy nitwit. Eat organic or all natural if are concerned.

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Fuck you meat is awesome. Have fun eating 5 pounds of beans or having rapid muscle degeneration. Faggot

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This. There aren't many plants I've wished harm to, but animals? Those jerks have it coming. Attacked by turkeys and chickens, a wild boar killed one of my grandfathers; they'll get me if I don't get them first.

it's not the meat, it's the bun and the Syrups

I hunt because i know that ungulates will die very painful deaths in the wilderness and conservation fees from hunting helps keep the national forests public.