Tfw white guy with black mans soul

>tfw white guy with black mans soul
how do i cope with being transracial Jow Forums?

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Become a blue-eyed soul singer.

The world needs another Eminem.

>Black Man
Supreme keks.

gonna have to lynch yoself this time cleetus

>quit job
>impregnate gf
>quit gf
just have to be the change you want to see

So what you like hip hop, black girls, basketball, red color drinks?

If you want to be black just light yourself on fire.

So you're a wigger?

Dont call yourself black. You're not one of us. You sound more like an ally.

You're welcome to enjoy our culture but know your place

niggers don't have souls you fucking idiot

>black man

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There is no such thing as race, so "transracialism" is bullshit.

Become the next Michael Jackson but reverse
Start tanning
Dye your hair black if it isn't already
Get a afro if you're able
Work out
Join a gang
Start smoking pot

>every tells me the same thing OP
>every cute black girl makes it obvious they want my dick

Its a blessing and a curse

Knock up a white girl and then abandon her. We all win that way

You can inject your self Melanotan, this is a chemical that can turn people black, inform you self about it, but you realy need to be carefull because it can cause cancer, if you have already a dark skin, visting regularly a solar bank helps, for me since i used to be blond with blue eyes melantonan was the only option, which is freely available in germany. getting the kinks in your hair is easy

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Objectively the best thing you could do is to become a leader in the black community and guide your fellow negros to salvation in some form.

The problem is that although you may be a high IQ black person, most other black people are not high IQ and you will have trouble getting them to listen to and abide by your words.

Unironically that's why the most based black people are gang leaders in the US and brutal warlords in Africa, they know what they need to do to maintain order and relative control over their communities. Some people only respond to force or the threat of force.

Maybe you could move to somewhere like South Africa and try to fix niggerdom there, idk

here are some results

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It is curable.

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