Any good TOX or RIOT chats out there?

Jow Forums chats?

Riot or Tox

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Isn't that only for pedos trying to chat with their 13yo shota BF?

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Hmm, are you sure?

You mean I can use it for something else?

Lol I thought I saw it used in here before

What is zur preferred pronoun?


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People here think tails is a honeypot.

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This is true. Jow Forums BTFOOOOOOOOO

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Wouldn't a MIRC channel be more user friendly?

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Wtf soccer player caught promoting rape of whites

use IRC you fucking zoomers

Someone has to have their own server is they want to avoid getting banned right?

christ that's awful. People like this should be put down.

you could make a channel in some other server like rizon, but setting a server up is quite easy

Nah, these other protocols and apps are better

Its probably the best way to go to avoid service interruption from platforming.

No. It’s shit and obsolete

IRC is shit now. Modern clients (Discord or Slack) style combine their modernization and apps with security. TOX and Riot both support a bunch of encryption mechanisms.

mIRC you need to install Blowfish and a bunch of gay tedious shit like setting keys and loading .mrc scripts

IRC is fucked and is the equivalent of reddit sòyboys on it now. Pure neckbeard shit.

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Okay now what?

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Now what, internet frenz?

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Does she realize that she has the same politics as Pepsi? Nike? Nickelodeon? The fucking FBI? Or is this some kind of ironic zoomer nihilism?

Here is the post from Secure Instant Messaging and Group Chat for Jow Forums

>With the rise of government surveillance programs, Tox, a FOSS initiative, aims to be an easy to use, all-in-one communication platform that ensures full privacy and secure message delivery.

Join our Jow Forums group chat. Tox is a secure program for message, voice and video communications. New features are soon to be added which will make the group chat protocol more robust and 100% decentralized, but for now we have a chatserver called lainbot (groupbot). Here are instructions for how to join:

1. Install qtox or any other Tox client, then add this ID (groupbot) as a friend 2167ED20D40E1A5557A7AEFE16D0E110920382A9F3AA6C6597EA71DF4E499C5942CD0768F260 by clicking the + icon at the bottom left corner of qtox.

2. Wait a moment until lainbot appears online. It will autoinvite you to the general group chat.

Optional: Set up Tox to use Tor for anonymity:

Consider using a VPN. Since Tox is a peer to peer program, just like bittorrent, you must take measures to hide your ip if you wish to prevent cyberpolice backtracing. However you can use a VPN and TOR concurrently if you wish for the most protection.

Shills can't handle real time bantz!

qtox (recommended)


There are many other special snowflake clients as well.

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Club Cyberia...