Does anyone else notice that the pro-war propaganda is really sloppy and unconvincing this time around...

Does anyone else notice that the pro-war propaganda is really sloppy and unconvincing this time around? Back during the Iraq "debate," the propagandists did a much better job of scaring the normies and creating a popular demand for war. Now, I can't even tell what the fuck they're doing, or trying to do. This current pro-war crowd seems about 20-25 IQ points dumber than the "architects" of the Iraq war, even though some of the same people are involved in both efforts.

Why is this? Why isn't the propaganda as good as it used to be, Jow Forums? If they're going to lie to us, shouldn't the lies at least be compelling?

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Because the retards think the way to make Force Awakens good is by remaking New Hope forgetting the American people have already seen three releases and a prequel trilogy and we’re not stupid enough to buy this crap again.

Iran, c'mon, Iran

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so it's just laziness combined with greed ?

No the long answer which I’m too lazy to type out in full is that we’ve been in so many stupid Middle East wars that no amount of sophistry is going to keep people from not wanting it and yelling ‘false flag’ on anything short of them nuking is. So the propagandists knowing we won’t go for it either way are barely trying, hoping to slip war through the cracks like ‘whoops we bombed them back now we gotta go to war’ rather then convince the obstinate.

No, people have seen through it every step of the way. But once it starts, you're lumped in with traitors, not patriotic ect. Then the history books pretend that everyone was on board, and that voters and citizens want the wars that the oligarchs start. Rinse and repeat.

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They just haven't gotten going yet. The real false flag will be another major terrorist attack on US soil, linked to Hezbollah or the IRGC. No one will believe that they would false flag American deaths, because to entertain that notion would mean civil war. The only alternative is to go to war against more muzzies. Thia will happen within six months, max.
Cap this post.

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The Internet has brought back our long-term memory. The same tricks won’t work, especially given that technologically retarded boomers are still running the propaganda machine.

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There needs to be an attack on Americans and it needs to kill a lot.

There's no war unless something akin to 9/11 happens again.

Slide thread. What do you faggots have against killings muslims, anyway? More dead sandniggers means less to watch fucking your wives? Seriously, what gives? There is objectively nothing negative about cleansing sandniggers from the earth and getting to dick Putin, a geopolitical rival, by eliminating his sand sandmonkey support. The fact that so many of you literal cocksuckers don't support this reaaaaly makes ya think, dunnit?

I just think a large portion of us are getting really tired of dying for other people's wars.

Mr president, national security, ect ect

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>two planes fly into American landmark on live tv
>hundreds die


>a ship was on fire for a while
>nobody got hurt

Well hello there Shlomo...

This is the kind of thing I mean. I can't tell if this is genuine pro-war propaganda, or someone pretending to spread pro-war propaganda, but doing it in such an abrasive and low-IQ manner as to have the effect of making war seem stupid.

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What was the name of the ship again, it was like a silly nursery rhyme.

> If they're going to lie to us, shouldn't the lies at least be compelling?

I think we need another 9/11 to achieve that.

This. It sure do, dunnit

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yeah, and its even easier to spot once you notice they all move in sync. even people you thought were straight forward no agenda. at this point i think tim pool is the only guy i can trust.

It's going to happen on August 11th.

They know they don't need to try. They'll do what they want and no one can do anything about it, so why bother with anything convincing?

damn that's a good website

Because at this point people are so selfish/stupid/demoralized/brainwahsed that they don't really have ti put effort into it because they know people will never carry out an armed revolt against them. Zionists have so much political clout that all they really have to do is "inform" them as to why we are going to war.

if the elites no longer fear you killing them for their crimes then you've lost al influence (so long as you're too poor to bribe them that is).

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>No one will believe that they would false flag American deaths, because to entertain that notion would mean civil war.

Fuck off kike.

Please say more

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I think we are just more aware now, because of past propaganda and seeing the outcome. Also, internet and the ability for people to share thoughts so quickly helps spread the redpills. We live in a different time now.

they figured enough flouride had been distributed, Jow Forums users are incorruptible though. im not sure how the general population feels about this.

because they don't give a shit

if they want to invade Iran then they just will, what the fuck are you going to do about it?
nothing, just like everyone else, then your kids will go die for Israel trying to make a living so they can escape whatever rural economic hellhole they came from.

they don't have to prove shit to people who don't matter, they'll do what they want and you will get the fuck over it because that's how this shit works.

we don't vote for accountability, we vote for faggots to get their dicks chopped off and for whores to be able to kill babies, we deserve this so who gives a shit what happens, you really think anything could make this country worse than it is?
the people in charge know that and they also know that at the end of the day the worst you'll do is sit your fat ass at home and bitch before moving on to whatever stupid shit is posted on this board next, you are not a threat to anyone.

No u

if you look at 80s propaganda for the first iraq war, it was shit quality, practically home made with shitty wobbly sets.
they stepped up their game as people became more aware, but after a generation of brainwashing, people will accept anything without question now, so they don't have to hide it or make it a complicated set up, they could post "iran is darth vader" and people would be behind it.

you overestimate the people here nowadays.

Yeah it’s fucking junk. I wasn’t old enough to be exposed to the propaganda machine that got us into Iraq, but the one trying to get us into Iran is junk. The simple crux of the issue is that I really don’t care about Iran and I never have. We’ve done an awful job at stopping their nuclear ambitions, the genie has been out of the bottle for some time now and it’s time to come to terms with it.

they're probably just testing the waters

I'd trust Iran with nukes over Israel anyway

iraq war propaganda wasn't good, however it was directed at half sentient golems (americans), so naturally it worked

yea CSS was a mistake

No its just boomers being retarded they were always sloppy

>Back during the Iraq "debate," the propagandists did a much better job of scaring the normies
Understand the holohoax psyop and what jews have done to the West post-WW2. Redpilling normies is the ONLY battle that matters now. Redpill them and the rest will work itself out.

Read through this thread, it's all there...

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No more wars for Israel.

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>they figured enough flouride had been distributed

remember to crack open your pineal gland and ride the vril

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For lack of a better term, people are woke third time round but more so no one but boomers believe msm papers and TV. Infact they don't access those sources. The web (well, Mosaic) didn't really exist during the first gulf war and it was in its infancy (plus largely free of normies and kids) during Iraq/Afghanistan occupation. There was definitely little counterpoint discussion to be found but now it's a quick google away (not even factoring hardline sources like /pol)

This. Their feelings don't matter. Shatter their illusions or we are fucked

But that's wrong you ZOG goycuck. TFA did more money day 1 than any SW up until that point. Goycattle cuckcel.


That can be arranged goyim.

most media thought iraq 2 was going to be easy after iraq 1 and were more interested in getting boffo ratings with embeds and becoming media celebrities. if no war happened, it would have been a big disappointment for them with lost career opportunities.

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