CBD oil is legal and miraculous, do you support it?

CBD oil is legal almost everywhere now (derived from weed, but it is the cannibinoid that does not get you high.)

>Fights cancer
>Grows brain cells
>Reverses male-pattern baldness (to a degree)
>Helps Diabetes
>reduces shaking from Parkinson's
>Treats pain without being addictive

Why are some people fighting it even though virtually all anecdotal reports indicate it is effective? Even though it hasn't gone through phase-3 trials from the FDA, even the FDA admits it is probably healthy and has been studied to lower anxiety and reduce seizures.

This is a miracle substance, Joe Rogan even recommends everyone take 20mg CBD per day. Why aren't you, since it is legal in almost every area?

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>it’s a merkel, by golly! A merkel!
No it isn’t.
>why aren’t you using it
Because it Isn’t.
I’ve tried it to observe the overall effects. Maybe it affects seizures or Parkinson’s or something but for common pains an single aspirin is better.
Hell I’ve tried the shit on my fuckin’ Dog. Doesn’t change his mood, nor make it stop overbarking at all, and he’s a ~20 pound soaking wet little beagle/dachshund mix. Full spectrum, stuff smells like legit flat out skunky weed, 25 mg cbd per dropper.

To sum up Piss the fuck off, with the damned stoner bullshit muh weed is a miracle snake oil. Cbd’s just another drug that can treat some things... maybe. I’ll grant that with no anecdotal observations to it, but plenty against I’ve seen.
>muh miracle
Kiss my ass, Head.

>>Fights cancer
>>Grows brain cells
>>Reverses male-pattern baldness (to a degree)
>>Helps Diabetes
>>reduces shaking from Parkinson's
>>Treats pain without being addictive
Legit medical sources pls
...cuz this is bullshit

The only miracle I want is my foreskin reattached.

I personally use it for shaking due to something akin to parkinsons, and it works well, it was recommended to me by a Harvard grad doctor who uses it for the same thing. Maybe that's why I notice the effects more, it does work well on movement-disorders.

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>Legit medical sources pls
Sincew the FDA is incompetent and hasn't done any good studies, all we have are testemonials: youtube.com/watch?v=jsowua-jEcI

Since it is becoming a multi-billion dollar industry, their greedy asses will soon conduct trials, fortunately.

I've found that CBD flower is far more effective for my aches and pains than any NSAID. It's almost as effective as THC.

>not knowing the difference between cannabis derived CBD and hemp derived cbd.

The only good cbd is from cannabis derived cbd and can only be obtained at dispensaries. The legal cbd you see at smoke shops and gas stations are hemp cbd and do absolutely nothing.

I have worked in the cannabis industry the last 8 years.

>Causes cancer
>Destroys brain cells
>Worsens male pattern baldness when it's already onset
>Exacerbates Diabetes Type I
>Causes irreversible nerve damage
>People who use it are typically the type of people who spend all their money on 3 vapes (one id a Juul) and 100 flavors of soda mixed with CBD oil

Did you just lie?

Because Boomer's generation was brought-up by a-morale 20th century parents that was brainwashed into saying pot was bad. William Randolph Hearst was the cause.

Probably benign familial tremors you could treat for pennies a day with beta blockers instead of overpaying for meme CBD oil.

Will it grow brain cells on your cancer?

10ml costs around 500$ in the pharmacy here.

They are familial tremors, but I am already taking beta-blockers and phenobarbital. They are under control, but CBD brings my tremors to normal, so I actually can move my hands correctly. It works for that, and was studied in that regard according to Wikipedia, but nothing came from it since the rtarded DEA had Cannabis Schedule 1.

Holy fuck, assuming you got the cost right, it is $75 for 30ml of 600mg (total) solution, so you have a long supply of taking 20mg per day.

I tried some equal parts thc/cbd stuff the other day. It was ok.

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here is 175€ for 10ml

>fights cancer
aspirin does this too
>grows brain cells
supplemental lithium does this too
>reverses male pattern baldness
aspirin does this too
>helps diabetes
aspirin and lithium does this too
>reduces shaking from parkinson's
lithium does this too
>treats pain without being addictive
aspirin does this too

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Grow hemp and make it yourself.

Both those drugs are totally inferior.

A lot of CBD products are very shitty. Even gas stations are selling it. Been smoking some CBD buds I got at a dispensary shop and it gives me a headache and no real relief. It's junk.

It can grow your foreskin back and build you a monorail!!!!

>Toe Rogan

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gives you thyroid problems and eventually tremors.

Low dose 300mg would skirt this and still offer nuerogenetive effects.
Tremor can appear at 900+

Nah dude, tremor is a risk even at 300mg. Had a buddy who went on Lithium and turned into Michael J. Fox on crack. Depakote can do the same, but it is rarer.


>that does not get you high.)
What the fuck is so bad about getting high?
I don't get it. Be really cool if they come up with something to get a person high without harming them.

>pain relief after work outs
>anti-inflammatory properties
>mood-calming effect
>meditation enhancer
>lack of THC prevents degenerates from getting high

CBD is a life changer and should be legal everywhere.

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How could one post be so wrong?

I tried different tinctures, oils, budders, and the effects were barely noticeable to the point where I've become convinced it is just this generation's snake oil.
Also pretty expensive. 60$ for a gram of high quality CBD oil, tinctures can run anywhere from 30-100$ for a small bottle.
The only benefits I hear people say are
>helps me sleep
>is relaxing
You're willing to pay 60$ for a sleep supplement when you can get a bottle of melatonin gummies for 5 bucks? What is wrong with people?

>meditation enhancer
Is it really? I've been wondering if I should try it for this.

What is the placebo effect, Alex.



This, and most of the CBD sold in regular stores as an additive is fake shit anyway.

How long until you see the benefits. I bought a bottle for muh anxiety and felt like it didn't do anything. What actual benefits does it have? if any.

Doesnt matter, fuck the police

Gotta keep doing it when you stop it's a worse hangover then alcohol or coffee. Weed jew must be done daily or you will be sick and they say it's not addictive.

you just posted cringe bro.

Then why is it that everyone I know who uses this shit seems to be retarded? t. Vermonter.

Redpill me on lithium. I started taking it after several manic episodes after being hospitalized for being bipolar schizophrenic. I heard it creates more gray matter but am unsure what difference more brain matter will make

He's full of shit, because:

CBD is the most-common non-psychoactive chemical in marijuana. It is its own molecule. It doesn't matter wherer it comes from. His argument is basically "100% gold from Egypt is always better than 100% gold from Rome", when, in fact, Gold is the same substance no matter the source. Same with the molecule of CBD.

Always remember, many retards dwell here, and you must use critical thinking.

rick simpson legal case in your cunt from 10-15 years ago

Yes. I approve of CBD oil. I don't even care if you smoke pot as long as youre not a degenerate, loser, stonerfag.

bi-polar type 1 here; I don't know how it works in America, are you getting regular blood checks for lithium levels? they should be checking your thyroid function from the blood samples taken.

the main risk is hyperthyroidism which can accelerate your body's metabolism, causing unintentional weight loss and a rapid or irregular heartbeat. There are treatments available for this - Thyrex - if you get an over active thyroid and it goes untreated then it will lead to Graves disease which is incurable and can be fatal.

The tremors are difficult to explain, but tend to appear after long term use of lithium, so by the time you hit your 50ies and 60ies.

To be fair, these side effects are way less of a problem the a relapse into mania (which I unfortunately did earlier did this year after being off meds for 4 years) but I would definitely inquire about alternative medications. I don't have the experience with it but perhaps queitiapine?

Yes, you're right. I do get regular blood work done. My lithium levels have never been more than.5 which is low even though I take 900mg and then 1200 and they still haven't gone up. My psychiatrist told me my thyroid is fine right after I had my blood work done. How did you convince your psychiatrisr/Dr. To get you off lithium? I've been trying to do this for months and she insists I take it. I just miss having more energy and actually feeling alive.

The seizures and parkinsons bit actually has a significant bit of truth to it. It has some efficacy in treating certain kinds of neuropathic pain and inflammation related ailments, but on its own it probably won't really be a permanent fix for most people. Compare it to taking an aspirin or Tylenol, as far as effectiveness goes. It won't save the world, but then again, no other drug will either.

The growing brain cells cancerfighting male pattern baldness fixing is complete hogwash.

My brother is on queitiapine, it makes him sleepy as fuck.
Also, unfortunately for a significant portion of drugs used to treat mental illness of this type produce sedation. Also, the reason they are hesitant to let you off is because a particularly disastrous relapse can be bad for them as well. I would strongly consider asking about alternative meds rather than being off meds entirely.

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CBD and THC actually make it harder to meditate and reduce the benefits of meditation.
You're basically rewiring your brain to depend on foreign substances to activate certain mechanisms, meaning if you use weed/CBD often, you're just going to have a harder time reaching moments of bliss or epiphany while sober.
Want to max out your meditation? Get sober. No weed, no alcohol, no psychedelics. THAT is when your consciousness really starts to expand.

desu user this sounds more like a personal problem than the truth


I support an end to the drug war and the decriminalization/legalization of all drugs

I've experimented with LSD, DMT, shrooms, 2cb, MDMA, and was a weed user for many years.
It took me a long period of time to realize they were getting me nowhere.
Then I got sober and within 6 months I expanded my consciousness more than years of drug use ever gave me.
There's much more profound experiences to be found with a sober mind than one filled with the illusions that drugs give you.
There's a reason music festivals filled with people on psychedelics play such terrible music like dub step. It hinders your ability to interpret the real world and real human emotions. It debases you.

user, I've done all that shit excluding DMT, and have been sober for 2 years. You're really just sucking your own dick.

> Also, the reason they are hesitant to let you off is because a particularly disastrous relapse can be bad for them as well

What do you mean by this part in particular "can be bad for them as well"

It represents a failure in rehabilitation and a setback in treatment, plus it just reflects badly on them. Who knows what you will do during an episode? and after? Who's to say you won't talk shit about them for letting you off and "allowing" you to go awol?

What frustrates me the most about antipsychotics is the hunger and weight gain. The good thing is I was told that I might be able to come off my antipsychotics. Will I be able to lose weight with taking just lithium and paliperidone. Thanks a lot for all your input btw

what do you mean by this? serious question

sory don't talk to jews

he's using it wrong

Legit FpBp.
But you’re wrong.
Do you drink alcohol?
50mg CBD feels like an 800mg Ibuprofen once felt like after a football game, before the Vitamin I button stopped working.
Shills can fuck off.
They don’t want us growing legitimately effective IBU800 in our gardens.

Honestly, any drug that causes weight gain is a nightmare. Generally, the more sedating the antipsychotic is, the more likely some weight gain is going to be attached, for a variety of reasons. Hopefully you can find something that works better for you.

I don't even think that, the dude is just arrogant.

I dropped out of the system, after 3 stints in hospital in 3 years moving between different meds, my parents were done with me so I left hospital into homeless accommodation, without anyone around to keep tabs on me I just stopped taking them. Also Austerity really hit the mental health services hard, my regular psychiatrist left, the team I was with was cut and I wasn't actively pursuing treatment, so I guess I just slipped through the net.

the med that's working for me currently is Lamotrigine, but then Lamotrigine is more of an anti depressant than a mood stabilizer, and doesn't give me the sedating effects or weight gain as to how good it is for avoiding manic episodes, I have no idea. in my opinion the best way to avoid manic episodes is to cut narcotics out of your life entirely, learn deep breathing techniques, regular exercise and to derive pleasure from something meaningful. Always remember that you are not a normal person, you have the genetic component for this disorder and that it must be respected, If you can harness it though, you've got the potential for some serious enlightenment.

Who the fucks want to put Lithium and Aspirin in their bodies when they can put a PLANT in their face holes with better results?

I gave it a try for some weeks, it had some minor effect on me the first couple of days then the rest of the weeks, I didn't feel anything, no change in mood or pain relief etc, and I got grade A stuff with terpetines and all that jazz...

I hate stoners, but NSAIDs are absolutely horrible for you. Taking them once every now and then for a headache or something is fine, but it's the last thing you want to use for chronic pain.

people who agree with me
>David Lynch
>The Dalai Lama
>Jesus Christ
people who disagree with me

Stoners are some of the few people who benefit from it because CBD counteracts THC, so since they're stoned all the time they can use CBD to get less stoned.
To them this means it "reduces anxiety" when in reality they're just used to being super stoned all the time to the point of paranoia and they think CBD has anti-anxiety properties.
It doesn't, it has anti-stoned properties.
Never believe anything a stoner tells you, they're retarded

CBD has limited to no psychoactive effects, so I really wouldn't be looking for a mood lift or significant anxyolysis from it. Also, it probably won't change how you feel unless you have some inflammation fucking your day up.

It’s the only thing that gets rid of my restless legs. Also I take it on long flights when I start getting wound up. I take the hemp cbd, it’s handy to have around

>David Lynch
user you can do better than sit here and suck your own dick about your sobriety, people hate it when the former opioid addicts do it, and people hate it even more when spiritualist fanatics do it.

at least this much is true, any anxiolysis from CBD would be negligible and more likely related to simply not feeling as shit.

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Yeah, that's what I've read aswell, CBD counter acts THC in your system. Also a reason why weed(skunk) today messes up people so much it's too strong nowadays.

I do have inflammation in the soles of my feet(for 1 year) and in shoulders. It was also advertised that it would help against eczema/psorasis, but didn't do nothing for me or I didn't stick to the regimen for long enough... IDK.

just call it weed

>messes up people so much it's too strong nowadays.
More importantly they smoke too much as well.

>I do have inflammation in the soles of my feet(for 1 year) and in shoulders. It was also advertised that it would help against eczema/psorasis
Honestly, until it is approved as a medicine for specific medical conditions pretty much all of its effects need to be taken with a grain of salt. Currently we know it works for certain kinds of seizures, and relatively mild inflammation. To be honest, it probably won't be that much more effective as analgesia than any other OTC drug i.e. paracetamol, it just doesn't eat your liver. Its gonna vary from person to person as well.

>just call it weed

I know, I was just differentiating between older weed with more balanced ratios, and modern weed that has been bred to have ridiculous high THC - CBD ratios, I should of clarified that.

>Honestly, until it is approved as a medicine for specific medical conditions pretty much all of its effects need to be taken with a grain of salt.

Yup, the kind of mentality it went in with before starting to use it. I felt I had a lot to gain and nothing to lose by trying.

It's pretty amazing that it can stop seizures so instantaneous, but it's sad that there is very much money to be made on sick people, and people that stay sick keep lining pockets, sounds edgy but that's how it is.