Alt-Right Radio

Southern California needs a real right wing radio station. Revolutionary communists have had a station here since the 50's...

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I'd love to take your calls and play segments from /pol approved audio books.

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WBCQ will lease air time for $35 an hour and you can be heard internationally.

People barely understand what AM/FM in their car means.

The LA radio scene sucks.
640 AM democrat centrist with anti-illegal point of view
790 AM Ben Shapiro and right leaning democrats
870 AM Jewish conservatives AIPAC radio
1150 AM Neocon radio and Rush

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Godspeed, user

Good luck fren.
May God be with you.

640 cucked out hard in the last 5 years.

I was thinking low power FM. AM sounds expensive and doesn't the FCC has some kind of hearing for the license where locals can object?

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Yeah some Mexican group got on them because something Juan and Ken said.

Look into low power FM (max 100 watts, 100 feet antenna height). Should be as cheap to operate as a Ham radio repeater.

640 used to be cool until they made their weekend lineup cuck central. I barely listen to it except for the tech guy and Bill Handel roasting people on saturdays

Let me know what happens to this endeavor. I wanna know what frequency to turn so I can hear some alt-right news.

Amplitude modulated/Frequency modulated.

At least they got rid of Bill Carroll...dear God was that the most cucked shit I've ever heard in my life...even for a leaf.

I know a old Chicano machinist that could rip on the jews for one hour a day and tell racist jokes. You know just because the station needs some diversity.

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does it have to be airwave radio? internet radio is obviously easier, airwave radio would be a fallback option and you probably can't legally do it yourself without a license

yeah he was a complete piece of shit. At least John and Ken are still there. And Tim Conway I guess hes ok

No I mean they don't realize there is a communications method that streams without a internet connection or subscription.

Start your own internet based on then start pumping it out on an illegal band.

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>At least they got rid of Bill Carroll.
Two R's two L's.
>I was on a TV in Canada.
He sucked balls.

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FCC speech regulations (which have to comply with the First Amendment) are less onerous than ever-changing woke tech company hate speech policies. Indecency and obscenity as defined by the FCC basically means degeneracy.

>At least John and Ken are still there
They're are still New Jersey East Coast cucks.

Bryan Suits told me neither one has ever fired a gun.

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Conway is funny. I don’t care much for anyone else on there anymore.

>Conway is funny
I think they made him get rid of the "What the Hell Did Jesse Jackson Say" game.

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That's going to be tricky, user

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Best bet will be "faith based organization."
This might be fun.

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The church of /pol.

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Anyone else in LA know about KPFK? Its run by revolutionary communists LGBT since the 50's.

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I guess the first step is to go the univeral life church website and make yourself an ordained minister.

What is the Church of /b/?

>internet radio is obviously easier
It could be quite a job to have regular programming. It defiantly needs a /x/ overnight radio show.

It would be nice to take calls and know their are real people out there.

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the best bit in all of radio

Mo Kelly is just as bad

>Mo Kelly
He is a black bugman for comic books and whatever Hollywood makes.

bump - great idea

When I went to Disneyland last I heard "La Raza" on the radio station and did a double take. Then I got to Disneyland and understood just how far off the deep end Commiefornia really is.

>and understood just how far off the deep end Commiefornia really is.
I fear much of the country really doesn't understand. They know the memes about California but its stage 4 cancer now.

Can I be a host?

I promise to start every episode with "Nigger! Nigger! Nigger!" attract viewers

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>Jew run controlled opposition has had a station here since the 50's...
>I'm sure its just an oversight that actual dissidents don't have any access to media...

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Can I be a host?

I promise to start every episode with "Nigger! Nigger! Nigger!" to attract viewers.

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>alt right
What alt-right? It's dead, thank fuck. A kike psyop from the very beginning.

What’s even worse is all these Californians know the state is going to complete shit, and they are told and truly believe it’s all trumps fault. It’s really a miraculous feat of cognitive dissonance.

>It's dead, thank fuck
Then what do you call /pol's edgy right wing politics?

Should lead with "tits!", then drop the "niggers"

Also needs a rebel yell.

FCC only give there to churches you will never get one also the band's are full there is a lifetime waiting list if you happen to have a church.

How's this for an intro?


*Rebel Yell intensifies*

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Its got that shock jock style.

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Needs work but hopefully I can be the new Anthony Cumia (minus the being fired from my own network part).

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RFI is really bad for shortwave now, particularly in buildings filled with RF noisy electronics.

>Revolutionary communists with a radio station sanctioned by the state.
>Revolutionary communists
>sanctioned but the state
They're single digit IQ's if they still think they're oppressed.

That would be pretty sweet

Shitposting you dumb nigger, lurk more.

>LOL ironic shitposting.

Instead of that just move to swing states and make it so that democrats only win in commiefornia and jew york.