What would an anti-establishment film look like today?

and how would you make it into a great story, digestible for the crowd?

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They Live is the only anti-establishment movie that has or ever will exist. The rest are homosexual experiments.

Hitler's life told sympathetically

>anti establishment
>digestible for the crowd
Pick one faggot

Anti establishment movies don’t get made anymore, period.

>what would an anti-establishment film look like today?

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He is almost right, you need to go back to John carpenter and David crime berg to find anti establishment movies. I’d submit videodrome as an anti establishment movie.


>pick one
Then how would you make one if I hadn't given you that constraint? We're talking fiction here, preferably something thst takes place in the present or at the very least a familiar time.
>just watch the day to day activities of a white family
It's boring

>>what would an anti-establishment film look like today?
Mein Kampf: The Movie

“Nazi hate speech”

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>hey man did you see mein kampf in theaters
>yah brah but i didn't like it that much. The book was better
If we win, this is a conversation that may happen in our lifetimes

"Triumph of the Will." No edits, it's perfect.

>It's boring

Probably something that was anti-democratic and anti-subjectivist. Something like a leader creates a movement to bring order and greatness to a lawless and degenerate society.

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Again, boring.


Make a movie that portrays anarchy in a good light. Like mad max, except where a functional cub arises

It would literally have to involve the “good guy” beating up women and faggots for keks.

Shotcaller for a perfect view into why America is fucked.

Post what? Something that's not a boomer sitcom? Literally anything friend.
If you think that's the """redpill""" you need to do a lot more reading.

Are you implying beating up women and faggots is not baste and redpilled?

Depends on how much i feel like pissing off random people

The Big Lebowski

>fear and loathing in las vegas

This movie isn't even good and makes LSD look way crazier than what is is in reality. The good parts end like halfway through. I hate this movie I could never understand why this is some huge cult classic

Hunter S. Thomas already had some screws loose so LSD really set him sky high

The book, is anti establishment for what the establishment was at the time. Though Thompson was pretty degenerate you coule still say he was the counter culture.
As for the effects, I wouldn't know. I've never done more than 150ug

There has been a definite war on anti-subjectivity in media.
Filmmakers and critics have endless praise for "morally ambigious", "no right choices" movies where "everything is a shade of grey".
This is also the kind of shit that gets us Batman VS Superman as Hollywood struggles to find new ways to flex their endless depictions of subjective morality over and over again to the point of retardation.
Expect the next Star Wars to suggest the force is a spectrum and not two deterministic opposing states.
Lord of the Rings is a good example of a non-subjectivist movie, and I doubt it could be made today.
My favorite books as a child were also not subjectivist, and when I was an older teenager I couldn't stand reading things like the Hunger Games (and I will end this post now before I go on another (4/?) post about how much is wrong with the Hunger Games (I read all of it to impress a girl I had a crush on who was absolutely obsessed with the books, and I was cured of that crush as a result))

Anti-subjectivity has negative mental effects on people who consume it often.

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The only people who would he corrupted by subjectivism are brainlets, but the truth is morality is not subjective. Everything isn't just black and white and you have to go "Beyond Good and Evil" for almost everything.
If morality was equal laws around the entirety of the world would be the same.

Ive never read the book so I cant judge that but Ive heard the book is far better than the film so maybe one day I'll try it out. Thompson himself is an interesting individual, degeneracy not withstanding

I just always found it weird that in certain scenes where hes tripping he sees rooms where all the people look like lizards and stuff. Ive never had any sort of visuals that caused that much of a physical distortion that I thought peoples faces resembled animals like that. I just always find it really strange that movies seem to depict LSD this way and this movie particularly has always struck me as an odd film to contain such strange depictions of acid

>heard the book is far better than the film
The people who say this clearly haven't understood either as the movie is actually pretty faithful to the book.

Also thing was, he wasn't nust doing acid. It was a mix of coke, alcohol, marijuana, acid, and adrenaline extracted from humans.

The film and the movie are practically the same save a few moments and they rearrange some events.

It’s not supposed to be depicting LSD in a good light. The whole fucking movie is a bad trip dude did you even watch it lmao

I don’t deny that there are different moralities, just that some are better than others. Good moralities promote strong people, bad moralities produce degenerate people.

Even "They Live" has elements of Jewish perversion.

Jews don't follow any ideology. Jews are pro-war when they want their enemies destroyed, and they are anti-war when you want your enemies destroyed.
Similarly Jews will use subjectivism to push the narrative that "nothing is truly good or bad" in order to push degeneracy. But if you were then to use the same subjectivist reasoning to justify a race war, or imperialism, or violence, then suddenly you are "vile and immoral".
Jews are like chameleons


Like this

They did that. It was called Max

I think its the lizards are representations of what he thinks about them as people. He wasn’t literally seeing a lizard orgy. I’ve had similar thoughts about degenerates as well and imagine silly scenes like that.

There is one and it's called "The greatest story never told".

Clockwork Orange

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He didn't just do LSD you insufferable moron.

What's going on mate, you're the only kike flag I've seen posting the last few days, has the JIDF changed strategies?