OK what the FUCK

OK what the FUCK

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>He doesn't woodwork.

Try unscrewing it. I dare you.

It's called freedom


Torx 25, I believe

Robertson is superior

>not having a jewdriver

If you dont like TORX fasteners never buy a jeep

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Yikes OP

Subtle way to remind you you're screwed by the jew.

it's the jews

>If you like TORX fasteners never buy a jeep

A lot of wood screws and knife hardware use those. They're designed so the screwdriver can bear down without slipping out as often.

>tfw the jews have been screwing you all along

I use these exact same deck screws every day at work. Their good for one use, doesn’t matter if you’re using the shitty bit that comes with or Milwaukee bits. They sink way too easy and hardly provide and torque for the amount it sinks into the wood. Hard wood, better hope that fucker is where you want it because it won’t come back out. FUCN THESE JEWBAG SCREWS!!

>jewish excuses

How about I just don't buy a Jeep?

Our computers are satanic

I fucking hate jeep fags with all my heart but that's a great looking Renegade.

t. Drive shaft shop owner

Jews ruined Jeeps.

Real men torx

It doesn’t wear out so quickly.


>he hasn't discovered secure torx yet...

And when the fuck is torx a chippies thing? sheetmetal worker masterrace reporting in.

this - jeep owners are to a person smug fuckwits who're to rich to be hipsters and to stupid to buy a decent ute

Torx = Jewish?


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I don't know what the fuck you're on about or why you're using all caps.


you're a moron


try owning a mercedes

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I don't need to explain. If you can make an industry on fixing driveshafts then it's obviously something that didn't come right from the factory.

babby's first torx screw

>sheetmetal worker masterrace reporting in.

Fuckin this

stick your Philips abomination into your soft plant flesh and leave our torx alone you filthy carps

The post 07 ones are a shitty Chrysler SUV that is shaped like a Jeep.

In Kiwiland it's all #2 square drive but in u s and a it's all 20 or 25 torx

>Jeep Jew
I could have remembered something useful btw

I'm a fucking handyman and I can't unsee what you've shown me. Damn you, OP. Back to square bits for me :(

Probably need a special hammer for that kind of nail. Bastards make shit expensive on purpose nowadays.

Good luck using a bit on an extension without it getting stuck in your fastener, squarefag

At least it's not a fucking pentalobe. (((Apple))) REALLY wanted to make the most easily strippable screw possible.

Oh, pre 07 Jeep shafts are 1310CV (Rubicons are 1330CV) and are just fine. The new ones have Rezeppa style CV's which are an Italian-conceived, (mostly) German manufactured meme. I did a run of Hilux front shafts that got sent to Australia a while back. Those were a damn good design in my opinion. They were engineered to both be maintained as well as to keep debris out. Breddy smart.

What's the problem? Flat is unarguably shit, square and philips get fucked up quickly after a few placement/removals.

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seriously? all the Mexicans that do framing and skinning on job-sites around here still use the belted #2 Square or Philips

I don;t think I've ever even seen an auto-feeder equipped with torx

this guy hasn’t done a day of work in his life and likely is a 50 year old cross dressing boomer who watches hgtv all day

T25s are god tier

>buying Chrysler shit.
Americans ruined jeeps.

When you make shit cars, and still claim moving factories to third world will improve them ,and you still make the worst cars both in the USA, and the third world and then merge with other shit companies. You are gonna be more shit.

Jeep renegade= fiat fix it again toyn.

The worst companies survive by merging together and becoming a super shit company.

I fucking hate these pieces of shit
female computer heads strip with little torque
male engine head bolts easily fucking deshape
suck a dick BMW

Furry muff - here in Auscuntland it's either Phillips 2, square2 and for quality , torx.

Literally ikea tier

I'm a kiwi working in yankland and where I'm at the Mexicans and south Americans all work the crops and do drywall. All the chippies and sparkles are white

You're either a troll or just a brainlet. Driveshafts are subjected to a lot of torque in off-roading. They sometimes break. Some people also like to upgrade the ones they have with stronger ones that can handle higher torque loads. Please kill yourself. Seriously, do it right now.

You guys get some sharp Ford Rangers. Fucking cunts

Let's get real here. This is the real shit.

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That's intentional from what I've heard. might be midday jack-off session bullshit but seems to make sense - eating out any support around the rills by making the lobes circular means they fold over easier and ramp your driver out. literally as "tamper-proof" as you can get.


piss cannons to your tits you marmalade squirt gay trombone flumf


I know you're being Haha funny the Jews but torx screws are a marvel. I love them I'll never use another screw if possible. Fuck Phillip's head with the blunt and sharp and all that bullshit. Torx never strip

>I don't know how to make a fucking tube of steel and some u-joins that cause the entire thing to be able to move under its own power not break
This is worse than if you thought the wheel hubs should pop off or the engine would never start after the second year.

Is that screw machined?

Ignore that faggot. Most car "enthusiasts" are downs-tier morons that can't change their goddamn oil without stripping the drain plug. They eat adderrall and jack off to what other "enthusiasts" are ranting about on social media and forums.

Torx you fucking retard. Even if it looks like a Jew star it's a fantastic fucking drive for not stripping out like retarded phillips and flat drive stuff.

Hex is probably a lot more common though, that's what most machine screws are going to be.

For woodwork, for some reason they make those Torx sockets with tight tolerances and the bit jams in there and it holds the screw on the end of the bit.

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You can't either you simple bitch.

Square Head Master Race!

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gas the torx, screwdriver war now.

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Yeah, I'm really enthusiastic about snapping my drive shaft off.
>he didn't change his oil lol

>90 fucking degrees between engagement angles
>can't be used in cramped spaces, like every fucking machine screw ever is, because then you can't get the damn driver re-engaged to keep turning it


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lol yeah I can

checks out

Actual contractor here. Every job requires different fasteners. T-25 are great for decks and fences. It is superior for driving in the screw. Backing a screw out isn't a problem unless you railed the fucker in to aggressively in the first place.

>Mexicans and south Americans

Sounds like a horror story man

Around here they're building boxes faster than labor markets support so stops at the curb outside home depot are a daily thing

the trim and cabinet guys are all white but two of them can do multiple houses a day with the shit specs they're building to so it's not an issue

where are you working?

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Lol you nailed me to a T.


Copypasta op
Capicha is fucking terrible

You're either a leaf posting in the US or you're the typical "mechanic" that walks in my machine shop thinking I'm going to be impressed at their ability to swap out parts that someone else manufactured. You don't possess the mathematical mind to do what I do because you're a genetic simpleton. Begone wrench turner, the Mickey Thompson aisle is that way.

Why would I need a machine shop if the driveshaft snapped off? Talk about dragging some knuckles. Maybe if it was the crankshaft.

Your Allen keys are disorganised af mate

I don't even know what you're talking about but you sound like a faggot nerd

Right. Deck screws are usually square bit. Use an impact drill they come right out.

Because the shaft has to be the proper runout as well as dynamically balanced after achieving said runout otherwise dullards like yourself will be puzzled as to why you can't keep differentials and transmissions in your vehicle. Jesus kid, get a clue.

I kind of am a nerd

Please tell me the name of your company so I can buy some stock in it. The unbreakable driveshaft is the holy grail of 4 wheeled motor sports and your company is going to be worth billions. Share some of that gravy please.

You probably dont know what I'm talking about because you're just as stupid as the faggot I'm berating.

perhaps, to the untrained eye

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In which case you just pop it out and put a new one in and replace the bearings if you think it's that fucked. Why would it it be that fucked if they actually built it correctly in the first place?

Step aside

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Could be smaller. No reference in the shot

Japan motor company

Where did I claim anything about unbreakable drive shafts? They're engineered as a failure point during design normally?

Well don't be a faggot on top of it. Be happy you're smart and guide the "stupid" people to be better.


I work in a factory machining things. Everything with adjustments uses torque or hex for this reason

looks like those one-way drives

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Boy oh boy. I started my posting by shitting on Jeeps but saying that the older 1310CV design isn't all that bad but like most wrench turners, you're pitifully stupid and can't comprehend much. I'll be you're AYYESSSEEE certified too aren't ya bubba?


Underrated post.

Square heads uber alles, mein Canuck freund.

I try but stupid people seem to be full of hubris. Nice Hitler digits btw

>needing a certification because a vehicle wasn't built to specifications
You know the Jeep was a military vehicle, right?