So all of that pizza gate bullshit was just projection from the right wing which are the true pedos then huh

So all of that pizza gate bullshit was just projection from the right wing which are the true pedos then huh...

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FBI already stated it was spammers sending it to his email

Fake news


>vault 7 in no way revealed the glowniggers capable of planting CP on the computers of dissidents.
This is you. This is what you look like.

He got trips shut the fuck up takashi

I unironically think sandy hook was a hoax now.
Why did they do this?
Talk about overplaying their hand.


Nice one nigger.

you already tried and failed with this exact thread and "cope" reply you dumb fucking FBI faggot.
>now you in Japan

fake bullshit spin news


So, confirmed Sandy Hook was a FF?

ass hat that is literally what happened AJ has a 1 million bounty out for info on who sent it

his lawyer's team will make the discovery and collect the 100k for arrest. and the other 900k upon conviction.
can't fucking wait.

Did they give a description of the contents of the files?

>the right wing which are the true pedos
this was already widely known. look at the obsession with lolis and other degenerate shit on this board. note all the faggots who are into traps. the right wing is a hive of cognitive dissonance

Come on user, take the loli-pill.

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If there is one news source that you can trust it is Yahoo! News (and Buzzfeed).

Trips mean true.

Holy shit you did this exact thing earlier. You guys have some orders to reply with "cope". Please leave forever and ever.

>police aren't involved
wow it's fucking nothing

>electronic files
the obfuscation levels are insane
why did they even get access to his recent emails, when was the last time Alex even did a show on Sandy Hook. Why are they allowed to invade his privacy? Didn't they already lose a case against him already for making shit up about what Alex actually stated? This is malicious prosecution.

This and muh soph. Pic vaguely related.

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Cowards, too. I killed the thread.

Hirohito please stop

>Why are they (the parents of murdered children slandered by jones) allowed to invade his privacy?
>oh but muh pedos get the rope! Flay them alive!
Shows you how little the right cares about children. That all their anti pedo cries are just virtue signaling

Based at-least-not-summer-2019-fag

It's funny because it's clearly projection - just of the pizza gate pedophiles trying to deflect attention towards their accusers

How is this pic in any way vaguely related? Sicko
Oh I get's a girl scouts.

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>muh pizzagate
>muh projection
Ha ha ha.

Looks like soph, you disingenuous coward.

Maybe read past the click bait headline, fuckhead.

Statement from the fbi.

Laurelai, why are you shitposting with a nip proxy?

Shouldn't you be out raping women instead?

Yeah it's not like anyone would accuse the dude of having CP since it's the same literal tatic of using a #MeToo accusation.

I'm not buying it. Apparently they already said it was being sent to him, not being sent out by him so that's just trolling and entrapment.

>30000 posts calling people cowards behind a keyboard

have sex

Why would Alex send them cp? For the lulz?

>slandered by jones
did I not just mention that they lost that case?
do you shillbots not get paid enough to read the posts you're replying to?

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Hes getting framed

CP viruses exist. Its fucked up

The point is children were killed in a horrible fashion, and you're badmouthing them to defend someone who admitted to defaming them, while you pretend to "defend children" as anti-Pedo capeshit.

>have sex
Have sex

I don't need to be paid to defend kids, faggot.

It cracks me up seeing the ancom flag. Everytime I see one I know I'm going to get some retard posting retarded shit.
It's a flag to let the world know you read at a first grade level.
Hope they are paying you well comrade.

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>The plaintiffs’s lawyer suggestion that anyone at InfoWars knew child pornography was embedded in emails is risible
Somehow, everyone already knew it was bullshit too. They aren't even charging him for anything related to CP.

W-w-was it pictures of sinks?

Asking for a friend.

Kill yourself

Kys Chan

defending what kids faggot?
this lawsuit is being brought by greedy & apparently politically motivated actors. I've never heard anyone refute anything Alex Jones said, only that he should be censored. Bravo, persecuting him for invoking his freedom of speech & journalistic investigation.

oh look its lenny pozner

>this exact image again
>this thread again
Herby. Shill sliding hard.

how would anyone possibly know, the FBI stated nobody ever opened the attachment files.

>definitive statement of guilt as headline
>use of the word "allege" directly below

I bet it was some fellow user who thought it to be le funny joke on Alex Jones and now is in full panic mode.

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>cianiggers btfo over AJ exposing their jew tricks

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> cope

Muh projection
Tranny lern a new werd

>Defending a monster

what if they made an adam lanza hologram that played DDR and he talked about the tragedy of the holocaust. would that redeem him of his sins

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>ancom flag sux! REEEEEEEE
Ironically, the philosophy that would save your life and make it truly worth living, yet you reject it as a battered wife rejects refuge from an evil mate.

it's your birthright nigger, in the bill of rights under the first fucking amendment. freedom of the press, the gov. cannot hinder your ability to express your opinion unless you're slandering.

why can't they win their case on merit, why do they need to see his emails to prove slander? what do private communications have anything to do with public speculator statements?

Please notice me.

Another example of some brainlet in Japan not even reading the article, just going by the headline. And Alex Jones is a moron too.