Russian-Israeli Expert: Iran Would Win

Top Israeli Expert: US Can’t Defeat Iran in a Conventional War; Absolutely Ridiculous!
Is he right or bluffing?

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>Conventional War
whats a conventional war these days?

he talks about nukes too you should watch the video it has English subtitles

The US would have about a 1% chance to successfully invade Iran. They could carpet bomb them and destroy all the infrastructure but that's about it.

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Does he look white? Then you have your answer.

Israelis laugh at Americunts too which is why they sell the Chinese all their military/tech secrets.

It's pretty simple: You cannot "win" a land war in Asia. Could the U.S. nuke them? Sure, but that would invite a lot of trouble so unlikely. If things are kept conventional then no hope. Would I love to see Iran's leaders all slaughtered by SEAL teams? Sure, but that scenario is not going to happen and we (the U.S. would be looking at a long slide into oblivion if we try to start a boots-on-the-ground affair.

>Would I love to see Iran's leaders all slaughtered by SEAL teams? Sure


It's completely laughable that anyone would have that opinion.

I agree that it is a laughable position unless you're a contrarian.
I don't like Iran's regime but war doesn't seem good either. 40 years of sanctions how much longer can they last?
this is 100% true also the collapse of the USSR changed Israel a lot

He is correct, we have even lost simulated wargames agains Iran in 2003.

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Dey jus need mo money fo dem programs.

America could steamroll Iran if we had 90% of our population on board and had no rules of engagement
In reality we would only have the boomers behind a war with Iran and we would be using shitty restrictive rules of engagement. We absolutely would not win and would most likely face a homegrown rebellion to overthrow the ZOGGED government

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It's a little more nuanced than that. It outlines what he thinks america's options are, and what level of forces America needs to succeed, and what are possible outcomes in conflict.

One thing's for damm sure. You can't conduct a war in Iran like Iraq or Afghanistan. For regime change, America would practically have to go to total war mode.

>I don't like Iran's regime but war doesn't seem good either. 40 years of sanctions how much longer can they last?
They have oil, and a strong miltary, social and cultural controls. Indefinitely.

The question in my mind is that Iran will eventually have nuclear weapons, and nothing short of a land invasion will stop them. Should America invade to stop them? This guy thinks that America would be perfectly OK with Iran getting nukes. i'm not so sure.

fuck that we could just firebomb the fuck out of their capital without rules of engagement. No need for ground troops just demolish every part of their country and don't worry about humanitarian issues (and especially don't allow their refugees into our country).

However i have no reason to believe that this iranian war is another Jewish Scheme. So unironically i'm against it.

The Iranian people are pro America and would welcome US forces. Do people really think Trump hasn’t had people on the ground in Iran? I’m surprised that people on Jow Forums of all places still believes war is an organic occurrence and not pre arranged and pre scripted

>war is an organic occurrence
Quite a few wars are organic, because motherfuckers hate each other that much. Wars in the middle east on the other hand is nonstop backstabbers backstabbing backstabbers.

its like 10-20% strongly pro regime, the rest is a toss up between pro-American and like ambivalent or goes with whatever works.
Socially the younger generation is most pro American due to culture and youth, the strongest base of support for the regime is probably a bit older like their version of the boomers or gen x

Iran lost over a million people due to the Iran-Iraq war. I've seen estimate that they would lose like 5 million in an invasion but because of the terrain and they've had 40 years to plan, supposedly they could do some kind of stalemate like Afghanistan.
I find that hard to believe as Iran has like 80m most of which are under 35 and love America (culturally speaking)

anecdotally, I can't see why US couldn't win.

1. Shut down Iran's national grid.
2. Establish air superiority
3. Navy superiority in the strait
4. Bunker bust the heads of the regime
5. Move in a force to establish 'green zone' and interim government.

That's it they've won.
Fuck the rest of the country, that'll come in time like Iraq; rest are just straggly flip flop wearers. They only a concern if Russia arms them.

U guys are rly retarded lol. First of all u dont have any means to win a conventional war u dont have enough oil to use 50% of ur military and u cant transport enough of ur military to iran. Also if u start war with iran it will destroy all ur allies within the middle east and maybe even in europe wich will make u lose all the little bit of influence u have left in the world. And now the last and most important thing since i seen u guys speak about nukes.. If u nuke iran wich is right besides russia and near china both china and russia will nuke u since nuclear missles create nuclear clouds and have otherwise big influence on the ecosystem in that region. it would harm russia and china directly so both see it as a act of war. Also i dont think ur masters in israel will enjoy a massive nuclear cloud in their tiny little country. Not to mention im 99% certain iran has already rebuild their nuclear arsenal so they can make retaliation strikes on the USAss

Consider what the US objective in Afghanistan was. It really didn't fucking have one. Some vague notion of trying to build a government friendly enough to the US to let us put our shit there at best.

I mean America could, with enough explosives blow the fuck out of Iran's civil society, but then what? Leave an unstable wasteland? Have Syria run the show? Look the other way as the sunnis go full genocide?

>, supposedly they could do some kind of stalemate like Afghanistan.
Their strategy is asymetric as fuck.

Also, not to be understimated is how badly lebanon and syria get fucked up, and what kind of situation they end up in.

As the military is currently built? Nope. But it could be stood up in a couple of years.

4 is going to be tough, as Iran has mountainus terrain, and has been digging in for American and IAF airstrikes for decades.

5 is Iran's strongest point. They've got the most motivated, most experienced terrorist groups and militias in the world, and they aren't just going to be operating in Iran. The guy in the video claims that the amount of forces needed for this exceeds what's available by a ridiculous amount.

Who said the US would occupy Iran? They couldn’t do that well unless they stripped down every cook in the coast guard and handed them a rifle.
Just changing the regime? Easy. They have no chance. Same with the Norks, it they have nukes for the “Samsung” option.


They love you as long as you don't invade.
I have been to Iran and all the young and trendy people have said one & same thing: if someone invades he is the enemy and must be removed.

All whom I talked with were mostly against the gov, but were against a military intervention. So good plan with doing something that the young people are rallied to the govs aid.

They don't trust your "good intentions". They know how that story usually goes.

Same thing happened when USA pushed Iraq to war against Iran. The Iranians were starting to try to get rid of the islamic gof but the war was unifying act.

So is that picture supposed to be a proof that Iran's behind attack on oil tanks? Have you israel-servants, americunts become completely braindead?

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Bluff. But, Iran is in the Russian sphere of influence, and it would escalate to WWIII within a matter of months.

You carpet bomb them, they carpet bomb you, and then it keeps on going until enough damage has been done for the americans to be forced to go in. Then they lose.
Just think about it, if Iran was going to be easy, they would have invaded them years ago.

>step 1: full year of carpet bombing
>step 2: invade and overthrow islamic republic
>step 3: leave quickly
Oh wait you can't kill civilians unless it is total war.

United states could absolutely wipe out anything relevant in Iran in 48 hours or less.
The problem are Iranian rockets in possession of Iranian proxy forces.

>Political analysis

Nice one, pizza boy.

we drop the last 11 moabs all over them and drop nukes if that doesn't destroy everything.

Iran’s all underground. They’re fucking rats

zero boots on the ground. first we send maleware to destroy their electrical infustructure.. then we whipe them out in the dark.

I'm not a proud American in the slightest, but I don't really think there is any country out there that can realistically defeat us in a conventional fight. Conventional war (and maybe nuclear but that's yet to be seen) is the only thing the US is good at militarily. The kind of "grey area" conflict we've been fighting since the 60's just doesn't work out for us because muh warcrime rules. People underestimate the US military because of the unwinnable missions they keep being assigned, that'd be a big mistake to puff out your chest and welcome a conventional fight against them because of their performance doing coin. Iran could make it hard for us, probably the hardest fighting that has been seen since Korea if they use the terrain well, but they just couldn't hope to stop us.

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Who would underestimate the most aggressive and largest army in the world? People despise you for that.

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Jew and Russians always lie

Without total mobilization and conscription like WWII we can’t invade Iran successfully.

If this were the age of conventional warfare I'd entertain his analysis, but such as it is, I can't be bothered. The American Armed forces are hardly what they once were, but those weird little trannys can drone as hard as any regular dude, I guess.

>pro america
They wouldn't support our military invading their homeland, boomer moron.

>how to win a war in Iran
>kill them all

>people despise you
Yet here you are as a proud aquafresh citizen whining like a homo in our language on our website about shit our govt does we have no real control over if you've been paying attention. Bravo retard. Go on one of your people's forums and circle jerk over progressive Europe in whatever pig latin you natively speak.

> Top Israeli expert
> Never heard of him
It's a Russian media shill, goys.
But he is right. Iran is a huge hilly country, america can't conquer a country so big, so far away, without logistics help from their neighbors, not to mention with Russia so close nearby. They can rubblize Iran back to the Stone age if they want to however.

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Take a look on the Iran's map, then check the size of Kuwait. Then google how much time and troops it took to liberate Kuwait from Iraq occupation during the Operation Desert Storm.
>never heard
Then you may want to educate yourselfיעקב_קדמי_(פעיל_עלייה)

russia and iran would activate their sleeper cells and things would get so bad domestically with small terror attacks and they would not try and finish the war. thats my prediction

The US is a divided nation and only old fucking boomers and kikes want war with Iran.
If you think trying to send redpilled young people to die for Israel would work out, it's time to rethink this situation.
The American population is not white and Zionist anymore, and our military is filled with subhumans

fuck off CIA.

The US would suffer ~20,000 casualties before we even reach Tehran, even if we fucked their telecommunication and military infrastructure.

Just neutron bomb the whole place and be done with it

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It's stupid to say Iran would win.
The US might not be able to win, but how is the US giving up on a war because it's too costly after destroying half the country a win for Iran?
It's not like they can follow the Americans back home and take it to cover their losses.

>youtube link to Federal propaganda clip
ok retard.

he is not bluffing.
if they were not able to take down Lion of Damascus they can't do shit to Iran
>Iran is much bigger
>It has much more complicated territory. much much more
>Iraq already said they wont let burgers use their territory because they dont want another bloody war.
>most of the most populous settlements in Iran are in the north close to Russians
>US would have access only from south from the sea as Turks are about to get S-400 from Russians and told burgers to fuck off
>Iran is almost exact opposite side of the globe
>Iran has almost as big population as Iraq, Syria and Afganistan combined
>they've got supplied with Russian newest AA systems
>Syria/Iraq/Afganistan main religion is 80% of a country or less, in Iran its 92,5%
> Syria is still mostly controlled by Iran's close ally
>If Chinks decide its time to take over, burgers are fucked as they might easily cut their fleet and main army from their homeland

if burgers dont provoke poos to attack Pakistan/Iran and China in some marvelous suicide chimpout i dont see much chances with this one

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This 100% the only retards who think they'll win this war are cnn and msnbc watching boomers. real life isn't some us/Israeli propaganda movie iran would tear the shit out of tens of thousands of Americans and at the end of the day would probably win in the long term like Vietnam.

Back to 2ch/po/.

Fuck off, kike. Fight your own wars.

In a war where the USA was going to actually fuck them up they wouldn't stand a chance in hell.
They would get their navy wiped out in hours, the entire coast of Iran would be bombed to kingdom come, beachheads would be setup at coastal airports, giant troop transport planes would land, tanks and thousands of troops would come out and roll down highways calling in artillery & airstrikes on everything, MOABs would be used to blow up their mountain tunnel systems, every bit of Iranian military assets would be destroyed, they would be running in absolute fear to the borders but their entire country is surrounded so they would all be dead with no place to escape to.

Why do you faggots on pol even listen to Russian dipshits spout of propaganda like its the fucking truth?
No wonder you think jews control the world you're fucking stupid.

yup. i forgot to include human morale factor too.
when the hell starts those who have strong faith and defend their homeland will fight to end while those used to living in comfort far away will start asking themselves wtf are they doing there

not to mention many soldiers actually understand politics and would never want to invade Iran in a first place

Good. Since the U.S. military is full of nothing but minorities, I say send them over there to die. Bye bye Miguel, Juan and DeMarcus.

The strong devour the weak.
You can cheery pick faggots all day long but there's hundreds of thousands of troops who only enlist to fuck people up and are literally sitting around waiting to go to war.

>implying ZOG won't send put the white soldiers in the front lines to die, leaving the minorities to come home unscathed as heroes

War face time

>dying for Israel
No thanks

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>US Can’t Defeat Iran in a Conventional War

It's true. What is left of American white men are nothing but fat cowards with their hearts overflowing with Cuckstian principles, or leftist basedbois. The rest of America's Mutt-Force is full of dumb pigish multi-color roasties, niggers, and spics.

America has literally the WORST soldiers in the fucking world maybe only beaten by Canada in terms of how cancerous they are. The ONLY thing holding America's armed forces together is the equipment and there aren't enough white men left to maintain it or operate it.

That being said I cannot wait for America's next world war. I want to watch the women, mutts, spics, and nogs just get slaughtered on CNN day in and day out. It will be glorious. After the war is over the Republicans will mass import Africa and the Middle East to restart the economy on the graves of dead whites.

LOL. Shit will be so cash. Just burn it all and accelerate. That's all you can do.

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Was Obama /ourguy/ Jow Forums? He helped make this happen (Iran deal). The Zionists' dreams are on their deathbed. Thanks Obama.

We don't want to invade. We want to break anything of value, than leave.

Easy peezy.

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Do you think the largest military force in the world that routinely fakes attacks on itself and makes up other "evidence" for wars hadnt gone in by now if they could?

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The only reason it's still around is because of Russia.
It's getting to the point the USA is just going to be like fuck Russia because the Iranian government is out of control.
Nobody wants a North Korean tier nuclear missile wielding Iran.
If Trump orders the bombing of Iranian enrichment facilities it will only hold back the inevitable a few years.

That cat is coincidentally in the shape of Iran.


(repost from dead thread)
The thing that anyone who thinks the US would "win" is that they don't realize that Iran isn't going to be fighting back in any conventional way.

They know they can't destroy our carriers and war ships by trying to get equal power to fight with. Nobody would be able to do that. They'd instead use the weaknesses of the strategies we'd be using. For one, the whole gulf would be a death trap. If we tried to enter with any ships, they're as good as dead. Iran knows all they have to do is send out their hundreds of speedboats to swarm our ships and we would not be able to do shit. Nothing in our military is going to be able to handle a fuckton of small boats that are constantly moving. We'll never be able to destroy them all at once and all you'd need is a few to get in and do massive damage and sink our ships. That would kill tens of thousands of soldiers and be ridiculously costly. Besides this, there are a fuckton of boats and yachts in the gulf. All they have to do is pack some with bombs, send them through with the rest of their attacks and we wouldn't know if we were attacking the right boats.

Next, there's the matter that Iran would instantly destroy all the major gulf cities and/or cut off their access to water. They can do this with land to land missiles which they are very experienced with from the Iran-Iraq war. There's no real answer to this. This isn't good for us obviously and we'd have to protect them. Issue is that we can't if we're also dealing with a whole bunch of other issues. Countless US assets would be lost if this happened. Losing those cities would make a huge hit to the world economy. All of this is also not even taking into consideration that Iran can shut down the strait and instantly take away 1/3 of the world's oil. This obviously destroys economies around the world in a moment. We wouldn't be able to do shit about it.

There's also of course all the proxies they'd set loose instantly. We don't win a war.

>because of Russia.
No its because the US military is overstretching and cant divert enough manpower to effectively occupy iran without giving china free reign over taiwan and japan.
>If Trump orders the bombing of Iranian enrichment facilities it will only hold back the inevitable a few years
Oh right they got wmds pull the other one its got bells on it. The pentagon is impotent in the face of their plans coming to a grind and everyone knows it.

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the problem is all those tough guys couldn't do shit about rice farmers and many of them were pissing themselves after they came back.
and vietnam is much more primitive, had much better location from your point of view and had it much harder to get support from their allies.
they didnt have fucking newst AA systems ffs, only kalashnikovs
sure you can kill lots of their civilians but you will lose the war

This gay shit isn't gaining a lick of support for a war with Iran

Fuck it then America is gay compared to Iran. We surrender. NOw fuck off loser. Israel can fight Iran if it wants to

>they will welcome us as liberators
Haven't heard that one before.

Iran ain't Vietnam and this ain't the 60's.
Iran is basically a smaller version of Appalachia with sand & mud instead of huge forests.
Today we have drones, highly advanced missiles & jets, real time satellite imaging & battlefield mapping.
Also the US can roll in with hundreds of tanks and nothing is going to stop them.
Not to mention the only thing that saved the North Vietnamese was their tunnels but we have bombs capable of destroying anything like that now as well.

No matter what eventually the USA is going to be forced into a war with Iran because that country is a radical militaristic Islamic theocracy. Their entire law & government revolves around following Islam to the letter. Which means they ARE going to attack us eventually to them the west is the great Satan that is why they chant death to America God is great. Iranian minds are completely and utterly fucked.
The longer we wait to strike them the more time they have to develop nuclear weapons.
When they get enough material to make a bomb they will shroud that it's theirs & make it then hand it off to terrorists probably in Yemen to nuke Saudi Arabia for the simple reason that the Saudis work with the USA who they consider to be the ultimate enemy of Islam.

I know it's hard to understand Soviet Islam has brainwashed the world nobody understands the danger everyone is in right now.

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>Operation Desert Storm and the liberation of Kuwait
We staged a bunch of forces and destroyed half a million Iraqi forces in 4 days.
How about about the Battle of 73 Easting and penetrating Saddam's "impenetrable wall"

And what about the 2003 invasion of iraq and taking of Baghdad?

Its Afghanistan, with a better equipped enemy while their supplies last. Then they hide in the mountains forever. It can be won but its costly and will take a long time.

>Its Afghanistan
It's not. Afghanistan was snow capped mountains. Iran is rolling hills.

You faggots can't even win against a few goat herders in Afghanistan after 20 fucking years and you think you're going to win against a modern industrial power of 80 million people. How do you get so delusional?

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lol no, there are plenty of snow capped mountains in Iran, not just hills

>nothing is going to stop them.
What about those deserts and mountains?
>the only thing that saved the North Vietnamese was their tunnels
The jungle itself mate and the vietcong were equiptment wise way further behind the curve. The Iranians have the means of aerial denial which means the logistics train trailing behind the us forces could come under attack which in turn would bog down the forces they support. You know that one thing they cant let happen under any circumstances because it would jeapordize the entire invasion.

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>conventional war
>total war
Much more likely if you somehow manage to keep all the domestic uprisings bottled up for the duration of the war.

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What are you talking about.
The mission in Afghanistan wasn't to take it over it was to install a new government and unite their country so it wasn't just a bunch of warring tribes of radical muslims ready to attack the US or our allies.
It has been a success.
If the goal was to destroy everyone it could have done that in a year but the US went village to village in Afghanistan getting to know everyone, helping them by building schools and hospitals, crops that didn't involve opium, farms, sewers & irrigation.

Now the US just has like super bases in Afghanistan and it just sits in them and fucks up anything that gets close while giving support to the government when it needs it.

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>20,000 American deaths in the first day
You're gonna get creamed

oy vey

Many bad players involved. Mossad coordinated and financed by (((JEWS))). Main suspect is the (((JEW))) once again.

Iran leadership is Mossad controlled. The real war is against the people like it always had been the case.

Sanctions starving the people in Iran, Venezuela you name it. While the (((JEW))) robbing all the hard assets and giving "digital currenncy" or a in plain words a big FUCK YOU!

In the beginning of the conflict air support would be difficult but that's the point of SOF guys running around calling in cruise missiles blowing that shit up.

Additionally, Iran would run into the same issue that Iraq did in 1991 and 2003 - their ground forces are totally overmatched by the United States. Sure, COIN would be effective in the long run, but in the short term their old shitty T-72s are incapable of defeating an M1A2 Abrams on the battlefield.

An American tank battalion drove into the middle of Baghdad twice to see what resistance they would meet - they only lost one tank and successfully recovered the crew before further destroying it to deny the Iraqis access to it.

>Afghanistan is united
How is it possible to dribble so much shit? Picture related is the current state of the country

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>Carpet bombing the US

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>100 a barrel will hit the US hard
he's not quite right, I think with fracking it would make the staggering oil economy in the US go berserk

>3. Navy superiority in the strait
Ain’t happening with Iranian doctrine and anti naval defense systems our projections arnt looking good on that front

Is it that time again already?

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Say what ya want the US did a good job at bringing that country together. There may be rebels but at least there is an actual government now with functional police.

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I doubt American can regime change Iran militarily. Bomb them sure but it wont actually regime change the government. Also the fuxking strait of hormuz will close it's only 20km wide if you start mining it or shooting at tankers it will close and take out 10 billion barrels of oil daily out of the market and wont recover or reopen quickly enough to avert an actual recession and economic collapse that would follow oil surging over 100$ a barrel