I no longer hate the white race now

I saw a white boi in my country for the first time in my life yesterday, and I didn't think "I should kill that wh*Toid scum right here right now".
I thought how exciting it would be to talk to him, uncovering what made him as sissy as he is. I thought about how nice it would be to learn about his life, and learn about the world I never saw.
I pictured talking to him, eyes darting like those of a noble lady, looking anywhere else but in his eyes.
I pictured myself princess carrying him with ease, to a bed. I pictured myself, still with my clothes on, unclothing myself, and rubbing his silky-smooth pale skin with my rough, hands, and him, squirming lady-like.
I pictured him unclothing himself in a slow manner, drawing it out, so I can have a good look at his body.
I imagined him slipping his hands under my underwear, and jostling my big cock, rubbing his effeminate, pale fingers on the precum-covered, sensitive tip of my big penis.
I imagined...

I imagined that there would be millions of boys like him, sharing the same race, the same skin color. How could I hate the white race now? I want to make love, not war...

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what the fuck..

well shit.

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don't they execute fags like you over there?

no, whiteboi...

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What a gay cunt

well, enjoy yourself, I guess you'll enjoy dying pozzed like all the other subhumans

Cool post even though I didn't read it

Wtf is wrong with Turkey?

get beheaded faggot
get a vpn and watch gay porn
either one is acceptable

they're a nation of larpers and they know it

Turgay forgot his kara boga flag. Cucked by the German Kurdish Greek BVLL from Armenia that is the Jow Forums dropdown bar

Post like OP's are funny as fuck cause Turks literally imported every Slavic/Romanian Dick they could find back in the Ottoman days.

Disgusting. But I feel as if I'm seen this post somewhere else

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so just slavic :^)
I refer you back to my original post

based and redpilled

Are there white women in roachland?

We weren't always this Slavic:)
We were more greek at one point.

Plenty and they all like Western men

What is funny is that the t*rks subhuman who spams the whole board with this is some pale arab mutt who got buttmad when everyone called him a non-white subhuman and now he LARPS as a nigger because he thinks he is supposed to be such if he is not a white human.

You aren't Slavic

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Arent u Latin?

I never said we are.
Biggest DNA group of Romanians is Med/Greek.
But 2nd biggest is Slavic

Romanians are the og mutts of Europe

That's right brotha

Is there anything better than a white males ass. The feeling of helplessness in his blue eyes as he looks at your BBC. Cornered he has no where to run. He drops to his knees and pleads. It's all fake. He wants it. This whiteboi like many others have fantasized about being manhandled by a strong black man and hes getting it. Making him feel the prowess of a real man as your chocolate penis slides between his pale vanilla cheeks. Entering his tender pink hole like a sexual neapolitan icecream. His man hood revoked, hes now your bitch. Gladly willing to give it up whenever his master wants it

In the biggest % yes DNA wise.But after that is slavic

Based turkophobe Bulgarian. Dk why i had the impression that u were secretly pro insect...

Besides Romania is a Latin country by language and parts of DNA.
Everything else is Polish/Ruskie tier,food,culture,music,etc

Wow. Nobody wants to hear your homo nigger black-on-white fantasy with basedboy white males, you cum guzzling booty bandit.

Repent! Inshallah brother