Explain this

Explain this.

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Sure, Jesus's teachings were an attempt to have his Jewish community assimilate into foreign nations, instead of being troublemakers. But it backfired and he got crucified, forever making Jews the Christ-killers.

How does that explain the disparity between Jesus's actual, literal teachings, and the dogma of modern conservative Christianity?

>thinking Matthew 15:11 is about drugs and alcohol


Jesus would've voted for Ron Paul. Prove me wrong

Not all people who call themselves Christians are truly Christians, nor do they know what Jesus was even talking about most of the time.

Then what's it about?

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You're a slow fuckwit how are you on Jow Forums right now. Evangelicals are the Zionists pep rally for their Jewish wars. Throughout history Jews and Christians have been at odds with one another and Evangelicals are the accepted form neokikes have let stay uninterrupted.

I'm not following.
How does that work, exactly? Walk me through your train of logic.

Just read Matthew 15!

Jews and Christians arent one in the same. Christains believe Jesus Christ is lord and god in flesh, while Jews believe the messiah has never come. You cant be a zionist and a christian. So this Nationalist Americanized version means nothing

Read it.

Because Evangelicals are harmless God's people only by their own claims, just like the Jews.

How are you getting anything about Jews out of this?
American Christians have beliefs that run directly contrary to Jesus's teachings. Why is this?

>17 “Don’t you see that whatever enters the mouth goes into the stomach and then out of the body?
>18 But the things that come out of a person’s mouth come from the heart, and these defile them.
>19 For out of the heart come evil thoughts—murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony, slander.
>20 These are what defile a person; but eating with unwashed hands does not defile them.”

Really not seeing the contradiction. You're going to have to point it out to me.

I'm pagan and generally hate Christians for being obnoxious but you fags are even more obnoxious. to answer your question: Strawman.

Yea, I'm sure Jesus was talking about LSD and heroin. Not at all talking about not being dirtied by not washing your hands.

>whatever enters the mouth
is a pretty broad definition though
He's very clearly saying that what you ingest has less bearing on your quality as an individual than what you contribute to society through your words and deeds.

based jeezus is lord

>my perception of your religion is better than my perception of how you practice your religion


Okay, I'll explain

>John 8:7
Judea was occupied by Rome, and Jews weren't allowed to carry out capital punishment (this is made clear when the Jews demand Pilate sentence Jesus to crucifixion). The Jews were trying to get Jesus in trouble by getting him to either say she must be put to death (which would get him in deep shit with the Romans who were watching) or contradict the Torah which says the woman must be put to death. Moreover, the witnesses were the same guys who fucked the unfaithful wife, which made the whole thing bullshit.
How you infer this meant Jesus gave a pass on faggotry is beyond me.
>Mat 15:11
This is about the ritual handwashing that orthodox Jews to this day do before they eat. Personally, I think it's unsanitary to not wash your hands before eating, and I hope you do too. This has nothing to do with drugs/alcohol
>nothing on abortion
Jews are quick to point out that Mosaic Law says an unborn child is only worth a few shekels that needs to be paid to the husband. I like abortion because it keeps the population of undesirables under control. This is where I have to break with the pro-life people.
>Mat 26:52
literally telling his disciples that suicide by cop isn't a good option. You think 12 guys sitting at a table are any match for the Roman army? Jesus didn't think so either.
>Mat 22:21
Jews again trying to get Jesus in trouble with the Romans by getting him to say in front of the Romans that Jews should not pay their taxes. Those Jews were real assholes in the Gospels.
>Mat 19:23
Keep reading that section. You can also give all your money away and be a beggar and it still won't get you into heaven. Only through faith in Christ can you find salvation.

I fully despise this portrait of "baby killing is A-OK" Jesus.
Abortion is murder.
Drugs are for slaves.
Whoring out is killing your soul.
Fuck you and fuck your benevolent Christ impersonation


He's talking about food. Are drugs food? Do you wash your hands before you eat meth?

based and christpilled

Are you saying that Christ's teachings are meaningless out of the context they were spoken in?
That's absolutely not how most Christians believe.

>How you infer this meant Jesus gave a pass on faggotry is beyond me.
Because the woman was being put to death for sexual immorality. The common thought process is that that statement can be expanded to include *all* sexual immorality, and, for many people, all sin of any kind.

>lol bible interpretation can be just like, whatever we want
Cathocuck detected. How many jews in your church's leadership, good little goy?

It's another "let me educate you on how to believe in your religion that I hate and despise" episode

God's forgiveness is not an endorsement of sin. If you vandalize my car and I decide not to press charges, I'm not saying that it's okay for you to commit vandalism. Jesus doesn't condemn her because all of humanity, which he loves, deserves to die anyway. He still has every right to stone her if he wants. And Christ is not a teacher, atheist. As in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive. This is work, not a teaching. Mankind is clearly fallen beyond the reach of teaching.

>God's forgiveness is not an endorsement of sin.
He's not saying that it is. He's saying "He who is without sin (meaning him and God (if you believe they're two separate entities), and him and God alone) cast the first stone" He's saying mind your own damn business. Mob rule is bad.

>And Christ is not a teacher, atheist.
Well, he sure is doing a lot of teaching for not being a teacher. The fucking sermon on the mount was just pissing in the wind, then?
That bit in Mark 15 where he's all
>Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.
Just blowing smoke up their asses?


Homosexuality is not akin to adultry of that woman though. Kill homosexuals it's what God told Moses.

Then why does god make homosexuals?

>Homosexuality is not akin to adultry of that woman though.
According to Jesus (who supercedes Moses, last time I checked), that's not for you to decide.

They are not born gay they are made gay
>pic related

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He doesn't make homosexuals these guys are just rabidly horny.

Who says he supercedes Moses to the point that Moses doesn't matter? Jews love Moses.

Then why do they refuse to fuck women if they’re so horny?

they dont know how to get any pussy.

There are hundreds of species on earth who engage in homosexual behavior. Did god not create them as part of his earth?

who cares about kike shit, cuckstianity is for faggots, spics, and nigs.

how many of that homosexual activity happens in front of cameras though. These scientists pay homosexual swans to perform oral sex on one another in order to conduct studies to keep up with the public's interest.

All christians are LARPers

Classic Spic behavior


Speak the truth and speak cleanly. Don't tell lies and don't use profanity. At least that's what I draw from it.

it's been a while since I've visited /christian/

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the most racist race, i thought it was only Mexicans. are you Mexican too?

I'm a jew-tranny-gnostic-luciferian-otherkin

>he doesn't wash his hands before he eats meth


anti-anti-anti-God Redskin

yeah, its the trans aborting women who are drunkards who are the true christians.

get thee away satan.

What god? See
Only I know god.

Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.
Matthew 5.17

It's funny, I was actually about to post that exact scripture for the exact *opposite* reason you did.

I didn't, because that's a debate that's been going on for literal millennia.
Way I see it, there's been an awful lot of leavened bread and mixed fabrics going on since Jesus's time, and not a lot in the way of sacrifices on an alter, and basically all of Abrahamic law was set until the Lamb (Jesus) could fulfill it. Jesus fulfilled it, so it's no longer a thing.

Then why did Moses become man in the first place? To give his life for Jesus? I think he's more important.

God is watching you off the grid

He did also lead the jews out of bondage and to the Promised Land. That was kind of a big deal for the time.

Let's remember him with love he's still alive.

Bible is a collection of stories that often contradict themselves, but that's not all, also Christian denomination contradict themselves. Recently Christianity even has a lot of cults who ignore holy books entirely and believe preacher's made up charlatan stories.

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>On Abortion

They probably didn't think we'd stoop that low as human beings, for a pregnant woman to simply shrug off the life of her baby pretending it isn't human. It's women running away from their responsibilities that's the issue, not whether religions of the world have anything to say about it or not. They have sex like whores and kill off what sex produces, then go back to fucking around none the wiser. That "choice" comes with the price of life, one self-indulgent whores are very willing to pay to get their fix of pleasure. Rape cases are the only instance where abortions are sort of justified and even then, other people can adopt children from raped women. I like to think these soulless cunts sink deeper once they've paid that price, "had my kid killed so I might as well go full blown nuts and say it never had potential or feelings or could have been a good person in life." Running from the truth, linking dumb articles online without having read them, tapping their ears shut to avoid the guilt that buzzes their pleasure states back to the reality of their actions.

If there is a God, we've failed as its creation. We can only keep failing him, and ourselves, some more. What's next? Memory implants on our fetuses before they're born? BUT user THEY DON'T HAVE ANY MEMORIES YET SO WHAT??? NOTHING ON THE BIBLE SAYS YOU CAN'T IMPLANT FAKE MEMORIES INTO YOUR FETUS NOW FUCK OFF BACK TO YOUR VR CHAMBER U XENOPHOBE OR I WILL CALL MY BLACK ALIEN BF AND GET HIM TO ZAP YOU

>There are hundreds of species on earth who engage in homosexual behavior
None of them engage EXCLUSIVELY in homosexual behaviour, though.


Jesus was going to bring war you faggot "Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword." - Matthew 10:34

Are you saying that you can make up whatever obviously unsupported interpretation you want to put Christ's name on whatever agenda you want to push? Because that's how you come off.
The teachings are obviously not meaningless outside of context, but that doesn't mean you can completely rip it from its context and apply it in bad faith for whatever you want, like the cartoon OP and like you are doing.

Underrated. Literally exactly what's happening here

A sword in the Bible is a metaphor for the truth, a double-edged sword. The truth doesn't care where it cuts, whether it is used for good or for malice, and thus it is not always for peace. Whether one wants to hear it or not, it will cut.

Then "all those who draw the sword die by the sword" means those who draw the truth die by the truth?


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>on abortion he said nothing
wicked King Herod literally tries to get rid of baby Jesus by murdering every infant in his kingdom
you think maybe there is an implication that killing babies is bad?

No, it’s a metaphor, if you draw hentai pictures of penises you will be killed by a penis

So its a metaphor only when its convenient? does it just change randomly? the bible was a written poorly.

show me some contradiction, that image is known bogus

Even twisted up like that, it's not wrong. People pay for their actions, for their choices. There is no running away from that.

If you kill, you will die. A mercy kill? You will remember forever. Murder? You will die when the family of the murdered come for you or when the law itself comes to dish out your punishment. If not caught, you will remember your first kill and it will eat you up from the inside, damaging you. You do wrong, you will feel wrong, you will be wronged by others who feel wronged.

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No in that case it was for all parties involved the bible even tells you it is a metaphor and not a real sword

>The Sword of the Gospel

(Luke 12:49-53)

34Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. 35For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. 36And a man's foes shall be they of his own household.

There are lots of people who insist that Jesus's plain words be narrowly understood only to refer to the specific circumstance in which he uttered them. This is nonsense, obviously, but one wonders why these people continue to insist on this silly interpretation. If we're eating pizza and I blow on it and you ask me why and I say I blow on hot food so it doesn't burn my mouth, would you assume I only am referring to pizza and loudly argue with anybody suggesting I blow on all hot food? No, you wouldn't, because that would be very dumb.

The bible uses swords a lot as a stand-in for general contention, either small scale, like a disagreement between two people, and large-scale, like wars.

When Jesus says he "brings a sword", he's warning that he's going to tell the truth, and a lot of people aren't going to like it.

When he says "Those who live by the sword die by the sword", he's saying people who live to start contention will die by that contention.

>Is evolution true?
>visible anger
Ok lol.

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Jesus sounds pretty based

Deus Vult
Kill yourself motherfucker.

>rich man can't enter heaven
Fuck off. I worked hard for what I have.

>>quoting anything other than the KJV

How is this an argument? There's nothing wrong with holding someone to their own standards

The funny part is, while Jesus never said anything about abortion, the bible as a whole defines the beginning of life as the first taking of breath. The hebrew word for Spirit literally translates to "wind" or "Breath".

According to the bible, the unborn are not yet alive.

This comic is from like 2009. I remember seeing it during the election.

Schofield Bible. Kikes made a bible with entire sections removed or rewritten to gain support from naive Christians, which led to modern Ziocucks who are Christian in name only

>Are you saying that you can make up whatever obviously unsupported interpretation you want to put Christ's name on whatever agenda you want to push?

But user, kings, queens, bishops and regular people as well, have been doing that since day 1.

>but that wasn't real Christianity
oy vey

I mean, people have been doing that since before the bible was even called the bible, so I dunno why it's necessary to single the jews out in that regard