>mfw no one knows the jews were behind the slave trade
Can we make this shit known or something to end the kikes once and for all?

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Not sure m8 but have a bump

witebois must pay for their crimes

jews were innocent they were genocided by whites too

The red pills on that fact are spread everywhere. It just seems taboo to some to think the Jews do any wrong. The concept of sacred cows needs to be over come first.

Educate your family members and members of the black community about the Jewish role in the slave trade.

don't worry, they were kidnapping european children for hundreds of years beforehand.
they are the closest things to demons on this planet.

Boomer nigs certainly know, it's their Godless spawn that are the issue.

I mean they worship demons so what's the difference?

True tings

show your flag

Doesn't seem to work. I need a more effective method

I wish I could offer you some advice my friend. If I could change the world I would have done it and Jews would have been expelled from America a long time ago.

Malcolm X was quite succeesful in pointing'em out but then he got killed so RIP


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We don't want to live in your ghetto jungle anyways

Pointless argument in the end. So what if jews were majorly involved, white goys obviously were too, and since there weren't a lot of jews around even their over-representation doesn't count for much in the grand scheme of things. Even if kikes shipped a bunch of them, there were still (obviously) more white owners than jew owners.

The TRUE redpills about this issue are:
(1) the Arab slave trade was larger (in terms of slave #s) and lasted for centuries longer, yet they are treated as precious victims for some reason.

(2) Every race participated in slavery, Whites were the first to collectively grow a conscience and abolish it, and we then forced the rest of the world to give it up too (the final nation to abolish slavery was an African Islamic nation, Mauritania). Whites didn't start slavery (which retards seem to believe for some reason) we ended it, and if anyone should be blamed for slavery it damn sure shouldn't be whites.

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Jews have done more to keep the black man down because they control us both. They make us fight each other for scraps, and blame each other for bullshit while they laugh on their shekel piles.

this is accurate

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This statistic was disproven in another thread, (no I do not have the source, but common sense should be enough, and if you still don't believe me go search for it yourself.)

I believe the results showed that while the 40% of jews owning slaves was correct (as expected), the 78% of slave owners being jews was WAYY off.

Shills leak purposefully wrong statistics across the chanz to make us look retarded, please don't fall for them, especially when they are this obvious. Jews were a tiny minority that did not wield the power that they do today, the idea that they made up 78% of the slave owners is ludicrous.

Funny how that happens.

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