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Oh no! That sucks.

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Oh. I'm cool with that.

>while he was filming
yeah, ok nigger faggot

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another jussie smollett


Guys, leave Don Watermelon alone.

>while filming
>no footage

freedom of speech bitch.

Nigger, I am sorry that you are such a faggot.

- Sincerely, Pepe

>white men are public enemy number 1
>nigger faggot goes home to suck cracker faggot dick

Call him a wop cuck.
Worked for Sam.

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Didn't he shoot up a bunch of people in Virginia?

>while he was filming
>tfw no film

This nigger is trying to Smolett us.

>Calls white men the biggest threat in the country.
>Is black and thus statistically more likely to commit a violent crime than a white in equal socieoeconomic status.
>Wonders why he gets called names by white men.
Perfect example of throwing stones in glass houses.

Don Lemon the worthless nigger faggot owes everyone an apology for living


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>becoming a target of Trump and his supporters
They’ve been saying this forever and I still don’t feel bad for them. Try new tactics faggot.

>while filming
>no video or audio evidence

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fucking italians get swarthier by the day

Nigger faggot is the correct usage

Was he filming while getting Subway late at night?

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faggot nigger

>Think high school kids are racist for smiling at a toothless injun
>Try to ruin their lives
>Then someone calls your favorite anchor a nigger, on film
>Can turn the camera on them and get their lives ruined for being an actual racist
>But give them a pass

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heard that nigger takes it in the ass

i wonder if that's the face he pulls when his WHITE HUSBAND is plowing him. degenerate filth.

Poor baby!! Aww

He is a fucking liar

this. faggotty nigger is too stupid to operate recording equipment.

That's what Sammy called Frank and Dino, silly.

Go away snek
This is a comfy thread only
Thank you and goodnight frens

gay nigger from outer space

in other news, Don Lemon has made his faggotry in your face and public in front of millions of people.

He needs to calm down. And post proofs

Well, he is a nigger faggot, so I don't see the problem.

It was his cameraman.

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I don't care for that Don Lemon faggot v much.

sure let me just believe a black gay man claiming to be the victim of a hate crime with no proof, surely this would never be a hoax

who is this nigger kidding?

Don Lemon needs to stop following white teens into restrooms

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Was it him?

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faggot nigger

No more remote demos i guess...

Shut your dick hole, nigger.

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Also a fitting ID

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Seriously, is that his sister or did his brother go tranny?
If they're both homo, I'd guess their daddy diddled them when they were young.

Stop being a gay nigger, faggot ass spook.

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50% of fags have been diddled as kids. Just flip a coin.

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Well he is a homo, he takes it up the bung hole. He has probably had some many cocks shoved up his ass that that when he gore to take a shit it just falls out. So is it wrong to speak truth now? He rides the cock and probably goes ass to mouth, he is a nasty fag and will burn in hell forever.

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Well Don, you ARE a nigger-faggot.
Do you deny it?

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Fucking nigger kike faggot.

i think he's lying

To bad it wasn't a milkshake, in minecraft of course.

Faggots fall into three categories: those that were molested as children, those that molest children, and both.

That's pretty rude actually, stop it. He cant help being a pillow biting nigger cunt.

>heh, look at me, i'm the shitposting australian xD
fucking lame tryhard

- Anderson Cooper


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it was jussie smollet, they loled and did some gay stuff afterwards

I very much dislike that invidiual.