Has the best cello player/classical musician in the world

>Has the best cello player/classical musician in the world
>Has the best mathematician in the world
>Has the best physicist in the world
>Has the best transportation system in the world
>Has the highest quality of life per capita
>Has the fastest break out time to being nuclear armed due to heavy manufacturing base
>Has the lowest crime rate
and basically your country sucks

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and basically no one cares because they're smelly chinks

Japan is very crowded. Please do not come. You


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I agree non japanese do not belong, but it is really only crowed in the major cities

Smelling is pretty much the only atrocity asians don't commit.

ching chong bing bong

>bathing culture literally older than G*rman civilization

>>Has the best cello player/classical musician in the world
nobody gives a fuck about cello,
we might as well have the world's tallest midget

Keep 外人 out, don't become like us.

>>bathing culture
imagine calling "bathing" culture, are you seppo cunts really that desperate to find some American culture? are tacos Mexican culture? lmao what a cope

Bitch please. They're nips, not chinks. You're an embarassment. Technical fucking precision. It's like calling australians californians.

Yoyo ma is chinese

ok chinkophile

>is America's faithful little gremlin in Asia

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You’ve never lived in an apartment complex with a lot of Chinese. There’s a very distinct Chinese smell when they gather in large quantities. Might be from the cooking but I can instantly smell it when I go to the apartment complex of the local university

> best transportation
It's a mixture of public and private, very confusing for foreigners.

>has the highest quality of life per capita
Is a world leader in suicide rates and hikkimoris

Now and then you get a psycho jap that gets a knife and just starts stabbing people because the stress and the conformity with the inability to display emotion or have emotional connections wears down a regular person.

Most of their cities are cement hell holes, their best destinations are filled with tourists (more from china than ever before and they stink). Dotonburi stinks, their western cuisine (outside of french pastries) suck dick, it's expensive, getting a job their is way too hard outside of English teacher, Kanji sucks. The list goes on and on.

I wouldn't mind being born as a Japanese, they're lucky to have all of that. At the very least I can see those things play out in my anime and live out worlds of fantasy that I can only thank the Japanese for writing.

japanese are in no way Chinese

go home waito piggu

The only good thing about Japan is that they force kids to walk to school by themselves to become independent. They also buy them cool backpacks.

Seiko watches, bullet trains, koi (if you're into that), seafood (if you're into that).

>Has the best mathematician in the world
Terence Tao teaches at UCLA, is from Australia and is of Chinese descent.

You misspelled Peter Scholze

How come all the Asians I've met have been total assholes?

>absolute jerk who makes fun of people for not getting good grades
>huge inferiority complex, tries to start fights to prove himself, does steroids
>scam artist motherfucker who cheats on all his test and discusses how to rip people off and make money, walks around wearing expensive watches

And all of them autistic as fuck with no social skills

>Has the smallest apartments in the world

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>Has the most degenerate porn in the world.

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They have all of that, yet the only 4 things that comes to mind about Japan.

Hentai Anime
Sex robots/Waifus
Video game systems.

That's about all.

>squinty browns that were completely illiterate until 400AD
>their entire language is just 'retarded chinese'
>filthy savages raped and murdered their way across their region unchecked
>pearl harbor + battan death march
They deserved both nukes, possibly more. But they're totemo kawaii now. Perhaps our ichiban tomodatchi on the world stage. We should never really trust them though, too brown.

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>>Has the best transportation system in the world
Commie dhit

You kike.

>butthurt browno
Kill yourself. :^)

>Has best cerro prayer/crassical musician in word
>Has best mathematician in word
>Has best physicist in word
>Has best transportation system in word
>Has highest quarity of rife per capita
>Has fastest break out time to being nucrear armed due to heavy manufacturing base
>Has rowest crime rate
>and basically your country sucks

>has never lived among Asians

Your entire language is muttified German with raoed Latin and Celtic elements.

The smell is from the cooking. The ingredients used are insanely weird, and it builds up overtime wherever they live.

You're retarded.

You don't get it, hungry hippo, Japan had NO written language until 400 AD at all. For example, the greeks began writing things two thousand years earlier than that.

Why wre western instruments like cello more popular than ethnic Japanese ones?

capsule hotals are litteratly only used for busnissesman drinking who miss the last train home to sleep for 6 hoursd

why do they play them better than you?

I'll admit it, I lold