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>b-but Trump hasnt done anything!

SCHEDULE/WH Public Pool:

>SoS Pompeo meets w/Italian DepPM Salvini 6/17/19
>CommSec Wilburine on Bloomberg 6/17/19
>CommSec Wilburine on CNBC 6/17/19
>HHSSec Azar @USGLC Annual State Leaders Summit 6/17/19
>Trump2020PressSec McEnany on F&F 6/17/19
>America1stPolDir Ellis on FBN 6/17/19
>StateDept Press Brief (Morgan) 6/17/19
>Pres Trump on ABCNews 6/16/19 (pt1) (pt2) (pt3)
>Is-ra-hell PM Bibi unveils Trump Heights 6/16/19
>SoS Pompeo on FoxNewsSun 6/16/19
>SoS Pompeo on FtN 6/16/19
>WHTradeDir Navarro on SunMornFutures 6/16/19
>Happy Birthday Mr President 6/14/19
>ArmyVideo: Army Birthday 6/14/19
>Pres Trump on Health Coverage for Small Biz 6/14/19
>Pres Trump on F&F 6/14/19

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Lopez obrador is being called a trump puppet here

donald ran underage sex rings with roy cohn

>The US is sending 10,000 additional troops to the Middle East “for defensive purposes”, according to acting defence secretary Patrick Shanahan



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Gee I wonder why. Such is the price of not fixing your damn policies years ago.

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by marxist subhumans

How do you do fellow Americans?

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So when did you finally get red-pilled on "all women are whores"? It really hit me a few days ago. I had a crush forever on the vintage actress Grace Kelly and decided to really look into her biography other than the usual summary stuff and what I found was:

>had an affair with and fucked Gary Cooper
>had an affair with and fucked Clark Gable
>had an affair with Bing Crosby who walked into her room one day to fuck her to only find her being fucked by Marlon Brando
>had an affair with and fucked Ray Milland
>was fucked by the Nizari Muslim Prince Aly Khan and the Shah of Iran
>was fucked by the fashion designer Oleg Cassini and aborted her baby
>in 1954 after John F Kennedy had back surgery Grace dressed as a nurse and went into the room to give him a blowjob
>had an affair with and fucked William Holden
>in 1955 she was in jamaica with her sister doing a photoshoot with American fashion photographer Howell Conant, but during her free time she and her sister had group sex with 8 Jamaican men over 3 days and both had abortions upon returning to America
>had an affair with and fucked Cary Grant
>after all of the above, before her wedding to Prince Rainier, Grace Kelly pretended to be a virgin, claiming she broke her hymen playing field hockey in high school

Fucking hell man

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Americans pollute too much, please fund the "green energy" industry with 8 trillion U$D of taxpayer money so Green Peace can be happy destroying even more the environment through mining

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ayy carumba!

Los Chicanos doing good work!

>Mexico’s crackdown on migrants sends some heading south

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To all the losers and haters: Maybe the real trump was inside us all along...

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>“for defensive purposes”
wtf do we need to defend over there. i thought that we were done with pointless forever wars.

I already know about the dems data game, and how it translated to the ground. like you said, it was easy getting data to the dems. In 2012 we had (go ahead ask em about it : GOPDataBase) a clunky as fuck system that was almost as bad as the data their third parties were sending us.
>actually talking politics on Jow Forums
well fuck me running. to be fair, maybe .1% of these fags will ever actually WORK in politics

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1,000 people for defensive purposes

it's literally nothing

>>after all of the above, before her wedding to Prince Rainier, Grace Kelly pretended to be a virgin, claiming she broke her hymen playing field hockey in high school
This is why hymen breaking activities were generally considered "not ladylike."

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we are

I wonder how much emissions and pollution are produced mining the rare earths for solar panels and smelting the steel for the blades in turbines

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Women have been this way for all of time. Their body is their asset. One you realize that, and that they have the mentality of children for the most part, you're a leg up on the game.

"Green" energy is a multi-trillion dollar scam.

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Ok new thread time, seriously someone help me I want to get back on board.
I was sold on nationalism which I thought meant isolationist foreign policy. All I've seen is another neocon doing Netanyahu's bidding. Help anons

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That’s some nice anecdotal evidence you have there, I totally believe you that Mexico is doing their part and AMLO is Trump’s bitch and not the other way around.

>William Holden

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How else am I supposed to know what you're up to when you've been on the front cover seventeen times already?

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yeah but don't you think he would have been suspicious once he fucked her and realized her pussy was as loose as a black hole?

She was a fucking hollywood address, the most kiked industry in the world, wtf were you expecting? How about instead of thinking all women are whores you instead stop looking up to jewcocksucking whores?

Would never call my mother anything like that, but, when I heard from my sister that my own mother had had an abortion. The "It could have been me" feelings haven't left since. She showed me the path to god by taking me to church against my atheist dads wishes, though, so she's really nice.

Worst of it is that if a solar panel breaks, there is no fucking other use for it besides throwing it on the garbage, don't get me wrong, they are good for a few uses but not as a major energy producing system like providing electricity for big regions and industry

>>had an affair with and fucked Gary Cooper
desu I'd have an affair and fuck Gary Cooper.

>t. nervous roastie

Filter Guide Tips and Tricks
>Lazy Word Filter Give Me's
These almost never come up in any comment that isn't being posted by a faggot or a somebody bringing attention to a faggot. Win win.
Also work wonders if you already know about the General Hasidic race's' overall treachery and don't want to talk about it every day. Otherwise, you need to be informed so leave these out.
>Pro Control no word filter hard mode
Turn on Jow Forums key shortcuts and filter (duh)
Highlight the offending ID
Check the two boxes to the right
There you go. Simple and easy filter guide for non extension using Jow Forums goers.

80% of the worst polluting cities in America are in California

>Liberals- not even once.

>I mean listen to Trump's speaking style before 2012, it's totally different from 2019 after he was kidnapped and deepfaked by the LSD spider cyborg Jupiterians

I like how you think you're going to notice Trump switching styles over half a decade when you just transitioned to schizoposting in half a sentence

Notice shills pretend that we weren't at war for 30 fucking years for Israel until Trump stopped it?

Are we at war now?

Did we go to war in Syria like shills said?

Did we go to war in Korea like shills said?

Did we go to war in Venezuela like shills said?

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your mother is a godforsaken whore baby killer. and you're a shameless cuck for defending her

in any case, after i saw the cock up of 2012 I swore never to get into politics again.
until that fucking asshole trump showed up
he kinda lit a fire under my ass.
dunno if i'd ever work for them again though
unless they made some MAJOR changes to data and GOTV

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I've heard stories, none of them good. I could probably put something better together with a couple of webdevs, AWS lambda/dynamo, and a case of beer in an evening.

>to be fair, maybe .1% of these fags will ever actually WORK in politics
That's a side effect of being the one place on the Internet you can say BOY I SURE DO HATE NIGGERS without getting banned or doxed. Everyone from ditch diggers to Trump himself has posted here, so you get a lot of noise with the signal.

Vaginal restoration surgery is a thing today, and probably was back then.

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>checks flag
Schwartzers, every time

calling shenanigans on that, what is the definition of "pollution" they are using?

and if you are here you KNOW what i mean by "data"

>8 Jamaican men over 3 days and both had abortions upon returning to America
This is where I draw the line. Coal burning whore deserves to get stoned.

I do like this worldbuilding tho

They also pretend that Trump ran as some kind of anti-Israel crusader and swore to end legal immigration

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The argument that Trump is a neocon makes no sense.

imo the grass roots was so desperate to go against what Obama was doing, they would backed Romney if they hadn't been squashed. They would have swallowed that bitter pill. But maybe if the movement hadn't been killed someone better than Romney would've come up that they would've supported. Maybe even Trump 4 years earlier. Trump was already giving speeches at CPAC in 2012. So he was already sniffing around for a bid imo.

At any rate, he (Romney) wasn't the man for the job. Establishment, NeoCon repubs saw Mitt as a Regans-esque figure when he wasn't. Reagan had a populist quality that Mitt could never do. Mitt was too much like Hillary. Too desperate to get elected. That leaked speech he made to donors shitting on the average joe killed it for him.

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Particulate pollution in the air

Not defending, merely forgiving.

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No, he ran as a nationalist which one would think means isolationist. You idiots are just as deluded as the fucks over at r/T_D

C02 emissions are below China, yet still above everyone else.
But we are pretty responsible with physical garbage disposal.

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The corner of one of Natty's eyes is fucked up

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>W-what impeachment protests?

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>Did we go to war in Syria like shills said?
>Did we go to war in Korea like shills said?
>Did we go to war in Venezuela like shills said?
because nobody supports it anymore
she is just a bimbo

>gon to store
>12 fucking aisle
>1 cahs regiter
>wait in queue
>FINALLY get there
>do u kno da wae?
>she no not da qween
>buy charmin anywae

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Who here /excited/?

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>there's still no video games where you play as a black lesbian transwoman

Racism is worse than ever. This is literally as bad as 49 holocausts.

CO2 is good for the environment, it's food for plants.

1/3 of the air pollutant particles in Californian coastal cities originate in China, it slowly drifts over the Pacific ocean over a long period of time.

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It's happening

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>>Did we go to war in Syria like shills said?
>>Did we go to war in Korea like shills said?
>>Did we go to war in Venezuela like shills said?
>because nobody supports it anymore
Nobody supported it in 1991 or 2001, Zoomer.

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Yeah, I get you. It's tough to go back into a place that's burned you that badly before. I could say the same thing about other places I've worked, although not in politics. If you want to take another crack at it our side could use the help, but I don't blame you if you stay private-sector either.

>blue check mark
literally every time

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They sold the Americans a big lie ever since the Ozone meme, made them use more dangerous gases on industry.


Where would he find the time with all this shitposting.

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Plus wasting trillions of dollars on the industry to change all that was required

and you are a dick sucking faggot.

>Vaginal restoration surgery is a thing today, and probably was back then.
>and probably was back then.


Wake me up when its happening

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>Nancy: we are NOT impeaching Trump
>Also Nancy: we are DEFINITELY impeaching Trump

I would ask how anybody could get behind Nancy but then I remembered that Nancy is a THICC wop milf and I would TOTALLY get behind her guts

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I think it's cars not factories. I never trust random statistics like that either but I do think that Smaug is California's monster.

Right, but too much of it can still have negative effects on the immediate environment.
Some animals have been observed to evolve and adapt to industrial pollution.

stupid boomers did,
9 11 was the last time a false flag could be done

>speaks of God
>doesn't know the meaning of forgiveness

it's up to her Creator whether or not she's forgiven, not you

ugh. what i'm saying is i want to help. it disgusts me, but nobody could ever run *redacted* like I could. I always got the best numbers. however i'd rather not get bullshitted. It won't change my job, or anything I do. But I prefer to fight for a campaign that WANTS to win. Not some limp dick bullshittery that crushes the hearts of thousands of my volunteers and practically breaks my county leadership apart. I'm not doing that ever again.
Fuck Mitt Romney.

He ran on not getting involved in stupid wars, which he hasn't.

this is a trick, because McCain should stay at rest

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Won’t be millions now that he’s gone and tipped them off. True genius at work.

>School Officials Complain as Trump’s Migration Reforms Redirect Funds to American Children
Why is Trump diverting funds to American schoolchildren?

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are you speaking for God now, you disgusting heathen?

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Is this Newtonian bait?

He never ran as isolationist. He ran as America First -- ie, engaged in the world and getting as beneficial (as possible) outcomes for the United States.

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Measurements were bullshit back then, measurements right now are being compared to broken data and computer generated long term effects from non-elected bureaucrats on UN "scientific panels" and even NASA was caught changing data to fit narratives in regards to temperatures.
These people are just alarmism peddlers in it for the cash, ignoring most polluters when they are their political allies.

God, I hope some activists try and interfere with the removals just so I can see them get body slammed onto the pavement.

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Maybe he just wants them to go peacefully by their own volition.

God I wish that was me

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I'm not going to watch that, is there some kind of lesson I'm supposed to take away from it?

just wondering how many immigrant smugglers are actually funded by the CIA