Tfw so much gay in our world that our cars are now gay

>tfw so much gay in our world that our cars are now gay
>the cars are so gay now that the fwd is actually stockholming some and making their enthusiast of the ludicrous shit function like the production of gay
>gay little homo enthusiast can't into independent rear suspension so they fiddle around with each other in the drawing room until shit literally sticks
>all hatch-backs need to look like half chopped butt-plugs
>NO we aren't going to give you a nicely made inline4 BRO what about this sigggg ego boost :DDD V6, and how about V8 bros yeah bro i go to bars, and get laid bro, and sometimes I hang at malls, and people acknowledge me, and I acknowledge the stiffy I make bro
>tfw gay little homos need automatics or they start fucking screeching in a panic like it's life or death
>or little faggot homos drop the trans
face it if you're driving an automatic fwd car right now you're a gay little homolust, and you're probably not white

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>face it if you're driving an automatic fwd car right now you're a gay little homolust, and you're probably not white
Any V8 thats not an GM LS or pre-90s engine is pretty gay as well

Also reminder we could have had DOHC all-aluminum hemi v8s with 7000RPM+ redlines in the 70s if it wasnt for faggot libtards and their emissions laws

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20 yr old 4banging fwd 5spd jap shitbox with zero mods and factory paint masterrace reporting in.

also is that way faggot.

>The miata owner thinking he is worth shit

What the fuck

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this is politics because all countries have been making really gay shitboxes with shitbox engines so shut the public fuck-hole which is your fucking mouth you fucking nigger-faggot

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Oldsmobile had experimental engines in the late 60s that were more advanced than anything a european automotive maker could come out with until the 90s

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t.drives a bike

Dude you've been drinking, put the bottle down a little bit and take a nap.

Even Pontiac had prototype OHC aluminum big block V8s that could rev to 8000RPM+ before faggots ruined it

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hanging of the lib when? then we will ride

Chrysler did as well

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hey how about you make like a leaf, and fuck off

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Oldsmobile was far along enough in development they even sent samples to dealers to show off

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these are based don't stop why can't we be based what the fuck
this adds good hp

Some of the oldsmobile prototype engines were twin turbo and making 700HP+, something automakers only recently could do again in the past few years with the dodge hellcat

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>Insert predictable Anti-Canadian meme
>Wait for approval from fellow Jow Forums users

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Chevy also had a DOHC all aluminum 350 in development, fuel injected as well in the late 60s

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the dodge hellcat is a piece of shit

fuck bro we were based at some point what the fuck they went out of their ways to prevent us from being masculine car boys

Smog laws literally set the US automotive industry decades behind, Oldsmobile in particular was far enough to have casting foundries entirely set up for DOHC all aluminum big blocks

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Who gives a fuck about cars

>greekhomoyogurtgoatfucker who doesn't drive
lmaoing at your life mr sister fister

We went from beautiful statements of American exceptionalism with ridiculous amounts of power that literally advertised white american dominance to FWD econoboxes in only a few decades

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You need to calm down you’re acting hysterical maybe you need to see a therapist to deal with your homophobia

you can't donate blood because you're dirty