John Bolton

What is this fruitcake's fucking problem?

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Poor fitting shoes.

he n-needs to oil his rack and pinon. he needs to dip his engine rod.

Adrenochrome shortage.

Go to war, c'mon just fuckin' do it

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nice image resolution

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This is spot fucking on.

He’s Protestant so he thinks Jesus wants him to help expand Israel

Doesn't take shit off anybody. Fortunately, he's American.

Hes not pussy like Obama

Iran war.

No problem whatsoever. His love of Jews reflects accurately on the average American.

>What is this fruitcake's fucking problem?
he eats heeb shit directly of jewish assholes, his mustache is for wiping the kike's asshole clean when he has sufficiently eaten enough heeb shit

The Iranians HAVE been a problem for 40 years and when this nation had real patriots and real men we did not put up with their shit.

This country is pathetically weak for not reacting for so long

Has nothing to do with invasion or all out war

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Fuck off faggot, all the way back Ron Paul and before, we've been denouncing and showing your bullshit for what it is. Iranians aren't interested nor are wanting to destroy the USA. Its all part of the stupid MIC complex we have going on that keep warmongering fucks in their seats. Like every other war since Vietnam, its just more horseshit.

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You are just a fucking COWARD ass carrying water for America's enemy's u piece of shit

Ive Hated him since i first saw him, during GWB administration

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Great, no retort. Have fun dying for Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and Haliburton's profits cuck.

Every real American knows all these wars are bullshit, do-nothing moneysinks for the MIC.

Get fucked

he's a nigger

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He’s one of those fucks that hung around several administrations. He ended up ambassador to the UN because W wanted to piss them off. Bolton doesn’t like the UN because he routinely tells them to fuck themselves and that the US shouldn’t pay UN dues. So, he was pretty much a lock for the gig. Other than that he’s your standard issue hawk asshole. The flip side is that every now and then you want to have one of these cunts around. This is one of those times.

Have him around as in having you enemies closer type thing?

He just wants to war the fuck out of everything.

Sure, that works, but what I had in mind was more:
>we need to blow the shit of some place that might be a problem
>go break the glass on the case where we keep all these wackadoos

Bolton is just another one of the chickenhawks in the Trump administration

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>another one of the chickenhawks
Another? Name three more and one can’t be Pompeo.


Why hasn't some veteran at a dinner taken a steak knife and stabbed Bolton's hand with it?

Trump Jr.
UN woman niki something.

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Nikki Haley

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He's a Jew.

The guy takes a hardline position on supporting Israel including arming KSA. That’s not what I’d call hawkish.
>Trump Jr
Same as above.
>Nikki Haley
Same as above and hasn’t been a part of the administration for about a year.

Post the pic of him with his good goy medal

M8, you're glowing brighter than the fucking sun at the moment, tone it down lol.


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Weak bait tbqhfam. I bet you're Canadian

Try psycho. He wants war . He's about to get it

He's a Boomer stuck in the 1990 with old Rush Limbaugh shows.

Dumb redneck sucking war biz dick

Fuck off.
A patriot protects his country, like...from a invasion of latinos ? A patriot would also hang people like you.

Dealing with the stinking Camel raping shit skins doesnt do ONE FUCKING THING to change or degree stopping those BEANERS NOT ONE QUIT SUCKING RUSSIAN COCK YOU COWARDS


can you feel the rope getting tighter?

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>That’s not what I’d call hawkish.
Hmm, what countries most desire for regime change in Iran I wonder? That also have the support of neocons, the MIC and a powerful, influential lobby?

You get two guesses.

nothing. he's based, has high t, and wants to slaughter our enemies without regret.

you all must get the onions enema on the daily.

>wants to slaughter our enemies without regret
he wants you to get slaughtered to protect your enemies, you dumbass

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t. Lockheed, Boeing, Raytheon, Monsanto, and Aston Martin posting at once

According to the European Union, Bolton is an agent working for foreign interests:
>Senior EU offcial: Trump not in control of Iran policy, should fire Bolton

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Boomer, dont vote for anyone over 50, or youll just get a puppet that obeys their masters.

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If he was a patriot he would have hanged kikes for sponsoring the spic invasion, selling American tech to the Chinese and underming America's Democracy.

Like most neocons, he's a dipshit bully and coward that only revels in conflict and stomping people without getting his hands dirty.

He is the face of the deep state.