UK to accept 'thousands more refugees'

UK to accept 'thousands more refugees'


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>those comments

Glad to see we're not completely lost just yet.

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>Pakistani home secretary
The fucking state of britain



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>puppy dog eyes
Non-whites are so pathetic.
>we NEED to accept more of my relatives otherwise Britain is an island of immorality

Theyre just the boomers who wont take action and will still vote conservative for tax cuts and more holidays to the Maldives

who elects these people. who promotes them. cmon now. do we even have any control over who rules us?

This is the very definition of accelerationism and that is a good thing

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Niggeroid muttified 53%

At least cunts commenting are vaguely human, couldn't see a single tweet supporting it

Nobody even barely elects them, the tories had to do a deal with DUP in Ireland to be able to form a government because of a lack of voters..

At this stage I wont vote for anyone wearing red blue or yellow.

>sajid javid
>sadiq khan
The uk, us, canada, and sweden are having a race to see who can destroy their country the fastest

Do they ever say why the citizens should want this?

they dont have a giving reasons loicense so they cant

haha, shitty.

I have my reasons-getting loicense so they fucking better

Would you faggots allows us a little ray of hope, just this once? FUCKKKK

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it's not like we're a fucking island with social services already under strain and poorly managed.
it's not like there's multiple other countries who could accept refugees.

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I cant wait to make fun of all the britniggers on here for talking shit

>TOHREES on the verge of getting wiped the fuck out
>angry Brexitgangers ready to make Farage prime minister
>Mummy May decides to make minister pajeet invite billions more shitskins

Are they just trying to destroy their party at this point?

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>They are poor people looking for a better life
Is what they say now.

>Doing the work the English are too lazy to do.

Was the excuse ten year ago.
No doubt some other new justification for it will arise and Brits will say nothing.

People who cannot constitute or even just operate a functioning country.
Yeah let’s bring loads of them in, that will work.

I understand your need for revenge. It must be tough for you.

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Lol fuck.
Those comments.
Something is going to snap. I can feel it.

This is the thing, Britain is extremely overcrowded by European standards. There are legitimate reasons to say no to refugees. I think Luxembourg has some get out clause regarding freedom of movement because they were considered too crowded already

They're actually legally obligated to do this, as per the UN migration compact and Marrakesh/Barcelona agreements.
The Labour party and Brexit party will also be bound to this.
That's the sad thing about all of this, it doesn't matter who we elect. The Labour party might bring extra in on top, but they all have to bring a certain number in regardless.

To be fair, everythings already fucked. Londons gone, Birminghams gone.

Millions unemployed, NHS in crisis, women are horrendous, weathers horrible, cant afford to buy a house.

No wonder the suicide rate is astronomical

I-I don't understand user senpai.
Why is this happening?

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Britain used to say no. Then a London mayor of peace and a Home Secretary of Peace, and the Police bending the knee of peace. Now Britain says yes sir Muhammad, how many cocks should I suck, sir?

All you yanks need to take a look at the twitter replies and then see if you can call us cucked.
If this was about American immigration I guarantee you 70% of the replies would be in support.

Its insane. Traffic in major cities is a joke. We literally live on top of each other in tower blocks. Every job has on average 50 applications

The UN has no real power. Its a smokescreen.

And what will anyone do when we tell them to fuck off?

All shitskins are subhuman, they destroy nature, they destroy culture, they destroy race, they destroy countries, then escape to other countries.
>adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 9 December 1948
>genocide in legal terms
>Definition of genocide
>Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
>Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.




enrichment incoming

Let’s get this party started.

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I walked through Birmingham yesterday and they were installing custom moulded flower pots ontop of these "temporary" barriers.
>"This is the new normal, everything is fine, these are part of the decoration now!"

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Or you can do what America did and pull out of that shit and tell them that there are no wars in Europe and thus refugees have no right to flood in for gibs

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True, if we were to withdraw from all those agreements and tell them to piss off, they couldn't really enforce it. They'll send some jewish international lawyers, we might have to pay some bullshit fines just to shut them the fuck up but that'll be it.
BUT-Who among our political leaders today can you seriously see doing that? Even Farage wouldn't go up against the world bodies, it'd take some fringe bastard like Nick Griffin kek

No you are not White
Yes your country is less than 49% White
Yes you count Arabs, North Africans and Chechens as White in the US Census
Yes you destroyed the world
Yes you are the most pathetic cucks in history
Yes you bombed the Middle East to satisfy Israel thus causing the refugee crisis to Europe
Yes you are destroying the European race
No you have no right to laugh at anyone
No you don't have any culture or dignity
Yes you are the number 1 producers and consumers of cuck porn and interracial porn in the world
Yes you should end yourselves

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I didn't realize there was a serious war going on nearby to the UK.

London is now little more than a huge open air human zoo.

Very sad.

He's a candidate for next PM too.

enjoy the fugees nigger

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My home city. So depressing whats happend to it. Enoch Powell gave his rivers of blood speech in Birmingham.

Was he wrong? No. He underestimated

Parliament is entirely compromised. Ever since 1812.

I too would like an answer to this

Sajid Javid is not even remotely as bad as Sadiq Khan though. He says he is not a Muslim, he says it's stupid to claim terror has nothing to do with Islam, and is married to a practising Christian. That said, he's still a neoconservative.

damn lol

Your country is more africanized than africa wigger nigger

the youth have been compromised with (((global warming))) when they should be looking at their homeland and wondering why they are inheriting a nigger infested shithole where they will be racially abused and attacked and discriminated against by entitled third world low IQ subhuman scum shipped in by other shit coloured invaders and supported by the police and politicians who all belong in prison as traitors

Britain is a joke.
Gonna enjoy your agony, cucks.

>more refugees
why don't they just get their own country?

Soooooo what was Brexit abaut again?


I think it is abaut time for young Brits to take the gobberment Governing loisence.

Don't think the globalhomo isn't coming for you guys next friend

Young Brits are spineless little shits who are Moor indoctrinated with Marxist shit from preschool than even Germany.

they won't come to a dead land.

university is a hellhole

The future of white children in Europe all white countries is literally on the edge of catastrophe. No wonder white people are not having kids. Their homelands and everything that generations of white people have fought and died for is being given away by fucking niggers to other fucking niggers because they couldn't make their own countries work so they are stealing ours. Really makes you think.

Dang, the really want an extreme pendulum swing, don’t they.

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ONLY thousands? try millions.
Can't wait for the britcucks to be raped out of existence, a proper 'reward' for those siding with JUDEN.

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Absolute state of brit-cucks.

I like your honesty.

>angry bong
>going to memeflag
>crypto jew.jpg

I have a couple of 30yo palls from the island that came to work and live here with their families when their neigbourhoods got overrun with Pakies and started forcing shiaria law on them. One of them tried to fight back and ended one year in prison. During that time his daughter was attemptedly raped but managed to get sway and they emidatly sold allthwir shit and moved to Bulgaria. The other guy had a lotless dramatic story but similar. Now they make 500 pound monthly and live in a big ass house next to the forest, the other one is in apartmenr. Sayed they have never felt happier despite the shit money. That is some horror happenings on the island user

This is a game to them, they are fervently trying to prove who is the most compassionate government. Fuck the people who actually have to live next door to the dusty third world trash.

I feel for yas , I do They are trying to wipe out the white race

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My favorite part is the siren in the background at the end.

Best of luck, UKEKS!

what the fuck is with european white countries letting muzzies run the immigration department?

pic related is canadas immigration minister


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The whole system is rigged. Even when the people do manage to vote for some (eg. brexit) the powers that be find some way to make it not happen. Fuck this gay clown country.

You think the peasantry matters? I should really invest in collecting laughing images, but there's no reason to laugh while living in clown world.

Javid does still claim to be muslim but uses the get-out-clause of "i identify as a muslim but im not a practicing muslim". Slightly better that Khan but they're both shit from the same colon.

The whole refugee thing is a scam. Any white man would happily fight and die in his homeland. These "refugees" leave their women and children behind and come to live off of handouts paid by for by European tax payers. The nearest warzone is thousands of miles from the UK. Spending more European taxpayers money on shipping these subhumans thousands of miles to come here. The whole thing is disgusting.

Amazing how they solved the housing crisis, NHS waiting times and unemployment overnight so they could have a surplus in housing, jobs and hospital beds to be able to import millions more people. What a job the conservative party have done!

No we won't. Even better than that, Sajid Javid will not see the end of the day.

I wonder do you understand that your homeland is destroyed? How that feels?

Hey the more they take the less there is for the next democrat to bring into our country. I love the UK now.

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They are traitors.

May God bless belgians for slaying 8 millions of niggers in Congo

Jesus fuck get this Paki out

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At this point you just have to accept that they want some sort of conflict, right? I mean if they wanted to replace you they would do it slowly over a larger period of time, much like boiling a frog.

every flag in this thread is experiencing replacement which makes the glow niggers stand out even more than usual.

Lots of white British know very well what it’s like to see their homeland destroyed

Oi that's an illegal license! They're associated with non-crime hate incidents, which are an arrestable offence!

>"Sajid Javid"

This would have been odd and newsworthy about 5 years ago. Now, it's just normal. No, I'm not trying to be funny. This is what normal is/has been in the UK for some time.

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But its justified of course because Britain is le evil colonizer and two wrongs make a right.