Styx, the smartest man in America has spoken.
Did Jow Forums jump the gun on this one as usual?

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is this the guy from hwndu?

He talks about how Venezuela is collapsing any day now and wants intervention, what did you expect from a lolberg

fuck off you genetic abomination

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Honestly if the US wants something they will do anything to get it.
I swear you need to calm down.
War is part of the culture now.

Whoa another alt kiker pushing neocon narratives. Imagine the odds

Styx lives in his own little world and doesn't really know what the rest of the country is like.

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Doubt [x]
He's a major influencer and a prime target for canned soup agencies

Ever wonder why the same e-celebs keep being spammed here Jow Forums?

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Vermonters are a bunch of dicks

>meme flag
Reminder: an army of well funded, well organized jew shills patrol the internet in effort to shut down any counter-jew discussion and to promote the globalist anti-white jew agenda.
>ACT.IL shill recruitment video
>Why Facebook and Google Are Complying With Israel to Delete Certain Content
>Israel’s Online Shadow Operations
>Numerous well funded, organized projects by and for Israel work to flood social media with pro-Israel propaganda, while blocking facts Israel dislikes. The projects utilize Israeli soldiers, students, American teens and others, and range from infiltrating Wikipedia, Reddit and Jow Forums to influencing YouTube. Some operate out of Jewish Community Centers in the U.S.
>Israel launches secret squad to challenge negative image & boycott campaign
>"Israel's Internet Censorship War - If Americans Knew"
>"The Lobby P1: Young Friends of Israel – Al Jazeera Investigations"
>"JIDF Editing on Wikipedia"
>Israeli American Council shill recruitment video
>How Israel lobbies and shills manipulate the USA
>"Defamation" – Documentary about how acusations of anti-semitism are used as a JIDF tool to silence goyim who criticize anything related to jews.

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>Ever wonder why the same e-celebs keep being spammed here Jow Forums?

Leftists trying to drive audiences away from "influencers" that don't follow a far-left narrative.

I think Iran may have been convinced the US will not do anything. I don't know by whom.
I believe they did bomb the tankers. if you pay attention to the rest of their behavior lately they just don't give a fuck. They're spinning up their centerfuges and flipping off the world.
I fully expect us to be at war with them before the next election if not before July if they don't have a revolution or some massive change in leadership immediately.

A normal politician would want to delay any sort of action until after the election. Trump is not normal.

Definitely a pedo

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Take the libertarian pill annon. Stay in the middle and stand for nothing. Everything is the same. The free market will fix every problem.

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Iran didnt attack the tankers, people have to be so god damned stupid, after all the pressure on Iran for years, the fucking wars in Yemen Iraq and Syria, Iran has done nothing but win in the face of everything, they like Assad are not stupid enough to do shit that will blatantly get US involvement. The less the do, the more they win, and thats unacceptable to Israel and Saudi Arabia, hence why it serve NO ONES interest except theirs to instigate a war between the most powerful nation on earth and there arch enemy Iran.

>A normal politician would want to delay any sort of action until after the election. Trump is not normal.

Unless a certain tragic event were to occur, user-kun

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So your excuse is
>hur dur they dont give a fuck user even if it means a total war scenario

as opposed to fucking Saudis and Israelis trying to false flag to get us to invade there fucking arch enemy Iran, bc Iran is on their way to becoming regional Hegemon.

If it was off the coast of Yemen, and the Houthis claimed it, id believe it was Iran then. But in Hormuz? Why the fuck would they do that.

Isnt the government sending 1k soldiers?
Wonder what will it be of them?

It'd be wise to not listen to what an occultic satanist says. Even has 666 in his name, so edgy. Jesus is lord, deal with it.

You do nothing but talk out your ass but the fact you've managed to do it for so long is impressive

There's a number of ways they could go about it. Maybe even taking it to the homeland and start pointing fingers. Either way all signs point to something big

How the fuck would this cunt know it was Iran?

Mark my words the high ranks of the military know, a US carrier sitting in the Persian Gulf at the onset of a war with Iran is a literal sitting duck, my guess is they will let it get missile and sunk in order to have a casus belli for a total war, and full mobilization.

>I fully expect us to be at war with them before the next election if not before July if they don't have a revolution or some massive change in leadership immediately.
what a fucking tool.

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Pearl Harbor Part Deux: Electric Jewgaloo

no, hes one of the few decent people on youtube that can actually predict and inform. Which is why the shills attack him everytime. It's hilarious to watch

My thought exactly. It work before and if Iran doesnt take the bait hell the did will be done either way.
Seen this shit happen in real time turns my stomach.

Obvious false flag

>German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said on Friday the video is not sufficient to prove the US claim that Iran was behind the attacks, Maas, who was in Iran earlier this week on an official two-day visit, told reporters in Oslo.
>Nathalie Tocci, a senior adviser to European foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini also rejected the US allegations, saying, “Before we blame someone, we need credible evidence.”
Iranians are deeply rational actors, she said. And for Iran to have attacked a Japanese ship when the Japanese prime minister was in Tehran “is not an especially rational thing to do.”
>Russia warns against ‘hasty conclusions’ about tanker incidents in Sea of Oman
Russia has warned against jumping to conclusions about a Thursday incident involving two oil tankers in the Sea of Oman, which the United States has claimed were attacks carried out by Iran.
>President Xi: China to promote ties with Iran no matter what
Chinese President Xi Jinping says Beijing will continue to promote steady development of ties with Tehran no matter how the situation changes.
>Former top US intelligence official Paul Pillar, questions Pompeo's credibility and accusations against Iran.
" And no one has yet explained why the Iranian regime would go out of its way to embarrass Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan—which has been one of the leading buyers of Iranian oil—by sabotaging a Japanese tanker on the very day Abe was meeting with Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei."
> Israeli lobyist suggests false flag to cause America to go to war with Iran

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no my excuse is they don't think Trump will do anything.
They're flexing to try and fight sanctions. Trying to make trump look bad by crashing the nuclear deal. They created an international incident to draw all eyes to them. They made it painfully obvious it was them that did it.
And now they sit back and say "do it faggot" just like Saddam did in the 90s. He too thought we weren't gonna do shit if he invaded Kuwait.

Iran has a much better case for thinking we won't do shit. Everyone is crying false flag about this. Meanwhile they're claiming that we've broken the agreement so they can increase their uranium production.
They know everyone is gun shy. They know it's election time. They know everyone hates trump. They know he disagrees with Bolton. Israel is in a domestic crisis with Bibis corruption scandal. They have a pretty good case for thinking we won't do a damn thing about this.

I just happen to think they've read Trump wrong. They've directly disrespected him on top of everything else.

He's a crossdressing faggot.

>They created an international incident to draw all eyes to them. They made it painfully obvious it was them that did it.
Feeling second hand embarrassment here.

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Classic short-man syndrome.

Do you actually believe what you're saying or just glowing in the dark?

>Everyone is crying false flag about this.
The real world is not Jow Forums, I'd tell you to have sex but I know it's impossible for you since you're a virgin incel.

everyone but the voters know who did it.

I dont think Iran wants to provoke a fight at the moment, maybe after the war in syria is over, and Iraq and Syria are rebuilt and prepared better to fight Israel. But at the current moment no. I do think their proxy the Houthis would as they are in a state of actual war with the Saudis, but not in Hormuz, thats Iranian territory. Besides the Ship owner and crew all deny it was a mine, some say missile, and some say an aerial possibly small drone attack?

The crews of the ships reportedly witnessed small flying aircraft/object around the ship before the attack. And the owner of the ship does not buy into the current western propaganda surrounding the issue.

Idk about you user but i cant dismiss some of these details.

Sure thats why the main stream media had to come up and call normies calling it a false flag paid russians.

is this guy retarded? Why do people with opinions like this always start out with "well I believe the evidence" as if we haven't seen this type of scenario play out a million times before. Do they think it makes them sound smart/credible as opposed to sounding like a useful idiot?

Jesus dude youre absolutely obsessed

Slide slide slippity slide
Sage sage sageity sage

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Iran doesn't want a fight. That's why they're doing this.
I'm unconcerned with the actual cause of the explosions. What matters is how they're playing it.
The EU is having flashbacks of Iraq 2.0 when it comes to our evidence that it was Iran. They don't trust us after WMD hearings that dragged them into that whole disaster. The nip is siding with the crew you mentioned.
The US just slapped them with sanctions. They don't like this. They want the EU/Sauds to pressure us to stop it. Or at least not enforce sanctions of their own.
This is a negotiation tactic not a prelude to war. At least as far as they see it.

They're showing the world there are consequences to these sanctions, and they have every reason to believe no one is willing to nut up and really deal with them. I think they're wrong.

We know how you glowniggers type now lol kys retard

>Japan's PM visiting Iran
>Seems like a good day for an international provocation and drawing ever-wanted attention of US and allies
>Let's go and plant some bombs in visible orange vests
>We're also taking back those bombs that didn't go off
>US drone with 144p 25 fps camera appears just behind them
US next day:
>It was Iran that is behind that provocation, j-just trust me daddies

Looks plausible to me xD

Styx has become just another MAGA shill
>Trust the plan goy

Fuck off styx, ya tranny

Ah, yes. Styx or your average good hearted American.
>I am abosolutely against intervention in any country, also Venezuela
>we should give weapons to the opposition so they can duke it out, wouldn't that be funny, heh.

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>we should give weapons to the opposition so they can duke it out, wouldn't that be funny, heh.
Man been a while since I watched the kike but the fucker said that?

don't recall that statement.

wanna link to that?


I watch all his vids

>>I am abosolutely against intervention in any country, also Venezuela
>>we should give weapons to the opposition so they can duke it out, wouldn't that be funny, heh.

Yep, 3-4 weeks ago.

This is just sad to see you try and fail so miserably

Trump said it was Iran.

tried to stomach 2 of his videos on Venezuela to see if I could find the quote but the sanctimonious cunt is unbearable.

hes been eating better so maybe, but hes also an edgy satanist fuck

>Take the libertarian pill annon.
Lolbertarians green light most of this degenerate shit so actually you can all get the bullet instead.

>I think they are wrong
Are you going to land on the beaches of Hormuz?

He's far too old so instead he's planning on sending his wife's son.

be happy to. A conventional invasion is a dream deployment. Certainly beats playing bomb squad for a bunch of dirt farming goat fuckers.

Iran did do it, but it's really nothing but vandalism. It's not a serious attack, and there will be no war as a result. They're frustrated with their no-win situation.

>I watch all his vids
No you don't, he is in favor of intervention if theres a crisis in the western hemisphere.
He has advocated for US involvement in Venezuela several times.

Lmao keep posting this is great

jew spotted.

You're not going to get Americans to die for wars that benefit israel, you sneaky. worthless cunts.

Iran bullshit always comes up the year before a presidential election

Nothing to see here.

I'm sorry I can't hear you over your Israeli cock slurping.

B-b-but i followed this guy and even donated to his hatreon. He was going to show me his dick.

Listen up you stupid fucks. 9 out of 10 right wingers are in it for Israel, lower taxes and scamming money off their foot soldiers. The 10th is a clinically insane literal naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews. Take your pick.


He's a jew shilling war to Americans so israel can steal more land and resources for themselves.

He's either trying to appease the normie conservatives in his audience, or he's literally just retarded.

Nice proxy you got there, hasbara fag.

it's not the tanker attacks that lead to war it's the uranium enrichment.
If they leave them at the speeds they've just increased to they'll be at agreement capacity by August. If they increase speed it signals a shift to weapons grade. Or if they increase their heavy water supply.
We're right back where we were when Obama signed the first deal that worked out for them so well. They have every reason to think these provocations will work out in their favor again. Particularly when the US is the only nation excited about these new sanctions.

It's the same way these "rogue" regimes have negotiated for years now they sabre rattle and get everyone riled up and then we give them some food or money so they'll shut up and calm down.

rogan is out of place with a room temperature IQ he can't remember what he did last week and repeats the same stupid shit, guy is afraid to talk about anything controversial last time eddie bravo was on fucking pussy and those two dykes are no one fucking cares. just a bunch of fucking kikes who live in world of thought experiments.

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I still don't get how people aren't automatically put off by his satanic bullshit. The left hand path is about expediency and justifies any and all moral ills. If he's a true satanist then he has no qualms about deception or murder but the dumb goyim still trust the rat faced bastard.

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>retarded homo eceleb
>channel (((mysteriously))) untouched by Jewtube censors
Fuck off, Styx

You find it, mister I watch all his videos without knowing his opinions on Venezuela.

>If they leave them at the speeds they've just increased to they'll be at agreement capacity by August.
Just disarm man. Look how well that worked for Syria...

If this was the last woman on earth what would you do

If she shaved maybe

Iran is based and redpilled. Name me one fucking country with the balls to do this.


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fuck off styx. you’re basically a less dumb alt-light race traitor faggot who larps as muh neutral centrist by shoehorning “b-b-but the right does this too” into every other issue and it’s obnoxious and retarded kill yourself

Except theyre not armed yet. They want breakout capability for this exact reason. But if they get it then the Saudis get it, and God knows who else. Half the fucking middle east.

only the joos deserve nukes fellow gohim.

He openly has advocated for military intervention in Venezuela and decapitation strikes against North Korea

Not that the republicans care. They hate America as much as the democrats do.

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shill 101 in action

How many times have I got to tell you faggots this?
Styx is surface level, normie tier basic bitch in his commentary.
It is clear by watching just one of his videos that he does not research a fucking thing he talks about other than his hobby=occultism. (btw, that's satanic, never trust a fag into the occult)
How can he possibly research anything when he's pumping out 8 vids a day? He's basically a libertarian version of a CNN anchor.

Good viewing choice.
Vince isn't as well researched as i'd like but he's basically all there in his views and gets the gist. Good fella.

>if he is a true satanist
he is not

he is not a woman but that doesnt stop him from dressing as one.

I bet Rubin touching him made lil' Benji's skin crawl in this pic.

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Come now annon.
Shapiro is so deep in the closet Rubin touching him must had made the little fellow beat it while crying that night.

Styx looks like an extra chromosome version of Gilfoyle from Silicon Valley.

Wait, I thought he was supposed to be a libertarian. Now he wants us to invade and take over foreign sovereign nations?

/b/ here. It’s not him. Calm ya autism.

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Did he get his fucking laptop??? Also.
, best youtuber is vincent from red elephants channel.

Rail guns have no arc? How do they compensate for the curvature of the earth?


Fuck this tranny cunt. He claimed he voted for Trump because he didn't want a war with Russia and has since been massively shilling for war with China, Venezuela and Iran. Really makes you think.

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Same shills who just post the thread every night thinking they're going to do damage to one of the more popular ecelebs...whatever, the guy has 350,000 SS. Later faggots

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