Why are you all so obsessed with girls wearing traditional garb?

why are you all so obsessed with girls wearing traditional garb?

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What would you prefer them to wear?

Anything they want that doesn't make them look fucking stupid.

A lot of them look pretty stupid with blue hair and acrylic nails.

Who's to be the judge of what looks stupid?

What's wrong with a nice summer dress and no make up?

Dirndl are so fucking hot. They make cleavage look amazing if a woman has any tits at all.

I am not. Kill yourself.

More of the left girl. Looks like Anne Hathaway in her prime

Kill yourself

It's because of the tits

It reminds us of a more traditional time when women obeyed their husbands boys wanted to be men and you would die in your 30s from the plague

Why is she so pretty? She looks like really pretty ladies.

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Kill yourselves for having shit taste.

Kill yourself, you retarded mutt.
Your country just went from 90% white to 50% white in your life time and your number one concern in the world is to go on Jow Forums and whine about people being ''obsessed over traditional clothes'' when no one is. This board spends less than 0.00000001% of it's time even talking about traditional clothes, and that is what matters to you. You think someone on here is obsessed with fucking clothes, and that is what bothers you.
Kill yourself. Go die for Israel, you retarded mutt.
>muh clothes
What the fuck

Imagine being this guy.

based Latvia

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Fix me a viennese tray and fuck off hermann

Its sexy as fuck.

lol u mad

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I prefer it to skanky dirty filth with putrid purple hair and rings in their noses.


>why are you all so obsessed with girls wearing traditional garb?

incels are immature, selfish, puerile brats who want their perfect, pure, chaste maiden to descend from the sky and save them from themselves by completely submitting to their every whim, so this is how they imagine she would look like.

pic related: it's the very obvious consensus on how women view these total fucking losers.

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>why are you all so obsessed with girls wearing traditional garb?

It suggests a degree of awareness of traditional values and morality, even if such a thing is not true in the slightest.

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Sad you could have been so much more then a purple haired whore with batwings for labia. Nobody wants to date mudflapped hags with neck dirt... gross

Nostalgia probably

Ok can we all just agree beauty is some what subjective.


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i have a healthy mind


You know, I bet there’s a market for white women in traditional European clothes getting blacked.

>why are you all so obsessed with girls wearing traditional garb?
Fun fact: Traditional garb isn't traditional. It was made up in the 19th century.

Why are you all so mad?

Go put on some gayass lederhosen or something

What if there was a piece of traditional garb that exposed the tits? Would you support it then?

There's nothing moral about a piece of clothing you fucking moron lol

Stupid fat fuck American it's better than purple hair and acrylic nails.

Both look fucking stupid user.

I mean people can where whatever they want but it's their fault for looking retarded.


This shit is literally just as trashy and sexualized as any Nicki Minaj video

You people have no consistent morals lol

I unironically find it incredibly sexy.
I don't know what happened to me. I used to ogle girls in bikinis as a kid but the market has become so oversaturated with flesh and filth, I have went the opposite extreme. I literally can't look at girls parading around with their ass cheecks and vaginal yeast hanging out without imagining hanging them, or throwing them into a furnance.
It's just like politics!

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They look pretty, young and decent.

Oh yeah, so decent. So decent that they have kids at fucking 14 years old lol

Stop pretending you care about morality you idiot

Well that just means you're worried other people being disgusted over the girls you think are attractive and molding your sexuality based on what other people think

In other words you have no self-respect of your own.

I feel the same, i cant even look at thots anymore, i find them disgusting.

It's better than sweatpants and old t-shirts.

this. The tysker gets it

Should have stayed dead, Freud.

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>mad on the internet because I'm right

better kys right now Mohammed

Unlike you liberal idiot, I really care about morality. Look at the world as it is now for so much degeneration.

in the new world this will be a thing I have no doubt. Sorry to break it you mutt but your countrymen are the most degenerate people in the western world.

because Dirndl's look both sexy and cute as fuck


well its because its very feminine while still not being completely useless as normal clothes.

it's just how we're wired
when we were young wanted to fuck like rabbits because of the social pressure to do so
now that we're older we want families and are now being more cautios as to who our paring partner is
it's a shame it even has to come to this in our species when there is a species of fucking bird that'll mate for life from a young age
and some of you think we're superior to all the other animals in the kingdom

>hating modest dresses
Holy shit OP i think your gay

Yes I agree user the world is turning into one big conglomerate fag parade it seems

A woman who dresses more conservatively is simply more respectable. She has doesn't rely on her tits and ass because she actually has a personality. Women who dress like whores tend to have a lot of psychological issues. It's a red flag, just like bright colored hair.

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That's your personal preference you fucking faggot.

>why are you all so obsessed with girls wearing traditional garb?
Not obsessed, but traditional garb was designed to be beautiful and not just skanky.

Based and lederhosen pilled

Those dresses are sexy as fuck.
I even like some modest Muslim dresses - not the burquas and not the Instagram hijabitches, but normal cute and modest clothing.

Feminism: Women are not sex objects, to simply fulfil men's desires!
Also Feminism: Let's dress like sex objects to simply fulfil men's desires!

Damn op, this dude just BTFO your existence. Maybe sit and do some thinking, no?

You've fully succumbed to Jewish propaganda

im torn. arent clothes inheritly against god?

that being said, i prefer a little kmagination and mystery, rather than seeing a classmate and knowing what her tits look like, and that her ass has a little cellulite.

imo, shes a lot prettier when that is hidden away. it shows she has a sense of mystery to her.

but from what i know, covering up is to go against gods intention.

i honestly dont know.

but modest is hottest.

Flag always checks out

I prefer to call it cultural heritage.

ehh that stuff garish compared to the actual historical garments

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